<![CDATA[Cougar's Byte Feed]]> Mon, 03 Oct 2022 11:30:19 -0400 Mon, 03 Oct 2022 11:30:19 -0400 SNworks CEO 2022 The Cougar's Byte <![CDATA[Freshmen Finding Their Way ]]> Life as a college freshman can be hard, especially in a new environment surrounded by all new people. Kean University's incoming freshman class is the biggest one in history with about 4,000 new students enrolled. With so many newcomers, students are trying out new ways to adapt to this new stage in their life.

At Kean, incoming students are required to take Transition to Kean. This course helps people transition to college life while also being surrounded by peers going through the same issues that they are experiencing. During the course, students had the opportunity to share how they are adapting to campus life so far. 

"The campus is amazing, I like the freedom and how my schedule curates me," said Freshman Alyona Kladova. "I enjoy the food options and talking to new people and seeing new perspectives."

Kean's campus is perfect for new students to find their way because there is so much to love like nature, the surrounding cities, buildings, and the great food options. Things like this help students feel more welcomed on campus.

"I like living on campus and like the scenery here. I enjoy going on walks," said Entrepreneur Major Iryana Patton. "Before I wouldn't go on walks or do my work outside. But here I have a desire to get out and everyone here is so inviting."

Raquel Castaneda, a freshman studying business management, also shares her transition to Kean University. One way that Castaneda is adapting to college is by making friends.

"I have made so many friends including my GEM and being involved has been my favorite part because I have met so many people who have helped me with literally everything. The [upper class] students have given me so much support."  said Castaneda.

It is a lot for one person to get used to, but that is why Kean University puts in the effort to prepare new students. By having dailty activities, opportunities to meet new people, and courses designed for the transition, Kean shows its dedication to its students.

Incoming students walking on campus during New Student Orientation.]]>
<![CDATA[You Are Never Alone]]> Each year approximately 24,000 college student either contemplate or attempt suicide. About 1,100 student succeed in their attempt, making suicide one of the leading causes of death in college students. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and here is what Kean University is doing to let their students know how many people are rooting for them to succeed.

College can be scary for a lot of reasons including newfound freedom, stress, new environments, and exposure to dangers such as drugs and alcohol. It can be a lot for just one person and many may feel alone. That is why on September 13, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., students gathered in Downs Hall for a suicide prevention awarness event.

Send Silence Packing is an exhibit where the Active Minds group brings over 50 backpacks to a location and on about half of the backpacks is a story of someone who took their own life. It showed how many people with no symptoms of depression or mental illness still committed suicide. The stories varied from elderly adults all the way to eight year olds.

One story read "He would have been Valedictorian of his High School had he not died by Suicide" Zack Tosckovish (1989 - 2007).

The stories were heartbreaking because the perspectives showed how suicide affects all who knew them. The backpacks came in all different shapes and sizes. The event also included original backpacks of those whose stories were being showcased.

This is one of 17+ activities that were planned for the month. These activities are made for student interaction and to provide support resources that they may need. Some of the activities include pet therapy, documentaries, gardening, and workshops.

"I think without my friends and support at Kean, I think I would've been in a very different position," said Eric Bloom, a freshman psychology major.

Many freshmen feel alone at the beginning of college. Even students in later years still struggle with finding support. For these reasons, Kean University tries to host so many different events to give students the opportunity to meet new people and feel welcomed by their peers and staff. 

"The epic story of tomorrow can't be written if it ends today." - Unknown

If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 or by contacting Kean Counseling Center at 908-737-4850 or visiting their office in Downs Hall room 127.

The Send Silence Packing event at Downs Hall helps spreads awareness of suicide through stories. ]]>
<![CDATA[¡Viva Los Latinos!]]> From Sept.15 to Oct. 15, people celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a celebration for the contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Approximately 31.5% of Kean University's student population is Hispanic or Latino. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates many different cultures including:

  • Argentia
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Equatorial Guinea
  • Gutaemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Spain
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, students gathered for Kean's annual Latin Patio event. The festivities took place on Sept. 20 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Downs Hall patio .

"I absolutely love this Latinx Power!" said Dominican Freshman Jasmin Langomas.

The Latin Patio was an opportunity for all Kean students to gather and embrace their own Hispanic/Latino heritage as well as others. There was lots of free food and drinks from many different cultures. Students were also given the chance to show off their dance moves while the DJ played a diverse mix of bachata, merengue, salsa, and much more.

During the event, students shared how they felt Hispanic Heritage Month was going so far. Many students loved the appreciation and representation shown here at Kean University.

"I honestly love the way they are representing [Hispanic Heritage Month] here," said Puerto Rican Freshman Amber Ortiz. "It is a lot of fun and they are always trying to make everyone feel included."

With a lot of Kean's demographic being hispanic or latino, this event allowed its students to feel a little more at home with their culture's music, food, and ambiance. 

At the event flags of all different countries were distributed and students jumped on the chance to show off their country's bandera (flag). It was a beautiful melting pot of different people and cultures, getting to express themselves through the traditions they each carry. 

Many Hispanic/Latino students are first generation students; the first in their family to go to college. This makes the transition to college that much harder.

Events like these help students feel apreciated and have a piece of their home with them. Numerous students were calling home or sending videos to their parents to show them the flags, music, food, and drinks.

"Cada tic-tac es un segundo de la vida que pasa, huye, y no se repite. Y hay en ella tanta intensidad, tanto interés, que el problema es sólo saberla vivir. Que cada uno lo resuelva como pueda". - Frida Kahlo 

(Each tik-tok is a second of life that passes, flees, and is not repeated. And there is so much intensity in it, so much interest, that the only problem is knowing how to live it. Let each one solve it as he can.)

Students embracing their culture at Kean University's annual Latin Patio event. ]]>
<![CDATA[Food, Performances and All That Jazz! ]]> On Saturday, Sept. 24, Kean University celebrated it's second annual Jazz and Roots Music Festival. Music lovers flocked to the Lawn at Enlow Hall in Hillside, New Jersey to listen to the sounds of jazz, blues, and reggae.

Getting ready for the performances, people from all over made themselves comfortable with lawn chairs and blankets from home. This year's performances included:

  • Event Headliner and Critically Acclaimed Jazz Vocalist Dianne Reeves.
  • New York and New Jersey band, Blues People.
  • Big Fun(k), led by longtime collaborators Don Braden and Karl Latham.
  • Soul-Reggae Band, Judah Tribe with Josh David

In between performances, festival goers could purchase food from the vendors setup on the Lawn. There were many vendors including Halal R Us and Amara's Caribbean BBQ.

Aside from the music, there were other activities planned for guests. People had the option to have restorative massages, and purchase different products. Some could buy handcrafted artwork imbued with reiki energy, Kean Stage memorabilia and homemade clothing.

Kean Alumni and Communications Specialist Edwin Smiley was present at last year's festival. Smiley was please with the new changes at this year's event.

"For one, it's not as chilly...last year, it was pretty cold. It's a larger crowd for sure. I think Kean did a great job just promoting and getting out to the community," said Smiley.

In Smiley's opinion, jazz, blues and reggae still attract so much interest decades later because they are "music for the soul," something his parents used to tell him.

"It's timeless," said Smiley.

Kean Alumni Genesis Moran was also please with the second annual Jazz and Roots Music Festival. Moran studied psychology and is looking at a career in social work for the future. Moran attended the festival because of its representation and community bonding.

"I think there's definitely a form of representation that's important to people. Being able to see yourself in performers and see yourself up on stage," said Moran. "There's just been so much isolation [and] so much loneliness that festers throughout our society, so I think that events like these are really nice to have."

Two kean students decided to attend the festival together after noticing the promotional banner in from ot East Campus. Senior Psycholohy Major Alissa Powell and English and Education Major Malay Robinson were excited to see what the festival had to offer.

"I'm Jamaican, so I like the Caribbean vibes, so I'm mostly looking forward to reggae," said Powell. "Music in itself, especially Jazz…speaks a message. People tell their story, whatever they're going through…I feel like you can connect to them, with their pain." 

Robinson agrees with her friend when it comes to Jazz , describing it as "music that speaks to the soul."

Powell and Robinson both wanted to thank Kean University President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D., Internationally Acclaimed Bassist/Producer Mike Griot, and the sponsors for putting this event together.

"Thank you for doing this," said Powell. " I feel like it's definitely a sense of community…you rarely see people of my skin color having an organization and coming together and celebrating."

"Thanks so much!" said Robinson. "It's good to have different events like this to just split up the academic side of life as a student…this is a good break for me on my Saturday afternoon." 

The second annual Jazz and Roots Festival was a success. Thank you to all who made it possible. Here's to a third year!

Concert goers at the second annual Jazz And Roots Music Festival]]>
<![CDATA[Walk the Hollywood Blue Carpet at Kean University's Homecoming 2022]]> Kean University invites students to enjoy the events of the 2022 Homecoming Week. This year's homecoming theme is "Kean Hollywood Blue Carpet Homecoming Celebration."  

Homecoming is a time where students, alumni, and faculty are welcome to celebrate the excellence of Kean University. It is an immersive experience that highlights the innovative, diverse, and vibrant nature of Kean's campus and community. Kean University encourages everyone to show up to homecoming events dressed in Kean gear accompanied by their cougar spirit. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, a comedy show will be held at Wilkins Theatre. Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias will be performing a stand-up show for the event. The doors will open at 8 p.m., the show begins at 9 p.m., and the doors will close promptly at 10:30 p.m.

The tickets cost $10 for Kean students and students are only allowed to purchase one ticket. To purchase tickets, students can visit the Kean University Ticket Website.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, Kean will be providing a Homecoming Dance Party for Kean students. The dance, hosted by Student Government Association and Greek Senate, will take place in Downs Hall from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. The tickets cost $2 and each student is allowed to purchase one ticket. Tickets can also be purchase at the Kean University Ticket Website.

On Friday, Sept. 30, a pep rally will be held in Hardwood Arena from 6 to 8 p.m. and admission is free. Students are encouraged to attend this event to support and cheer for Kean's sports teams.  

On Saturday, Oct. 1, Kean's annual tailgate will take place. Everyone is invited to enjoy the football game and a variety of activities. The tailgate will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 1 p.m. Students can RSVP for the tailgate on Cougar Link or check in on Saturday with their event pass.  

The Homecoming Game will take place following the tailgate at 1 p.m. Our Kean Cougars will be going against the William Paterson Pioneers at Alumni Stadium. This event is free for Kean students, staff, and faculty. General admission is $8 for guests and $5 for visiting students, seniors, and children 5 years and above. Anyone looking to purchase tickets can visit the Kean University Ticket Website.

