Class of 2015: Quirk And Choral-Camaraderie

Introducing two fresh faces and the prentice-posse that back them

Class of 2015: Quirk And Choral-Camaraderie
Benito Nieves

As the Fall 2011 semester approaches its mid-term, the class of 2015 has already made quite the mark. Weeks prior to the semester even beginning, the incoming freshman flooded the class's Facebook walls with calls of anticipation, classroom and residence hall designations, and vows to be "the best freshman class Kean University has ever seen".


In this article, two freshmen, with two very different transitional paths to Kean, channel both the camaraderie among the class of 2015, but unique charm brought by the group that keeps the other classes watching their fresh peers.


Greg Erickson, a history education major hailing from Manalapan


"It was during Bronze when I met a bunch of my friends -- Andrew, Jason, Isis, Meris


"I was playing my guitar, and then someone started to do some drumming; and then Isis sung. And it all kind of just built. I was just like ‘whoa'."

From a very different transitional experience -- enter Briana Marsh -- freshman psychology major journeying to Kean from Swedesboro


Another connection Marsh made was with her roommate -- an international student. Diversity has come to be one of Marsh's favorite aspects of the campus.


Marsh says that though she can "pretty much wave to anyone", her campus engagement has yet to boom. "I want to get involved -- either with volunteer opportunities or attend club meetings." Marsh, drawing correlation between both ambitions, continues, "Perhaps I may connect with marine Conservation In Action (mCIA


Marsh, like Erickson, is a resident student, but lives in Dougall


The two freshman chosen for this article as the platform to represent the class of 2015 are not random selections; but rather, a testament of how the class has bonded thus far. There is no coincidence. While Erickson strung at strings, and Marsh floated with friendly ‘hello's'


While friendship formations have gelled for the Cougars of 2015, the possibilities of "something more" have not been ruled out. One thing is certain: the camaraderie does not go unnoticed. If a geek-chic gal and a banana-suited fellow can find themselves as a pair amongst the pack, then the prospects look promising for this incoming class.

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