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Greek of the Week: Maro Twal

Published: Sunday, March 4, 2012

Updated: Thursday, March 8, 2012 13:03

When thinking about the term sisterhood, such words come to mind: strong, connection, trust, and love.  It builds a lasting relationship that no one can break. The stronger the bond is, the more it influences their daily life and habits.  Having that strong bond helps one grow as a person.


Omega Phi Chi is a multicultural Sorority that was founded at Rutgers University, on November 9, 1988. It was created to form a multicultural organization that would be categorized by ethnicity and culture.  Omega Phi Chi makes an effort to participate in community service. The organization would like to contribute to the community and to change lives. With their mascot as the Black Panther, these women are much more than just powerful.


"We dare to be different" is a motto that Maro Twal lives by.  Twal is not only a sister, but the president of Omega Phi Chi.  Out of all of the Greek organizations that are presented at each semester's Meet the Greeks, Twal found her organization a different way. She heard about the organization from an older sister at Rutgers University located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. When hearing what the organization stands for, Twal was impressed. She was amazed that a group of women could stand for so much, and it was exactly the type of organization that she wanted to join. She exclaims, "Omega Phi Chi is based off of womanhood. We live by the motto, be independent and self-made."


Twal works as a Creative Arts Specialist for The Cougar's Byte and as a Resident Assistant for Roger's Hall. She is a Graphic Communication major which involves business, graphic design, and entrepreneurship. She hopes to work in the field of digital media or design marking. "I really like to promote and make people's visions come true when it comes to designing," she explains.


Twal is an independent woman who lets nothing stand in her way. Her responsibilities as president makes her feel as though "she overseas it all." After crossing in spring 2010, Twal feels as though "I have grown as a person for the better, and I have grown in numerous ways." The most important part of joining Omega Phi Chi for Twal was that "I was not asked to change."  

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