Homecoming King and Queen applications are also being accepted. The deadline to apply is Monday, Sept. 26 by 2 p.m. sharp. The application as well as the criteria can be found on Cougar Link.

For additional information about homecoming week, visit Cougar Link. Homecoming is an exciting experience and we hope everyone who attends has fun.




Kean University is hosting many events for the upcoming 2022 Kean Hollywood Blue Carpet Homecoming Celebration.]]>
<![CDATA[Χαίρετε! Meet the Greeks Retrospective]]> On Sept. 21, Harwood Arena welcomed students, alumni, faculty, and visitors to the greatly anticipated Meet the Greeks event. Meet the Greeks is an event where fraternities and sororities from far and wide gather to spread their word and recruit new members.

This annual event began at 6:30 p.m. Students were able to connect with sororities and fraternities while enjoying the spirit of Greek Life. The festivities and activities ended at 10 p.m. 

Each organization had their own table to represent their specific sorority or fraternity. At these tables, students could speak directly with representatives from each organization to learn more about their group.

All Greek organizations were present at this event, including the dozens of local, national and multicultural soroities and fraternities. Students had the opportunity to network with these organizations, some including:

  • Beta Kappa Sigma
  • Chi Upsilon Sigma National Sorority
  • Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Kappa Beta Gamma
  • Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority Inc.
  • Nu Sigma Phi
  • Nu Theta Chi
  • Sigma Beta Chi
  • Theta Phi Alpha

For anyone interested in learning more about the different sororities and fraternities that Kean has to offer, students are free to visit Cougar Link.

Highlights of the event were the performances consisting of highly coordinated moves and group chants that created a sense of unity between members. That unity was one of the qualities that students look for in their ideal Greek organization. 

"I'd say my ideal organization is one that looks like a family," said Rosy Cruz, an alumni of kean university and Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority member. "Each organization is like a family. In family, you have ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it's a family.

Being an immigrant from a low income household, Cruz  felt empowered by the sorority. The feelings for her organization is still strong, as Cruz, now a graduate student from New York, made the effort to perform with her fellow sisters. 

"[Lambda Theta Alpha] doesn't end when you graduate, it's a lifestyle," said Cruz.

Like Cruz, Bianca Nunez, a senior communications major, relfected on her ideal organization.

"A group that makes you feel welcome….gives you the time to figure out life while also trying to volunteer….and make friends," said Bianca Nunez, a senior studying communications.

Nunez revealed that she had trouble making friends after high school. When she became interested in the Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, she got to know them better and make many friends.

"I love them, they're always very welcoming and they've grabbed my attention the whole way through since I've been here," said Nunez.

Freshman and Graphic Design Major Gabriele Correa, was new to the Greek community. Correa came to Meet the Greeks in order to learn more about the Greek organizations.

"I've heard a lot about it. I wanted to know it [and] get familiar with the culture here at Kean," said Correa. Correa believes that being a member of an orgabnization will let her feel a part of the community, while also making friends.

Representatives from different organizations had the opportunity to give advice to students interested in Greek life. 

"For students looking to join an organization, I would say do your research," said Kean Alumni Shayleen Cdaryanna. In her time at Kean, she balanced her studies in entrepreneurship and sign-language with her duties as vice-president of Mu Sigma Upsilon. 

"Balancing school life and Greek life isn't hard," said Cdaryanna's. "Things you want to do, you will get done…just make sure that you are focused on school. School is the priority."

Kean Alumni Romelah Donazal, helped run the Omega Epsilon Rho Service Sorority Inc table at Meet the Greeks. She studied psychology, with a minor in sociology, while also being a member of the sorority. Donazal encouraged interested students to look for an organization that best fits their needs.

"Find an organization that definitely fits you as an individual…what you're looking for," said Donazal.

Meet the Greeks was not just a fun event but a great opportunity to connect with individuals and create bonds that last a lifetime.

Mu Sigma Upsilon performing at the annual Meet the Greeks event. ]]>
<![CDATA[Let's Get Our Jazz on, Cougars ]]> Once again it is time for Kean to host the fun and vibrant Jazz and Roots Music Festival. For the second annual year there will be a FREE outdoor music festival open to the public, located at The Lawn at Enlow Hall in Hillside. Hosted by the acclaimed bassist/producer Mike Griot, this night is one that students and staff won't want to miss out on. 

The festival is being held on Saturday, Sept. 24 at 4 p.m., with a rain date of Sunday, Sept. 25 at 2 p.m. The festival is sure to be in full swing, including the option of packing a picnic basket or visiting the food trucks that will be in attendance. Guests are encouraged to bring chairs or blankets to relax on, as they enjoy the performances from following Jazz artists: 

  • Dianne Reeves
  • Blues People
  • Big Fun(k) - Don Braden & Karl Latham
  • Judah Tribe with Josh David
  • Kean University Jazz Ensemble

Students, staff, and any outside visitors can find The Lawn at Enlow Hall, on the East Campus of Kean University, behind the Nathan Weiss Graduate College building, past the parking lot. On the Jazz and Roots page of the Kean website, one can click on the directions button to be brought right to the festival. 

Kean University President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. was the one who got the ball rolling for this event. After getting settled at Kean, he took a walk towards East Campus and noticed the performances that Kean Stage were putting on during July of 2021. He spoke with Executive Director of Theatre Management & Programming, John Wooten, about Kean Stage "going bigger and climbing higher." 

Manager of Kean Stage, Steven Cochran explained, "On site will be food trucks, vendor tents including Jazz & Roots Music Festival and Kean merchandise, wellness information and even relaxing massages. The event will be diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible to all."

Some food trucks that have officially committed to the festival are: 

  • Afro Taco
  • Amaras Carribbean BBQ
  • BelleJohn's Soul Food
  • Hadez Food Truck

"Watching folks dancing under the stars and seeing long lines at the food trucks. Oh and going to the Sacred Space for Healing tent to get a foot massage, while eating something special from BelleJohn's Soul Food Truck", Cochran said in response to what his favorite part of putting this event together was. 

Hope to see you all there to relax, enjoy some music, and "fun-raise"! 

The first annual Jazz & Roots Music Festival at The Lawn at Enlow Hall.
Photo Courtesy of Kean University Website
<![CDATA[Hear Ye Hear Ye, Make Way to Liberty Hall]]> Step into the Liberty Hall Museum and be transported back to a revolutionary-era, as you trace one family's history through furnishings, decorative arts, clothing, and much more. One of New Jersey's premier historic locations is located right at Kean and allows for students and staff to take advantage of this amazing experience. Let's explore together what the Liberty Hall Museum can provide in the way of tours, events, and education. 

Anyone can take a guided tour with one of the knowledgeable museum educators and hear the fascinating stories and legends that make Liberty Hall the treasured historic home that it is. Patrons can explore the exquisite arboretum and garden that highlights the artistic array of historical culture. Including some of New Jersey's oldest trees. If one so chooses, there is also the opportunity to become a member of the Liberty Hall Museum, which includes annual benefits. 

Tour prices are as follows: 

  • Adults - $14
  • Kean Alumni - $12
  • Seniors, Children, and College Students - $10
  • Members, Kean Staff/Students and Children Under 3 - FREE

Executive Director of the Liberty Hall Museum, Rachael Goldberg explained that "the museum also hosts children and adult activities throughout the year in which students can participate in or volunteer for [check CougarLink for volunteer opportunities!]. There are also internship opportunities at Liberty Hall for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. We offer so many exciting options for students."

Liberty Hall has no shortage of events going on for the Fall of 2022. Starting off strong with a Bridgerton Style, Afternoon Tea in the Gardens! Attendees enjoyed Liberty Hall's popular tea service in their beautiful gardens, this year being Brigerton Style. Guests were encouraged to promenade through the gardens in their Regency-style attire. This event was held on Sept. 11 from 2 to 4 p.m. 

There are more events to come from Liberty Hall. For those interested, they can look at the Liberty Hall Museum website for more information and for all upcoming events.

The museum also offers a plethora of diverse in-person and virtual school programs, scout programs, and outreach programs designed to enlighten and inform those with curious minds. Some of these include playing with 200 year old toys with a school class, exploring the plants in the historic greenhouse with a scout troop, engaging in a presentation about Liberty Hall's powerful women at the local library, and much more. Liberty Hall provides a unique opportunity to see, touch and relive history. 

"Because all of our programming ties into the NJ Curriculum and Core Standards, the museum can serve as support to school teachers in the lessons they are teaching their students.We hope students are engaged and become a little more interested in history, especially after a field trip!," said Goldberg. 

Don't hesitate to take a trip down this revolutionary-era lane!

Home of the late Livingston and Kean families, the Liberty Hall Museum shares their stories.

<![CDATA[160 Solutions for Students Seeking Employment and Internships]]> Seeking part-time employment or internships? On Sept. 20, Career Services and the Office of Residential Student Services will be hosting the Part-Time Job and Internship Fair on Kean University's Cougar Walk. 

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., current Kean students and alumni will have their moment to network with over 160 potential employers and secure new internships or part-time employment positions. 

Because of the sheer amount of employers that will be in attendance, Gianna Rodriguez, a career ambassador for career services, recommends that interested students bring several copies of their resume. 

"Students who attend this event can definitely expect a variety of employers to be there," said Rodriguez. 

Employers attending the fair include:

  • Accu Reference Medical Lab
  • Columbia Bank
  • FDM
  • FedEx
  • Horizon Healthcare Staffing
  • New Jersey Civil Service Commission
  • Star Hospitality
  • The Bloomfield School District
  • The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office
  • The Morris School District
  • and many, MANY more!

Students can RSVP for this event ahead of time on Cougar Link. Students can also register on the College Central website for career opportunities. Reserved and registered pupils should receive alerts reminding them of the date and time of the event.

In addition to being an ambassador, Rodriguez is a junior at Kean University studying speech language hearing science. She spoke on the importance of the Part-Time Job and Internship Fair. 

"The importance of an event like this is definitely to just make it easier for students to find work," said Rodriguez.

Finding employment through the internet can be time consuming and, as Rodriguez shared, students seeking employment may run into fraudulent websites looking to steal sensitive information from them.

"Through the fair, you're networking and making connections with so many different employers and you're actually seeing them in person," said Rodriguez.

Another benefit of the fair that she brought up was that employers get to see your personality, something that could not be done as well through a digital application on a website. 

Finding jobs and internships can be tough. Finding them as a busy college student or recent graduate? Even tougher. It is the hope of the organizers of the Part-Time Job and Internship Fair that the process will have been made easier through attending this fair. 

Image of Cougar Walk, the location for the Part-Time Job and Internship Fair]]>
<![CDATA[Getting Out There at Kean Day 2022]]> On Sept. 9, hundreds of Kean students attended Kean Day from 12 to 4 p.m. This event was designed to showcase all of the opportunities for involvement on Kean University's campus. 

