Graduate College…Now What?

A list of degrees in high demand for 2015

Graduate College…Now What?

As college students, it is a common worry of what life trailing college will bring. The biggest worry of them all: employment. New graduates do not want just any old job, though. No, they want one befitting the degree that has cost thousands of dollars and countless thoughts, hopes, and daydreams dedicated to an aspired career. Rest assured, there are jobs out there. Curious as to which degrees are projected to be in high demand this year?

The National Association of Colleges and Employers [NACE] conducted a survey in which employers relayed which areas of study they will have a tendency to hire in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree. The results are as followed:

  1. Computer Science

  2. Mechanical Engineering

  3. Business Administration/Management

  4. Electrical Engineering

  5. Information Sciences and Systems

  6. Logistics/Supply Chain

  7. Management Information Systems

For those pursuing master’s degrees in the following capacities will be pleased to know that NACE also conducted a survey for the graduate level. The degrees projected to be in high demand in 2015 are similar to those at the bachelor’s degree, but there are a few differences:

  1. Computer Science

  2. Business Administration

  3. Mechanical Engineering

  4. Electrical Engineering

  5. Computer Engineering

  6. Information Sciences and Systems

  7. Logistics/Supply Chain

  8. Human Resources

If one’s future degree is not listed above, do not spend countless minutes fretting over it. Who’s to say that when graduation rolls around, one’s chosen degree will or will not be on the esteemed list? Brandon Heihler, sophomore business major, insightfully said, “You never know what’s going to happen. This is the list this year, but how much does the 2015 list differ from the 2014 or even the 2016 lists?”

Kean University students who have a year or more before their projected graduation date, have some peace of mind that the economy is making a comeback. With the economy improving at a startling rate, companies will likely be free to take on more employees in the near future.

Still worried about the unforeseeable future? That is understandable. “Who isn’t nervous about finding a job after college? You spend such a long time earning a degree and you have these ideals in your head, but a job doesn’t come with a degree; it’s not that simple” said Casey Whitefield, sophomore education major. In an effort to do-away with these nerves over the likeliness of employment, start taking an active role in the forthcoming of job placement.

Majority of college students have been told time and time again to get an internship to gain experience and to also put on their resumes. Sarah Bedford, freshman undecided major, has been the recipient of this advice. “I’ve been told so many times that it’s never too early to start looking for internships,” Bedford said, “and I believe what these people have told me.” Tackle an internship in not only the chosen occupation, but in related fields as well. Employers will be pleased to see that an applicant has gone above and beyond to learn and be immersed in an occupation, enough to be dedicated to learn the ins and outs. Taking on various internships —in a controlled frame—could be just what a college graduate needs to set him or her apart.

Keep working hard towards that degree, graduate, and happy job hunting!