The Nathan Weiss Graduate College Is Around The Corner

What does the future have to hold after graduating Kean University?

The Nathan Weiss Graduate College Is Around The Corner
Jennifer Rubino

There are many reasons why undergraduate students apply to graduate school. Whether for a pay increase, career change, or mastery of undergraduate material, these are just a few of the motivators that would encourage students and professionals to continue their higher education. Here at Kean University, The Nathan Weiss Graduate College, located on the East Campus, offers students a wide range of programs. There are over 80 programs available to graduate students. Two programs are for doctoral studies offered, one in psychology and the other in education. The psychology program offers a combined program in school and clinical psychology. The education doctorate focuses on urban education. It is the first of its kind in the state of New Jersey. This program is dedicated to educators who wish to make a positive difference in a multicultural environment. There are numerous master programs offered as well as certification programs.

The Nathan Weiss Graduate College building is located on North Avenue and is easily recognized by its capitals and steeple. The interior is just as elegantly decorated. Conveniently located on campus is Café Yumba, where students can stop for something to eat or drink while attending classes. There are also plenty of benches and tables outside for when the weather is warm. Behind the school is a parking lot and plenty of shuttle bus stops to accommodate students who wish to travel to the main campus. Over 3,000 students attend the graduate college. Requirements include a 3.0 grade point average upon admission and the completion of a standardized test such as the General Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Graduate students can attend as full or part time. Many of the classes are held in the evening to accommodate students' busy schedules.

There are few online courses offered, but Kean makes education easily accessible to students by offering graduate level courses at Raritan Community College and Ocean County College. Located in North Branch, New Jersey, Raritan Community College offers a nursing program. Kean has built a strong partnership with Ocean County College and currently offers master programs in counselor education, educational leadership, nursing, public administration, accounting, and business administration. Students from all over the state of New Jersey have an opportunity to receive a Kean University graduate education.

Graduates of Kean University are welcome to continue their education after graduation and further pursue their career options or return to the graduate college after establishing a career.

Miss being involved in Kean activities? Graduate students are welcome to join the Graduate and Part Time Student Council, which work hard to provide graduate students with educational workshops, service projects, leadership development, committee meetings, and other activities. And because no one knows what the future has to hold, the possibility of graduate school is another reason for undergraduate students to work hard and maintain a high GPA.