Clubs and organizations that are active on campus decorated and hosted a table for students interested in joining them. During Kean Day, these tables had giveaways, candy, sign-up sheets, and plenty of information. 

After checking into the event, students were given two tickets. These tickets could be used for various food options. This included places such as The Chippery Food Truck and Rita's Italian Ice Truck. 

As students indulged in the food selection, listened to good music, and surveyed the campus, they saw dozens of tables that were focused on different topics such as reading, criminal justice, STEM, volunteerism, and more. 

"I think my favorite thing about being in biology club is that when you're close with your members … it really does help you because you get to know all of the inside tips that you might not know if you're on your own," said Aniyah Smith, the historian of the Biology Club.

Joining clubs and organizations related to one's major is an excellent way to participate in campus life while simultaneously learning skills that will contribute to a future career. In contrast to that, students also pursue interests that don't align with their majors.

"I joined [Helping Younger Hands] through a friend and kind of just stayed through just because I liked it so much … kind of ended up with this president position, it wasn't a plan, but I'm very happy about it," said Delaney Yaniak, a forensic psychology major.

Yaniak spoke about how forensic psychology appears to be unrelated to being president of Helping Younger Hands. Yet, she thoroughly enjoys volunteerism and spreading awareness about the challenges that children face daily. 

It is important for Kean students to find a community on campus that aligns with them. This can contribute to the development of friendships and increase positivity on campus.

Rayleen Ramos described how the West Indian Student Union could help people become more knowledgeable about their culture. Ramos mentioned how this organization provides students with a sense of community and collectivity. 

In addition to the abundance of clubs on campus, there is a strong community for Greek life. Kean offers opportunities to join historically African American, Latin, and Multicultural sororities and fraternities. 

"My favorite thing about being a member is the sisterhood … because anytime I need something, or I'm feeling down, I need resources, there's always somebody to call on," said Imani Draper, president of the Tau Gamma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. 

To find out more information about Kean's clubs and organizations, students can utilize Cougar Link.

Kean Day ended with a wonderful impromptu stroll performance from the sororities and fraternities present at the event. On the Miron Student Center Patio, a circle was formed by an audience of students as they cheered for the people on the dance floor. This day truly exemplified a diverse and supportive community of students and staff.

Students tabling an event at Kean Day 2022.]]>
<![CDATA[Spot the Spot]]> Many locations exist on Kean University's Union campus. Locations where students, commuters and residents alike, can hangout and relax in between classes. 

But what are the more popular locations on campus? The Starbucks at Nancy Thompson Library seems to be one of the locations on everyone's mind.

"The music here is cool, and the ambience," according to Nohlani Munoz. Munoz is a freshman majoring in theater. 

Starbucks is Munoz's go to studying destination because "everyone here is quiet" and she appreciates the lack of noise. This area is also the favorite studying location of Veronica White, a senior at Kean University studying psychology. 

"I can meet up with my friends and get a lot of homework done," said White. 

The Game Room, located at the Miron Student Center, was a clear favorite for Kean's students and for good reason. The Game Room houses dozens of different activities from table tennis to video games. 

Soraia Rodrigues, a sophomore math education K-12 major, is a fan of the Game Room because she can make new friends there. She also uses the background noise to help study. 

Rodrigues believes that the Game Room is "a good spot, especially for freshmen." Rodrigues was able to meet upperclassmen at the Game Room who helped her get acclimated to Kean University. 

"I met seniors, juniors [and] sophomores as well, and they [taught] me a lot of stuff here," said Rodrigues. 

Yet another fan of the Game Room was Junior Brian Seda. He is currently undecided as far as his major goes, but is forming his interests as he continues his journey at Kean. 

"Everyone here wants to socialize," said Seda. "...and I think the Game Room is a good place for it. There are board games, video games, [and] you can bond [and] make yourself a friend group." 

Finally, the Nancy Thompson Library was also a favorite location for students. Melanie Melo, a freshman business administration major, was one of those students.

"In the library, I can see so many books and read, and I can talk to my friends and [drink] some tea and coffee," said Melo. 

Christelle Philemon is another fan of the library, specifically the second floor quiet area. She thinks the second floor is a " good place to study and take a break." Philemon is a freshman studying theater. 

This barely scratches the surface of the many spots here on campus. Hopefully, students new to campus will give one of these locations a visit the next time they are around.

Students enjoying their time at the Game Room.]]>
<![CDATA[Lights, Camera, ACTION! ]]> Jumping right into the Fall semester with a bang, Kean has already announced a full season of plays for students, staff and anyone else to enjoy. With a full line up we have; Scab by Gino Diiorio, and Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family by Tylie Shider. Let's dive right in and find out the details on when these plays will be available to the public. 

Starting in September from the 8th to the 25th, is Scab. As described on the Premiere Stages website, Scab is about "Gilda, a middle-aged woman, who has to train Eduardo, a young Mexican man, on how to be a shop foreman after her factory plant moves to Mexico. Over the course of the week, this unlikely pair learn a lot about one another, discovering that their assumptions regarding personal expectations and cultural differences are not always correct."

Opening night will be this Friday, September 9th at 9 p.m. in the Bauer Boucher Theatre Center. The show will go on for two weeks and will have showings at 8 p.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Scab will also have shows at 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets range from $15-$75;

  • Students are $15
  • Alumni and Faculty/Staff are $25
  • Standard are $35
  • Senior citizens are $25
  • ADA is $20.

Tickets and ticket packages available through Premier Stages

Debuting in October from the 13th to the 23rd, is Certain Aspects of Conflict in the Negro Family by Tylie Shider. Premiere Stages says the show is about the characters of Clif and Peach. The two characters " have just moved their family to Plainfield in hopes of a better future, but as the riots begin, the family contemplates returning to the South."

Opening night will be Friday, Oct.14 at 8 p.m. in The Liberty Hall Museum. The show will go on for about a week and will have showings at 8 pm. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Shows will also take place at 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. The ticket prices will be the same as listed above, from the September show and the box office hours will be as follows: 

  • Monday and Tuesday - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

  • Saturday and Sunday - CLOSED 

Enjoy the Show, Cougars! 

<![CDATA[Breaking the Ice]]> On August 25, new transfer students were welcomed by our Kean community during their student orientation. At the North Avenue Academic Building, transfer students from all over attended presentations, participated in workshops, and socialized with their new classmates.

The Transfer Student Orientation is a welcoming ceremony for those who chose Kean University to continue their academic journey. Before the orientation began at 11 a.m, students were able to check-in and get to know each other. 

"First and foremost I want them to feel welcomed," stated Kerrin Lyles, assistant vice president for student affairs. "We want to be able to provide them with some resources so that on their first day it won't be so hard." 

With new students entering campus many aren't aware of the various Starbucks locations located in the Nancy Thompson Library, across the street near Hynes Hall, and in our Green Lane Academic Building. 

During check-in, transfer students had the opportunity to share facts about themselves including their favorite drinks from Starbucks. One new member of the Kean community, Nadyr Loo, biology for health profession major, spoke about her personal favorite drink. 

"I like the iced matcha latte right now," Loo said. 

Loo transferred to Kean after being enlisted for a year. Loo chose Kean University because of its location and its quick commute from her job and family. 

Ciara Perez, a liberal arts student, chose Kean University for its Education Program. Like Loo, Perez also shared her go-to Starbucks order. 

"Iced Caramel Macchiato," said Perez. 

Pink Drink is another Starbucks refreshment and happens to be the favorite of Cynthia Lopez, first-year transfer student. Lopez revealed why she made the decision to transfer to Kean.

"It was always my first choice," Lopez said.

Human Resources Major, Samreen Saeed also shared her reason for choosing Kean University.

"I chose Kean because it's not too big of a college…it's not too far from home and the management department is pretty good," said Saeed. When speaking of Starbucks, Saeed prefers Strawberry Açaí Refreshers. 

As the transfer students wrap up their orientation day, they are excited to start their journey here at Kean. Kean staff and peers are here to welcome all new students with open arms. 

Kean University President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. welcomes transfer students at orientation.
<![CDATA[A Big Kean Welcome to Students; New and Returning!]]> Jump into Kean, a series of campus events designed to welcome new and returning students, began on Sunday, Aug. 28. Activities ended Wednesday, Aug. 31. Through dozens of different events, new students had the opportunity to decompress and get to know their new home away from home as well as their new Kean family. 

One of these events, Fun in the Sun, was held on the Dougall Hall Patio from 12 to 4 p.m. on Sunday and Monday. Students could relax with friends both new and old. Not without refreshments, of course, courtesy of Kean staff and a local business that has been gaining traction over the past year or so. 

"[It's] a small business, but it's growing," said Silvio Valladares, owner of the Fruit Republique Juicery in Union Center, an area he described as the "heart of Union Township." Valladares and his assistant set up shop on the Dougall Hall patio on Monday, where they provided acai bowls to hungry Kean students. 

Fruit Republique Juicery sells an assortment of other items, including "juices, organic smoothies, cold-pressed juices, veggies, and fruit salads." Fruit Republique Juicery is one of many businesses partnered with Kean University, meaning they accept flex dollars. They are located at 1001 Stuyvesant Ave., Union, NJ.

Set up across from Fruit Republique Juicery was Jumpstart. Niksha Davis, jumpstart's senior site manager, described Jumpstart as a "non-profit organization that serves under-resourced children in low-income communities." Jumpstart's goal is to prepare these children with the literacy and socioemotional skills they will need before entering kindergarten. 

Jumpstart is hiring and students can earn up to 300 service hours. Additionally, Jumpstart positions count as federal work studies, meaning students can get paid. Interested students can head to Jstart.org to learn more and to apply. 

In keeping with the spirit of Fun in the Sun, students were given the chance to share some of their favorite summer memories.

"It was really fun shopping with my friends for prom dresses,"  said Jessica Appau, a freshman studying bio health. 

"I miss it a lot," said Freshman Michael Casale, about his late Thursday night drives to play mini-golf with friends.

While students were saddened by the end of summer, they remained optimistic about their potential to make new friends and memories. 

"[I'm] really excited," said Freshman Melanie Huashuayo, a finance major. "I love meeting new people, hearing different stories and different backgrounds."  

Freshman Vincent Scibetta, an accounting major, described himself as "closed off" in high school. Now that he is part of the Kean experience, Scibetta hopes to "meet new people and open up." 

Elsewhere, at Wilkins Theatre, shuttle runs took place from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Students were shuttled to various points around campus, traveling to different events, meeting new and old friends, or simply viewing the scenery.

Isabel Gulcz and Manel Rodellar were among the many students using the shuttle service Tuesday. Gulcz and Rodellar are both junior global business majors from Spain, looking to continue studying at Kean. 

"As I came here on Sunday, I haven't met so [many] people yet," said Gulcz. However, she did have a chance to meet her roommates and remains optimistic about befriending them. 

Gulcz dorms at Rogers Hall, Rodellar at Sozio Hall. Like Gulcz, Rodeller has not had the chance to meet many new people, but has met his roommates and keeps in touch with his fellow exchange students.

Yet another opportunity for students to interact presented itself during Jump into Kean. In the Miron Student Center Game Room, freshmen returning from a day of tours and presentations could unwind with a friendly game of pool, cornhole, chess, connect four, and more. 

"I do consider myself a team player" said Davina Malcolm, a freshman and health management major. "Because I like to talk to people and get to know everyone I'm around." Malcolm does this to build relationships with the people she'll be connecting with. 

Alison Kowalewski is a freshman and an education major. As a member of Kean University's women's volleyball team, she naturally considers herself a team player. 

Kowalewski's friend, Freshman and Interior Design Major Brianna Otto, is another member of the women's volleyball team. She loves games and describes herself as "very competitive." 

Both Kowalewski and Otto give Kean's Game Room a solid 10, Kowalewski stating "there's so many options." While Otto loves the "good energy [and] good vibes," they both hope to do well during their upcoming volleyball season.

The final event, Battle of the Buildings, pit Kean's residence halls against each other in friendly competition. Activities included basketball, sack racing, volleyball, relay races, and the event highlight, tug of war. Residential students seemed confident in their respective teams. 

"I'm pretty confident because I feel like we have such a close bond with each other," said Iyanu Olayinka, a sophomore studying stem math education. She dorms in the New Freshman Residence Hall. 

Roommates and best friends Freshmen Genesis Veras and Deeba Majid were very confident in their team. "[I'm] extremely confident," said Veras. "Cougar Hall is the best hall. Represent, second floor!"  

Veras is studying finance and Majid is studying chemistry. Like Veras, Majid shared her enthusiasm.

"I'm 95 percent confident," said Majid. "We have a lot of strong people on our team." 

Starting a new chapter can be a daunting task, but it can be made easier with the help of others. Hopefully, students were and will be able to forge new connections. 

<![CDATA[Kean Gets Physical]]> On Monday, Aug. 29, Kean students gathered in the Miron Student Center Field to participate in one of the many Jump into Kean activities. Many students from all grades attended a night filled with smores, smoothies, and the main attraction: The Roller Skating Rink. 

The Jump into Kean event was a fun and active way to get the students out and about after move-ins. The event went from 8 to 11 p.m. and all students were able to get in using their event pass.

"So many activities helped me connect with others and I hope to go to more events like this to meet even more people!" stated Terri Taylor, an incoming freshman when asked about how the Jump into Kean activity had gone so far.

Many students had moved in just the day before, making the event an easy way to meet their peers and have fun. While roller skating and spending quality time with peers, students had the opportunity to share how they felt the week had gone so far. A new member of the Kean community Julian Basalatan, global business major, had the chance to share his thoughts on the activity.

"I got the opportunity to leave my room and meet new people, the staff really helped me feel welcome," said Basalatan.

The night was filled with joy and socializing. While there were some who skated, there was much more to do including making s'mores, ordering a smoothie pouch, sitting by the fire, and listening to the DJ. The active part of the event brought together many students from different grades and places. Like Basalatan, Davida Alford, an incoming freshman, also said he felt welcomed.

"It is so warm, positive and the environment here is so welcoming," said Alford.

Alford came to the event because he wanted to meet people and believed this was the best way. 

So many students, staff, and even alumni came out to see the amazing night packed with so much excitement and enthusiasm. 

Kean students enjoy roller skating on the Miron Student Center Field. ]]>
<![CDATA[Kean Wraps Up the Summer]]> As the summer comes to an end, Kean University held several events to wind down the summer.

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, students gravitated to the Miron Student Center Game Room to partake in a gaming tournament. A variety of games were played such as chess, pool, checkers, Mortal Kombat, NBA 2k22, ping pong, Uno, and Jenga. While these friendly matches took place, some students recommended their own favorite games. 

"I would recommend Cats and Soup. It's a very relaxing game," Paulina, kean student said.

Others recommended games such as Monster Hunter, Pokémon Go, Tekken, Minecraft, and Genshin Impact. Some even mentioned what video game realm they'd live in. 

"I'd probably live in Fortnite since it's the last game I played," said Kean Student Griffin.

"For me I think Tekken would be the world I'd live in, but I don't think I'd survive because [of] the war taking place," Kean Student Adam mentioned. 

The Game Room tournament began winding down at 4 p.m. Congratulations to all the winners and team players that participated in this lively event.

Later that same evening, The Greek Showcase was held at Downs Hall from 6 to 9 p.m. Greek sororities and fraternities gathered at this event to introduce themselves to the Kean community. 

"We wanted to plan this event cause it's a nice kickoff to the semester. We wanted to plan this event for the students to enjoy themselves," Greek Senate President Natalia Munoz said.

"We really wanted to give an opportunity for the students on campus to meet our Greek life members in a relaxed environment to enjoy food and have a good time together," said Caroline Antonio, coordinator for student involvement.

The Greek Showcase held spectacular dance performances to encourage students to be hyped up for the new semester and persuade others to join Greek Life. Incoming Freshman Derek, an environmental science major, is one of the many students interested in participating in Greek Life.

"I came out to this event because I am interested in pledging for Alpha Phi Alpha. I wanted to see what this event was about and I got a chance to talk to them," said Derek. "I'm really looking forward to the event they are holding on September 21st. I attended one of their events yesterday which led to me coming here. It pushed me out of my comfort zone to come here today."

Jordan Newlan, another incoming freshman, shares his opinions on the Greek Showcase.

"I liked it, it was really fun, there were a lot of people dancing, lots of music, and food. It was fun to look at," Newlan said.

The Greek Showcase ended on a positive note and perhaps maybe even persuaded a few potential new members to join. 

Aug. 31st, the last day of summer vacation, was celebrated with an outdoor barbecue. This barbecue was held outside the Miron Student Center Recreation Complex. Students were greeted with music, delicious food, and a bouncy slide on the basketball court.

Everyone gathered with their friends to reminisce about their summer. Caytie Banzon, an incoming freshman, reflects on their summer and shares their upcoming goals for the semester. 

"Well the most memorable part was going on fun shopping sprees with my aunt, but I'm mainly excited for the school year to start. I'm really excited to join clubs like the art club so I can improve on my art skills," says Banzon.

"This year my goals are to improve on my teamwork skills and just myself overall, like self care," Freshman Student Lilia Park mentions.

The barbecue was a relaxing and fun experience for students to have fun and enjoy one another's company. Students were also able to reflect on their summer and begin implementing new goals for the start of a great semester.

Students performing a dance at the Greek Showcase.]]>
<![CDATA[Kean Students Saddle Up for the Fall 2022 Semester]]> On Sept. 1 at 3 p.m., Kean students gathered on the Miron Student Center (MSC) Patio to attend the Cougar Kick Off: Saddle Up event organized by Kean P.U.L.S.E.

The MSC Patio is located in the center of Kean's campus and provides students with comfortable seating areas, and a beautiful view of their surroundings. Popular songs played by the DJ began to grasp the attention of students that were walking by and dozens of students started to line up to check into the event and take a trip into the wild west aesthetic.

As party favors, students were given cowboy hats, pillows to personalize their dorms, and food. Students participated in activities such as a ring toss, a photo booth, sand games, and the main attraction: a mechanical bull. 

Junior Stacy Acheampong revealed that she enjoyed the theme of the event and that the mechanical bull was quite difficult to ride. 

"Energetic," is the word Acheampong used to describe the ambiance of the festivity.

Across the MSC Patio, many students were dancing to the tunes provided by the DJ, chatting with one another, and visiting game booths hosted by members of the Kean P.U.L.S.E programming board. 

Kean P.U.L.S.E (Programming for Unique and Lively Student Experience,) is a student-led programming board that focuses on creating events that promote involvement and strengthen the community on campus. 

"Oh, it's been amazing! I got a free pillow, rode on a bull, free food, it's been great," said Public Health Major Jasmine Vidal.

Students began to disperse from the MSC Patio around 5:00 p.m. Some people wore cowboy hats on their heads, held game prizes in their hands, and mostly everyone had a smile on their face. The Cougar Kick Off: Saddle Up event was a success. It brought students together on the first day of the semester, to socialize, dance, and more importantly, have fun.

Students enjoy the first day of the semester at the Cougar Kick Off: Saddle Up event.]]>
<![CDATA[Introducing Research Days ]]> Research days took place on Tuesday, April 26 and Wednesday, April 27. Throughout both days, students at Kean University provided the community with research topics of their choosing and educated them in depthly about what they had researched.

Over 200 research students provided additional information about topics that may vary from Covid-19, the Holocaust, documantaries, pollution, homicide rates, etc. 

Research days was held in the STEM building and Hardwood Arena. Here, students portrayed amazing data sets and knowledge as undergraduate and graduate students gathered additional information from these research topics. 

Throughout the week of Research days, on Monday, April 25, keynote speakers Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi, Harvard and Princeton University students presented a live stream at the Little Theatre. Both students advocated for racial literacy curricula which has allowed them to formally create racial literacy textbooks that are used by all grades K-12. 

On Tuesday, April 26, 2022 virtual oral presentations took place where presenters pre-recorded three minute long videos and uploaded them to the research day website discussing their research topic and how exactly they came about the idea. 

Additionally, an award ceremony was held on Tuesday in the Little Theatre which presented Faculty Research mentor of the year, Undergraduate and Graduate researcher of the year, Cover design awards, and 3MT awards.

Researchers were also able to present physically throughout the STEM Auditorium, Little Theatre and the North Avenue Academic Building. 

Researcher Priscila Penafiel a junior and psychology major from the Office of African American Studies created a research database about Femicide in Colombia. 

Penafiel spoke upon how Colombia has had a corrupt government impacting the downfall of the economy, as well as the low poverty of the country, villages within Colombia having little to no money to survive off of and how that unfortunately does lead to higher crime rates. 

Throughout Penafiel's research she described in her presentation poster Men's "masculine pride" and how this has an effect in Femicide in Colombia. 

Senior, Patricia Ann Sison and freshmen Heather Gonzalez, psychology majors along with Sarah Coykendall, and Adara Goldberg from the Holocaust Research Center provided a topic about Residual Trauma and Its Aftereffects on Holocaust Survivors. 

Sison began to explain the upbringing of this topic. Sison interned with the Holocaust center and gathered additional information that pretained to this topic. Furthermore, all researchers provided examples of the Stanford Prison Experiment and explained the effects that took on the experimentees. 

Isabel R. DeSanno a senior and forensic psychology major and Richard P. Conti conducted a research topic about The Effect of Murder Documentaries on Sentencing in Criminal Cases. DeSanno and Conti conducted a research that discussed murder documentaries and compares it to see if they have any sort of effect on murder cases in the court room. DeSanno also discussed how the legal system functioned and whether or not these effects would lead to higher sentences or lower sentences based on her research and experiment. 

Wednesday, April 27, the last day of research days was when the presenters stood in person all throughout Hardwood Arena (Undergraduate) and the STEM Atrium (Graduate) to present their research analysis. 

Every student did an amazing job conducting their research experiments and presenting them formally. Being able to accomplish another year of Research Days is definitely a proud feeling in itself. 

<![CDATA[Congratulations to the Class of 2022!]]> On Tuesday, May 17 Graduate Commencement for the Nathan Weiss Graduate College was held at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark. Followed by Undergraduate Commencement which took place at the Prudential Center in Newark on Thursday, May 19. John Dickerson, award-winning CBS News chief political analyst and author, and Lauren Ridloff, a Tony-nominated actress were the commencement speakers for this year.

<![CDATA[Finals Have Passed!]]> Final's week has passed! Now, the Kean community is preparing for commencement or enjoying their summer break before the fall semester. As exciting as the end of the semester is, getting through finals is a key part for all students in their college careers. Here we have some students who will share their experiences and tips for whoever will be taking finals again in the future.

Gianna Lepanto, an English major and senior at Kean University, is ready to be done with the semester just like the rest of us. It has been a rough semester, adjusting to being back in person, which also means finals week is that much more stressful. Especially for those graduating this semester, like Lepanto, it feels like more pressure to do well. 

When asked how she prepares for finals, Lepanto explained, "It depends on what types of finals I have. When I had finals that involved lots of tests, I would review my notes, use them to make study guides and then spend time throughout my day reviewing those guides. When it's more essays and projects, I try to think about how I'm going to budget my time to work on each final, when I want to have each one done by, and so forth." 

One of Lepanto's biggest pieces of advice is to find time for things other than studying and stressing about finals. Being able to de-stress is very important because students' mental health is just as, if not more important, than grades. Spending time with friends, going on a walk, reading a book, or watching a comfort show can mean the difference between burning oneself out during finals. 

When preparing for finals, Shalyn Spratt, an elementary education major explains, "I usually would "shut off the world" to study. No social media distractions. When I am done studying, I treat myself to some sort of small self-care. (Face mask, a nap, a bath/long shower, etc)"

Surely we have all heard of last minute tips and tricks to get through finals or to not procrastinate but it is something that we all do. Going from online school, including online finals, back to everything in person is definitely a change of pace. Students have had to readjust back to in person testing, which is no small feat for college students, ask any of us. 

"I'm sure you've heard it a million times before, but don't wait until the last minute! I'm a bit of a procrastinator myself, so I know it's tempting, but try to tackle things early. Break down what you have to do into smaller, more manageable tasks and try to do a little bit each day. And don't be afraid to reach out and/or make use of mental health resources if you need them! Ultimately, your health is more important than grades" added Lepanto.

Spratt suggested, "I tend to take more naps during finals because it's often exhausting and sleep lets you recharge. I also like to spend time with people who make me feel energetic and calm so I can steer clear of worrying too much."

All students can agree that finals week is scary and stressful but is also the means to an end. Either the end of the semester for most or for some, the end of the past four years of their college experience. No matter which one it is, just remember that there are always support systems if/when you need them, especially at Kean. 

<![CDATA[And the Award Goes to… Student Health Services! ]]> Kean Student Health Services has been stretched very thin lately, as they have had to deal with only two full time staff members, two part time staff members and the hardships through the pandemic. To show her appreciation for the work the clinic did in her absence, Dr. Kristine Sparks, a family nurse practitioner, submitted the clinic for the Patriot Award. 

The Patriot Award is an award for the Employer and Staff that support service members of the National Guard or Reserve. On April 25, 2022, Arthur G.A. Maggs Jr., the Army Reserves Ambassador of New jersey, came to Kean to present the patriot award to the following recipients: 

  • Alice Colalio: Acting Director of Student Health Services

  • Carolyn Smith: Full Time Staff Nurse Practioner of Student Health Services 

  • Marci Blaszka: Part Time Staff Nurse Practioner of Student Health Services 

Dr. Sparks who is also an officer in the US Army Reserves as a Major explained, "For the entire month of February, I was on order from the US Army, to report to Fort Sill Oklahoma. Kean Health Services was stretched very thin. I wanted to show my appreciation for the work they did in my absence. Additionally, I wanted to bring attention to the fact that military orders do not just impact members of the military, but also the co-workers around them. This hardship on the clinic was my motivation to submit them for the Patriot Award."

Working in healthcare is not a small feat and for most, it's a job that goes unappreciated because people forget the sacrifices healthcare workers make on a daily basis. Especially through the pandemic, clinics and healthcare offices were overworked, while usually being very understaffed. Therefore, it is imperative to show appreciation for those in healthcare and let them know that their hard work means something. 

"The clinic deserves it. My hope is that by nominating Kean Student Health Services, I was able to show my place of work how much they are all valued. I am so grateful to work with such outstanding people and clinicians. The pandemic has been hard on everyone.  By receiving this award I hope my coworkers know that their hard work is not unnoticed and that I am grateful for each and every one of them." Dr. Sparks 

Kean Student Health Services provides so many helpful services to those on and off campus, especially when they can not get home to see their usual healthcare provider. Going above and beyond, these workers deserve not only recognition but this award because they truly stepped up in a time when the clinic needed it the most. 

Congratulations to Kean Student Health Services! 

<![CDATA[The Votes Are In!]]> The results are in for this year's Student Government Association e-board. With many anticipating the wait, students can finally learn who will be running the Student Government Association in the future. 

Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization that represents the enhancement of growth and education for the student body. By collaborating and developing as a team, the SGA strives to maintain an environment where students can safely express themselves within their education and community.

On Apr. 20, The SGA announced the electoral results through a post on their Instagram page. On this post, all of electoral positions were listed for the upcoming year. 

Many of the newly elected council decided to share their experience with the election process.

Benjamin Lorenc, newly elected junior class president, mentions how his past experience motivated him to run for his current position. 

"During the 2021-22 year, I served as the Vice President for the Class of 2024 branch of the SGA! I loved what I did and knew that I wanted to do even more in the following year," said Lorenc. 

During his election process, Lorenc was running against an opponent he was well familiar with. Even though Lorenc superseded his opponent, he knew the SGA would have done great things, even if he lost. 

"I know my opponent is a hard-working, dedicated woman who is involved with many different programs at Kean! We both care deeply about the community as a whole, and I knew regardless of the outcome of the election, that Kean would be in good hands for next year." said Lorenc. 

Lorenc, like the other members, was ecstatic to learn of his victory. While it was unexpected, the way he learned was truly unforgettable. 

"I work some evenings as an Intern with the Middlesex County Sheriff's Office and was helping take part in their Civilian's Academy," explained Lorenc. "Within a half hour, after checking Cougar Link incessantly, I received a text from a good friend of mine who had seen the results. I jumped up and shrieked in pleasure when I read what his text said: "Congrats, Mr. President!"

As Junior Class President, Lorenc hopes to improve the lifestyle of Kean University for all of its students. With college being an important part of the community members' lives, Lorenc hopes to advance student educations and opportunities. 

"I see all of Kean as more than a school, it's a living, breathing community," said Lorenc. "My goal is to first and foremost help members of the student body prepare for their future careers through a variety of programs. Secondly, I want to host events and activities that will bring us all closer together, and to help strengthen an already amazing community of diverse and wonderful students." 

Maheen Saeed, newly senior class vice president, is equally excited to start his position within the SGA. Saeed heard about the elections through his previous position of being a senator for SGA this past academic semester.

"I was the only one running for Vice President for the senior class and honestly it felt great having to know I had no competition because it left me with no stress," Saeed mentions about his electoral process.

Saeed has many hopes for Kean University and is already planning for the next semester. With his past experience with the SGA, he is hoping to use his position to continue bringing fulfillment to students such as himself so that they can complete their college experience to the greatest capacity.

"By being the Vice President for the Senior Class, I plan to fulfill these goals by helping create great events and learning how to navigate time management for the future," said Saeed. "I believe this position will give me more confidence to help me through the application processes." 

The new SGA e-board are excited to enhance life at Kean University for their student body. Congratulations to the newly elected who are sure to help our community improve as a whole. 

"I look forward to serving our Cougars next year!" said Lorenc. 

<![CDATA[PRISM Prom Makes History ]]> On Apr. 22 PRISM hosted the very first Pride Prom at Kean University. This event was the first prom for those in the LGBTQIA+ community. With tarot card readings and drag shows, this truly was a night to remember. 

"Pride Prom has been the dream of many Prism presidents before me," said Rashaad Couloote , president of prism. "My current e-board and I decided that the Special Projects Application was the perfect step towards making Pride Prom a reality."

PRISM is an organization dedicated for creating awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues as well as making safe spaces for those in the community and their allies. PRISM's goal is to achieve inclusivity across campus by educating and enacting change for LGBTQIA+ community members and allies. 

"Our main goal was to showcase how Prism can be a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community on campus and to give those same members a high school prom experience that a lot of them wanted," said Couloote. "It is also something of note to mention that the COVID-19 pandemic recently happened and most of our student body hasn't experienced prom due quarantine/self-isolation."

At Pride Prom: Under the Northern Lights, there were many festivities that participants could engage in. Some of the activities included a tarot card reading, a photo booth and a caricature station. Participants also got to see a drag show with performances by Divinity Banks, Devon Cass, Harmonica Sunbeam and Sol the Drag Queen. 

"When it came to specifically the tarot readings, one of the drag performers was a tarot card reader already, so that was a bonus. Drag performances are a known staple in queer/gay culture and we thought it would be a great selling point if we had four drag shows in one for only $5 altogether," said Couloote.

In addition to a night of dancing and fun, like any other prom there was a ceremony similar to that of Prom King and Queen. However, to be inclusive the title was changed to Prom Royalty and four winners were announced. The winners of Prom Royalty included Rashaad Couloote, Mya Roman, Tarlo and Katelyn Augustino.

This event is the first ever Pride Prom to ever occur at Kean University. By holding a prom-like event for those in the LGBTQIA+ community, PRISM is making its mark on the university by setting an example of inclusivity and acceptance. 

"We, at Prism, are ecstatic for this to go down in Kean history," said Couloote. "My team and I are really happy that we made this possible and hope to bring Pride Prom back for the rest of Kean's life."

Based on the reactions of the attendees, they greatly enjoyed the event and hope to see more like this in the future. Participants had a great night full of dancing, laughing and singing. For being the first Pride Prom at Kean, it had a great turn out and left many attendees excited for more. 

"I hope that people will remember the entirety of the event, but if I had to be specific, I hope that people will remember the positive and welcoming space that Prism creates and had during the event. I also hope that they remember the feeling of comfortability when Prism or any one of our e-board and current members are near," said Couloote.

Pride Prom attendees enjoying PRISM's Pride Prom: Under the Northern Lights.
<![CDATA[Unity Week Presents Queen Naija]]> Unity Week at Kean University was held during the first few weeks of April. The university hosted various events for students to join and participate in. Unity Week was originally created in 1997 by the student leaders in a leadership retreat sponsored by student organization and the division of students affairs. 

The purpose behind Unity Week is to bring students, administrators, faculty and staff together. In addition to celebrating the title of diversity, inclusion, our community and enjoy the presence of one another.

On April 6, the Unity Week concert took place featuring Queen Naija. 

Queen Naija is a singer, mother and Youtuber from Detroit who initially found fame because of her song "Medicine." Queen Naija has traveled to many different states performing and Kean being one of them was a great experience for all of our Kean students.

Tickets were selling a minute after it was posted by Kean University's student government association and seats were filled the night of the concert. Tickets were sold at $10 per person and the event was for only Kean University students.

Queen Naija took the stage singing multiple of her hit songs. As the audience sang along, it was a feeling of students coming together to enjoy a night of R&B. The feeling of unity that was in the air as everybody sang along to "Karma", "Butterflies", "Butterflies pt. 2", "Medicine" and "One Time" all by Queen Naija. 

The audience also applauded Queen's backup dancers and band, as they did an amazing job setting the tone and vibe of the whole concert, dancing and playing in tune altogether.  

Towards the end of the concert, Kean students lined up outside in order to see the departure of Queen Naija as she left.

We hope that all students were able to enjoy Unity Week by being able to create amazing memories with their friends as well as other students and attend events on campus.

Photo Courtesy of Kean SGA Instagram]]>
<![CDATA[Spreading Awareness on Campus]]> The month of April is known for Autism Awareness month. Kean University has made it their mission to spread awareness across their campus and community. In a panel discussion, experts spoke on the importance of awareness and the need for it in our society. 

"Today and every day, we must highlight the need to support people with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives," said Kean University President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. 

To help spread awareness, a panel discussion was held demonstrating the ways Kean helps to promote Autism Awareness on campus. The panel was held at the beginning of the month at 10 a.m. Speakers of the discussion included the following panelist: 

  • Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D., Kean University President
  • Stephen M. Sweeney, New Jersey Senate President
  • Barbara Ridener, Ph.D., Dean, College of Education, Kean University
  • Kenneth Green, Esq., Associate Vice President for Employee Relations and Chief Labor Counsel, Kean University, Parent Advocate
  • Ashley Tufuga, Kean University Senior, Marketing Major, Member of President's Student Advisory Council, Parent Advocate

Collaboratively, these panelists spoke on the importance of spreading awareness for autism in order to strengthen our communities. Spreading awareness can help people come together and have better understandings for those on the spectrum. 

"Their needs concerns and experiences are valuable and enrich us all. They help us to see things differently and question our perceptions. Society will be a better place for all of us if we all learn to accept, appreciate and accommodate," said Repollet.  

The panelists also spoke on the discussions and choices made that helped to better the Kean campus and community. President Repollet and others took their part in improving Kean and making sure that all feel welcomed when they enter the campus.

"What we really have to do is create communities, school communities, where all individuals are welcomed, safe and valued," said Barbara Ridener, dean of the college of Education at Kean University. 

Kean University has made many decisions to ensure that students on the spectrum can feel comfortable and safe on campus. For Kean's Child Care and Development Center, a new pre-K autism classroom has been established. The university has also connected with industry partners to enhance workforce development for high schoolers on the spectrum.

Autism Awareness has been made not only across campus, but across the state. Stephen Sweeney, New Jersey senate president, shared many accomplishments that have and will be implemented in concerns to those on the spectrum.

"We created a registry and to make sure people didn't abuse people with disabilities. One of them is doing away with the word 'retardation'," said Sweeney." We actually had to do legislation to ensure that people cannot keep a person from a disability from getting a transplant." 

Autism awareness is an important to help ensure that everyone has an understanding of this disability. With better comprehension and consideration for those on the spectrum, communities can get one step closer to help those with autism. 

"It is incumbent upon us to be able to recognize their strengths and be able to support them to learn to the best quality," said Ridener.

For those interested in learning more about Autism and how to positively spread awareness, Kean P.U.L.S.E will be holding an Autism Acceptance event on Apr. 28. There will be a sensory room and an informative session about Autism.

Kean University embraces Autism Awareness month to spread respect, understanding and inclusion across campus.
Photo Courtesy of Kean University.
<![CDATA[Applying to Graduate School at Kean University]]> As the spring 2022 semester is shortly coming to an end, it is time for seniors to start applying to graduate school, if that is the route students want to take. It can be difficult finding the right major and school, but the Nathan Weiss Graduate College is open to those who wish to apply here at Kean University. Whether you are a Kean undergraduate student, an alumni, a transfer student or a student out of state, all are welcome to apply.

In order to apply to graduate school at Kean University, the applicant must submit the necessary requirements within the following application: Application log In.

Deadlines vary between the areas of study which can be found in the application deadline link on the Kean webpage: Application Deadlines.

The Nathan Weiss Graduate College offers multiple graduate programs such as the following doctorate programs: 

Additionally, it offers master degrees and certificate programs under the following programs: 

Students can review these links to learn more about their major of choice and course requirements that are within each program.

Moreover, there are many more graduate programs for those who are seeking something new and unique. There will be virtual tours for those who proceed to want additional information, including a virtual information session for English Writing Studies (M.A) on April 19 via zoom.

A general virtual information session will also be held on April 20 via zoom where those interested will explore everything Kean has to offer.

Tuesday, April 26, the Business and Public Management programs will have an in-person meeting at Hynes Hall at 6 p.m. to discuss important information and tips on how to navigate through the graduate application process.

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences programs will host an in-person meeting on April 13, at the North Avenue Academic Building. This event will start at 6 p.m. and discuss further information regarding health sciences programs.

For those applying to Nathan Weiss Graduate College, a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. A bachelor's degree is needed from an official university or college, official post-secondary transcripts, professional resumes and personal statements are also required.

There are additional requirements that are needed to be met in order to become a graduate student here at Kean, but there is all hope that those applying will take the necessary tasks to work further in accomplishing a higher education. 

Nathan Weiss Graduate College once again is open to all applicants and will always put the knowledge and voice of the students first. To any upcoming graduate stuck in the process of applying to any additional graduate school, just take it step by step, you got this.

Photo Courtesy of Kean University's Webpage.]]>
<![CDATA[Greek Olympics at Kean University ]]> The Greek Senate presented us with Greek Olympics this past March. The Greek Olympics featured many different fraternities and sororities, competing head-to-head in different sports and activities. Participating in these games helped to strengthen the bond between Greek Life and Kean University students.

"Greek Olympics is a trail of games that our various Greek organizations participate in a two-week time span," said Caroline Antonio, coordinator for student involvement. "We host different competitive games from basketball, soccer, dodgeball, game nights, volleyball and various other activities. We ended our olympics with Lambda Tau Omega hosting their Greek God and Goddess pageant." 

Greek Senate is the embodiment of Greek life here at Kean. With 15 fraternities, 15 sororities and one co-ed organization, Greek Life collaboratively works to uphold the ideals of scholarship, service, leadership, campus, involvement and brotherhood/sisterhood.

"Greek life decided to create these types of events to promote team bonding among Greeks," said Natalia Munoz, member of Delta Phi Epsilon. 

To continue upholding these ideals, Greek Olympics was formed to bring Greek Life and the Kean community together. Many activities were held for these weeks, consisting of a combination of sports and other activities. The schedule of events for the Greek Olympics were as follows: 

  • Monday, March 21, 2022, 6 p.m., MSC Outdoor Courts - Basketball
  • Tuesday, March 22, 2022, 7 p.m., Greek Lounge - Greek Trivia
  • Wednesday, March 23, 2022, 6 p.m., Sandpit - Volleyball
  • Thursday, March 24, 2022, 6 p.m., MSC Turf - Soccer
  • Friday, March 25, 2022, 6 p.m., MSC Game Room - MSC Games
  • Monday, March 28, 2022, 6 p.m., MSC Turf - Kickball and Dodgeball 
  • Tuesday, March 29, 2022, 3:30 p.m., Cougars Den - Greek Sing
  • Wednesday, March 30, 2022, 3:30 p.m., MSC Lawn - Goofy Events

Events like these are very important for student involvement at Kean. They help bring the communities closer together in a fun and engaging way. Even though it is a competition, Kean students and Greek Life are uniting by participating in the activities. 

"Greek Olympics are important for people who are and are not a part of Greek Life because it provides an opportunity to get to know other people who they may not have a chance to meet/work within their everyday school day," said Antonio. 

For any questions about Greek Life and any of their upcoming events, interested pupils can email greeks@kean.edu for more information.

"The Greek Olympics biggest takeaway was the sense of community and comradery that we were able to see with the organizations who participated. It was great to see our organizations eager to participate," said Antonio. 

Greek Senate hosted the Greek Olympics to strengthen the bond between Greek Life and the Kean community.
Photo Courtesy of Greek Senate.
<![CDATA[Come Course Collecting, Cougars]]> As we are nearing the end of another successful semester at Kean University, it is once again time for students to think about fall registration. As stressful and hectic as it can be to find the classes one needs, while also fitting them all into a specific schedule, we have some help. Kean advisors are here to not only assist students in registering for classes but also keep them on the right track for graduation.

To register for classes, students can visit the Kean website and log in with their Kean email and password. Before doing so, students should schedule an appointment with their academic advisor, to go over their presumed schedule. 

From there students will click quicklinks, then select students from the drop down menu. After, students will be directed to the web-advisor student menu. Then, the student will select student planning, be sure to complete the financial obligation and then one can begin selecting courses. 

Academic Advisor, James Clark from the Center for Advising, Persistence and Success (CAPS) said, "Students should register for their fall 2022 courses on Student Planning. KeanWise (the old system used for registration) is being phased out and most functions with regard to registration are now moved over to the new system. Student Planning includes much more user-friendly features that, once mastered, will allow students to create an educational plan for themselves from early on in their academic career through graduation."

Fall registration dates depend on students' academic standings and the year they are at Kean. Registration starts April 11 and goes all the way until the fall 2022 semester. The last day to add a course is Sept. 7. Students will be able to look up all dates for registration and where they fall to register for classes on Keans main registration schedule page. 

Registration dates by credits are: 

  • 90 credits and above - Tue, April 12

  • 75 credits and above - Wed, April 13

  • 60 credits and above - Thurs, April 14

  • 30 credits and above - Mon, April 18 

  • 0 credits and above - Tue, April 19

  • All students - Wed, April 20

From April 11 to 20, students can participate in Advisement Week. Advisement Week is a time to get students prepared to register for the upcoming semester, usually consisting of daily events and informational sessions that highlight the resources available to students at Kean. The Center for Advising, Persistence and Success teams up with other offices and departments around campus to bring information to students. It is also a great way to win some cool giveaways and prizes.

Clark explained, "During Advisement Week, various programs are offered to connect students to resources all across campus. For example, this semester, CAPS partnered with Career Services, Study Abroad and even the Residence Halls! We also offered workshops on how to decide on a major, search for scholarships and getting through the mid-semester slump." 

Registering for classes can be intimidating and stressful but Kean strives to make it as easy as possible for students to have a successful registration period!

For more infomation, students can click here to visit the registration information page on the university website.

Happy Course Hunting!

As the end of the spring 2022 semester is shortly apporaching students are able to register for fall 2022 classes beggining next week.]]>
<![CDATA[Declaring Your Major and Minor]]> The Major and Minor Exploration Fair helps guide undecided students on the paths that lead them to their future. An event like this is the best way for students to get an idea and have an understanding of the major or minor that is best for them. 

This tabling event helps students decide and reconsider their area of study. Students can connect with many academic programs and learn more about the different departments. Participants can also speak to representatives about the requirements for each major and minor. 

"It's a great opportunity for information gathering to help in the decision-making process," said Dawn Marie Dowd, associate director of sophomores, Center for Advising, Persistence and Success. "Attendees can speak directly to faculty and department representatives to help in understanding major requirements and ask questions in relation to career opportunities within specific fields."

All Kean students were able to participate and attend the event. However, the Major and Minor Exploration Fair was mainly for undecided students and those considering a change in study. 

"Students have the opportunity to connect with various academic programs at Kean University," said Dowd. "This event is perfect for undecided students, students who are reconsidering their academic program of study, and students who are looking to declare a minor." 

Making the decision for changing one's major or minor can be quite stressful. It can be even worse when trying to find one that fits most with a student's interest. For students struggling to decide, Dowd has provided the following advice for finding a major or minor: 

  • Self-exploration is a key place to start.
  • Do some major and career exploration research 
  • Reach out to someone in the field of interest to learn more about the profession.
  • Participate in unique opportunities that will help you find your interests and develop valuable skills

For those who missed this event, students can visit the Undecided/Exploratory Student page on the Center for Advising, Persistence and Success (CAPS) webpage for additional resources and information.

While the fair has ended, it is still important for students to make decisions when it comes to the degree they want to pursue. Choosing a major or a minor is a vital part of college and greatly prepares students for their future careers. 

"The best person to contact would be your assigned program or faculty advisor assigned to you in the student experience who can help give direction," Dowd advises for students still looking to change their major or minor. Don't forget to complete the Major/Minor Status Change Form with the required signatures to formally declare your major or minor program." 

For more information about declaring a major or minor, student are free to contact Dawn Marie Dowd, associate director of sophomores, CAPS at ddowd@kean.edu  or Gwen Beloti, GE transition courses coordinator, SGS at sbeloti@kean.edu  

The Major and Minor Exploration Fair lets students learn more about the prograrms that Kean University has to offer.
Photo Courtesy of the Center for Advising, Persistence and Success.
<![CDATA[On Your Mark, Get Set… Go! ]]> As the weather continues to get warmer, spring sports at Kean are in full swing. With all of our athletics currently having more wins than losses, we have had a successful spring season and only plan on continuing this streak. All of the sports involved have been putting so much hard work and effort into this season, so let's meet them! 

The teams that are apart of the spring season include: 

  • Men Lacrosse 

  • Women's Lacrosse 

  • Softball 

  • Baseball 

These teams have been doing amazing so far and they still have a little over 20 more games to go, for our cougar's to show off their skills. Men's lacrosse is 3-1, women's lacrosse is 3-3, softball is 14-4, and baseball is 13-4. 

Having been CSAC Champions last year, the men's lacrosse team expects to keep that title and return to the NCAA championships. Unfortunately, a few injuries have caused some setbacks for the team earlier in the season but with their "The Next Guy Up" mentality, allows for other players to step up when one is down! 

The men's Lacrosse coach, Coach Sheiner explained, "We always work well together. The culture within the men's lacrosse program is really strong. It sounds cliché to say we are a family but we really are a strong cohesive group from our players to my assistant coaches who are all Kean alumni like myself." 

Women's lacrosse is killing it! After having two seasons heavily impacted by COVID, the team is more than happy to be together again in the locker rooms and have a more "normal" experience, back on the field. As every team does, women's lacrosse has their challenges but they have pulled together on and off the field to support one another. 

"I have expected a lot from this team because we have a lot of experience. There have been many tests so far this season. We have fared better in some than others. Overall, I have been happy with the progress we have made on the field. We are really focusing on getting better everyday!" Said the women's Lacrosse coach, B.J. Johnson. 

With their goal being to make it to Iowa for the World Series in June, Kean's baseball team is well on their way to doing so. Suffering some adversity, as is a part of any season, overcoming it is something that the baseball team is proudly doing as they take over the rest of the season. So far, the team has been performing well in all aspects of the game. 

The baseball team's pitcher and senior, Collin Kiernan said, "The team has been able to work together real well. Our chemistry together is awesome, we all compete for each other and have one another's backs during any circumstance." 

Having benefited from returning players and the addition of new talents on the field, Kean's Softball team has had a wonderful season so far. Between traveling down South for spring break and being back on the field without restrictions, these women are more than happy to be back and playing. 

"It's been a great group to watch. They definitely have come together both on and off the field.  They understand the importance of  playing together and working hard at all times." Said by Kean's softball coach, Margie Acker. 

With things now open and without restriction, these teams have been able to flourish this season, giving them the best opportunities they can for this season. We have seen the spring sports do amazingly thus far and we can only hope to continue to see such amazing work, on and off the field. 

Good luck to all of the Kean Cougars participating in this Seasons Spring Sports!]]>
<![CDATA[Stopping the Stigma ]]> On Friday, March 25, Kean University's Human Rights Institute held their annual conference on human rights. The 14th annual conference for this year revolved around mental health and the need for stopping the stigma. 

When opening the conference, Kean University President Dr. Lamont O. Repollet, Ed. D. said "It's time that we take a justice centered approach to stop the stigma." 

Stop the Stigma: Mental Health and Human Rights encourages people to stop the stereotypes surrounding mental health. The Human Rights Institute is determined to encourage the community to speak against stigmas and to open up about mental health.

Leading up to the event, the Human Rights Institute had events all week to advocate for mental health. 

"We hosted a 'Wall of Words and Gallery of Gratitude' event encouraging our cougars to anonymously share both their burdens and their joys," said Dr. Lauretta Farrell, director of Human Rights Institute. "We provided self-care kits and cupcakes so that members of the community will realize the importance of making time to take care of themselves." 

Many guest speakers were present at the conference and spoke on their experiences with mental health. Cynthia Yue, U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations spoke on adversity growing up and how youths can make a difference in mental health.  

"By talking to your friends, creating discussions in class, posting on your own personal social media accounts, you are making a difference," said Yue.

Francesco Rizzo-Duffy, licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed clinical alcohol and Drug counselor, followed through with a discussion on mental health in the times of the pandemic. The former Kean graduate of 2013 also spoke on how we should acknowledge one another in these difficult times. 

"One of my favorite quotes that you may be familiar with is everyone you meet is fighting a battle that you know nothing about," said Rizzo-Duffy.

The last speaker of the conference was Chamique Holdsclaw, WNBA Star and Mental Health Advocate. The former basketball player spoke on her experience with mental health and how she became an advocate. Holdsclaw also discussed how students should make use of the resources around them. 

"This day and age, you young people have so many resources through social media, your colleges and universities, community resources," said Holdsclaw. "You deserve to be the best you, so just take that step."

The conference concluded with an award ceremony of people who have made a great impact in human rights. The awardees of the 14th annual human rights conference are as follows: 

  • Chevon Williams, Outstanding Students Human Rights Activist
  • Hank Kaplowitz, Outstanding Human Rights Educator
  • Cynthia Yue, Outstanding Young Rights Activist 
  • Francesco Rizzo-Duffy '13, Outstanding Community Human Rights Activist
  • Chamique Holdsclaw, Outstanding Human Rights Activist

The overall conference was a success, positively advocating for people to speak out and stop the stigma on mental health. For anyone looking for help, students can reach out to Kean University's Counseling Center at counseling@kean.eduor call them at (908) 316-8217. 

Cynthia Yue (left), U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations and Chevon Williams (right), winner of the Outstanding Students Human Rights Activist award, speak at the Human Rights Institute's 14th annual conference. ]]>
<![CDATA[Here's to Our Women!]]> As Kean University celebrates Women's history month, many events on campus are yet to take place in honor of our women. March is the month in order for our women around the world to be noticed and uplifted in everything they achieve daily. Women on campus are being celebrated with upcoming events held by many different organizations throughout the month of March.

Curator's Notes will be held at the Miron Student Center in Room 228 at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 31. Join the Human Rights Institute in a poetry reading with Robin Rosen Cheng about a text that explores individual feminine identities and how they are shaped by mythologies. 

Cristiana Rodrigues, a junior and elementary education major, speaks about how she feels about Women's history month being acknowledged around campus and an event that empowered her as a woman. 

"It's really cool that Kean is acknowledging Women's History Month. There are so many incredible women that have done and continue to do incredible things to make this world a better place. It's so important that we create the space to provide information and resources on these women." Additionally Rodrigues expands on her feelings about being a woman on campus and states "women and people, in general, need to feel safe on a college campus." 

Rodrigues goes on to describe an event that empowered her personally. "A women's empowerment moment that inspired me was how in one of my English literature classes last semester, all the girls were standing up for the women in the play "Trifles". We were so passionate about it and my professor, who was a male, just continued to lift us up. He saw how passionate we were and he was right there with us." 

Rodrigues's class was filled with nothing but laughter with one another because each student was able to understand one another creating such a beautiful experience altogether. Furthermore, Rodrigues's professor uplifting the women in his class created a moment of gratitude all around to each peer.

Sisters from Lambda Tau Omega sorority incorporated began speaking about their thoughts and emotions about Kean University celebrating Women's History Month. 

Nallely Martinez and Shelsea Araujo both reported that it is amazing to see Kean being able to finally "celebrate us as women and [acknowledging] our accomplishments." 

"It is great to see the effort." added Martinez. 

Additionally, both sisters were able to speak upon an experience they had that empowered them as women. 

Martinez explained how their sorority had a brunch and "seeing so many women in one room and seeing so many backgrounds while enjoying their company" was an empowering moment for Martinez. 

Araujo stated spending time with the sisters and "being around strong and independent women" was her moment for empowerment as a woman. 

As the month of women continues, many will pursue to learn about the history of this month and empower women everyday of the year as they continuously strive for greatness in their own way.

Photo courtesy of Kean University's Instagram ]]>
<![CDATA[Three Cheers for One of Our Peers ]]> Marketing EDGE has provided amazing scholarship opportunities for over 25 years, to aid students with their financial burdens, so they can focus their time on their academic studies. Between 1994-2021, $804,000 in scholarships has been awarded to 292 student recipients. Here at Kean, one of our very own marketing students was able to be a part of these statistics. 

Anastasia Manes received the Delay Fund Scholarship for the Collegiate Summit Online section of the EDGE program. Manes wanted to make it a priority to follow her passions and interests, whilst financing her higher education, which is where Marketing EDGE came in. 

Manes explained, "finding an organization like Marketing EDGE has made it possible for me to explore my interests in an extracurricular setting. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to pursue other educational settings in the marketing field outside the classroom, such as internships." 

The Robert DeLay scholarship was awarded in memory of Robert (Bob) F. DeLay served as president of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) for more than 26 years. During his tenure at DMA he worked closely with a core group of top-level professionals to launch Marketing EDGE. In 2002 members of the community joined together to establish the Bob DeLay Scholarship Fund to cover tuition costs of students at colleges and universities nationwide. 

After participating in the Marketing EDGE 2021 online summer Collegiate Summit, Manes earned a certificate for her completion of the program and was eligible to apply for their scholarships. She submitted her application online and was shocked to receive an email from the program coordinator that she had won! The Collegiate Summit was international and only one other Kean student was in attendance. 

"I am funding my education completely on my own, and that is difficult when you live at least two hours away from campus. This scholarship made it so that I could afford to live on-campus again in the fall 2021 semester as classes returned in person. Additionally, it helped me make more connections at the university, as the College of Business and Public Management in Hynes Hall displayed my photo and my accomplishments on the screens in the building! This award has helped me make a name for myself here at Kean University," explained Manes. 

Unfortunately Marketing EDGE has since disbanded, passing the baton to other nonprofit marketing education organizations after their 56 years in business. They are choosing to have their legacy live on through others' successes and recommend other organizations that they are investing in to save their vision. Marketing EDGE seized the opportunity to expand their outcomes exponentially by investing in and seeding nonprofit organizations that promise to take the baton. 

When asked how it affected her, Manes said, "I was disappointed to hear of the closing of this organization. I, like many other students across the world, was guided and taught by their programs. Not only did they choose me as a scholarship recipient, but I enjoyed learning from the professionals they brought in to speak at the summit I participated in." 

Congratulations to Manes and all of the other scholarship recipients! 

2021 Marketing EDGE Scholarship recipient, Anastasia Manes]]>
<![CDATA[Kean Designers Take The Win]]> Congratulations to our Kean students who have won the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP). This competition was competitive and challenging, but our fellow pupils worked through these tribulations and have come out on top. 

In this competition, four of our Kean design students were declared winners. The four winners of the MAIP are as follows:

  • Yohanny Capellan, BFA: Graphic Design, graduated in Dec. 2021
  • Tianna Jonas, Senior in BFA: Graphic Design
  • Ana Carolina Mitchell, Junior in BFA: Advertising
  • Alicia Novoa, Junior in BFA: Advertising

"When I opened my offer letter from Barkley in Kansas City, MO. I felt extremely emotional," Yohanny Capellan said about winning the competition. "I felt a sense of hope for my career and was also excited to embark on a different journey already as a graduate student." 

"Not only was I hand-picked to be part of such a huge opportunity for a student of color such as myself, but I was chosen by an agency that so perfectly reflects what I value as a woman in the design industry," said Tianna Jonas.

The MAIP is a program determined to showcase and contribute to the advertising, marketing and entertainment industry. Organizations from all over are able to find individuals who share the same values and interest as their companies. The program is known across many colleges and universities, which is how many learn about this initiative. 

"I first heard about the MAIP fellowship back in September through my advertising professor Deborah Ceballos who talked highly of the program, emphasizing how much MAIP is able to transform your life in the advertising industry for better," said Alicia Novoa. "I instantly knew I was going to put in the time and effort to do what was necessary in order to be accepted into a fellowship position."

This competition is known for being competitive and involves a lot of hard work and dedication. This task can easily be challenging when students have to balance the work of their application and the work of their courses. Despite the difficulties, our Kean students managed to do it all. 

"The process was pretty grueling. However, the biggest challenge I faced was learning how to balance my time between all of my other studio classes and the application itself," said Novoa. "Essentially, I treated the application as though it was another class and I was able to prioritize and get the job done!"

In this competition, students had to meet many requirements. Applicants were required to include a video component, find creative solutions to problems, include a collection of essays as well as letters of recommendations. Students also needed to create a portfolio showing off their unique designs and projects. 

"As a graphic designer, the application process gave me a chance to show off my portfolio," said Jonas. "If I could describe my portfolio in one word it would be 'experimental'. My portfolio site is a variety of colors, strange shapes and striking characters with as much spunk and attitude as I can fit in them!" 

"My work was culturally inclusive, and I promoted unity in all my projects," Capellan explained about her portfolio work. "I would also describe it as authentic, being that I made sure I incorporated things that represented me in my design strategy. For example, the project NAISkin was inspired by a skincare brand business I own, and its campaign was both in English and Spanish."

Winners of the competition have the opportunity to intern at a top advertising agency and the chance to be hired full time. Past Kean MAIP winners have been offered full-time positions at companies such as The Refinery, R/GA, Deutsch L.A. and more. This program gives our winners a chance for success in their futures. 

"Since being accepted some of the goals I have set for myself are to network as much as possible, produce work I am proud to put on my portfolio and just enjoy the process overall," said Novoa. 

"My goal is to make the best out of this opportunity!" said Capellan. "I want to start this program with a student mentality and learn as much as I can, not just from my internship, but also from the other MAIP fellows and the professionals in the advertising/marketing industry. My goal is to land a full-time offer at the end of this program and just continue evolving as I learn more about myself."

"Moving forward, I hope to hone my management and leadership skills, so that I may in the near future become an effective art director for my fellow designers and a role model for the generations to come," said Jonas.

Congratulations once again to our Kean designers and we hope you have a successful future!

Four Kean students won the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program competition. The winners (left to right) are Tianna Jonas, Yohanny Capellan, Ana Carolina Mitchell, and Alicia Novoa. ]]>
<![CDATA[Happy Commencement, Graduates! ]]> Once again we come to the time for the hardworking students of Kean to celebrate their commencement with their family, friends and peers. Possibly one of the best days of their lives, students will walk across the stage with a diploma in one hand and the whole world at their fingertips. 

Graduate and undergraduate students who are planning to graduate must complete an online application on KeanWise to be considered for graduation. Students who are eligible to apply will receive an email from the Office of Registrar. 

Only online applications and payments will be accepted (no hard copies) and there will be a one hundred dollar fee collected at the time of submitting your graduation application. Before applying you must review the policies and procedures, dedicated to your current academic status, on the graduate page. Be sure to meet with your advisor or program coordinator to determine if you are on track for graduation. 

How to apply: 

  • Log in to KeanWise 

  • Go to the Academic Profile section 

  • Select apply for Graduation 

  • Complete online application 

  • Pay $100 fee 

Commencement will be taking place on May 17 for graduate students and May 19 for undergraduate students. This year, the commencements will take place indoors at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and the Prudential Center. 

Margaret McCorry, Associate Vice President for University Relations talks about her hope for commencement this year, " My hope is that no matter how we have to celebrate, whether in person or virtually, students and families will be able to celebrate their incredible accomplishments on Commencement day, as well as in family settings at home or elsewhere in the days and weeks following." 

If there are any questions or concerns regarding commencement, students can email: regme@kean.edu or by phone at (908) 73-REGME. 

Congratulations Cougars!

Finally getting the diploma!]]>
<![CDATA[A Civil Rights Journey]]> The Human Rights Institute hosted a Civil Rights Journey over spring break. The group explored historic sites in Georgia and Alabama. On their trip, students learned about the history of the civil rights movement and how to become social justice activists and advocates.

The Human Rights Institute is motivated to bringing human rights issues to light at Kean and to inspire the next generation of activists to create a more peaceful world. When it comes to this trip, Dr. Lauretta Farrell, director of the Human Rights Institute, is determined to show students the importance of Civil Rights and all who contributed to the movement. 

"Each time we heard about the passing of another Civil Rights icon, I felt time slipping away," said Farrell. "It wouldn't be long until the world no longer had the heroes who fought these battles. If students were to have the chance to meet them, it had to happen now."

Students were accompanied on this trip by our University President Dr. Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. and his daughter. Students, of any majors and any grade, were in attendance to learn more about past and current social justice movements.

"Equity in Action," said Farrell to describe this experience. "This trip was designed for all students - not just those with the best grades, or in certain academic or co-curricular programs, not for students who had money or special connections. It was designed for everyone." 

The announcement of this trip sparked interest in many Kean students. Some have interest in the department and wanted to join the journey that they were planning to take. 

"I wanted to join because I enjoy a lot of the work that the Human Rights Institute does," said Chevon Williams, travelearn participant. "I am a political science major so Human Rights and Civil Rights are a large portion of my studies and I felt that the in-person experience would be great."

To be a part of this experience, students had many enrollment options. Some students chose to register for a 3-credit Global Citizenry course. Others decided to participate in a 1-credit internship. There was also an option for students to pay $500 out of pocket to cover the cost of the trip. 

"I wanted to join the Civil Rights Journey because I have always had a fondness for traveling and learning new things. I thought this was a perfect culmination of both these things I like very much," said Jacqueline Hernandez, travelearn participant.

On their journey, students had the opportunity to learn and have memorable experiences. During the trip, students will be meeting with clergy who worked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Students will also visit the Equal Justice Initiative who is committed to challenging racial and economic injustice in American society.

"I hope to erase any misconceptions I have about Georgia and Alabama but also enjoy the experience and learning opportunities I was given to better understand not just the Civil Rights history but my own as well," said Tahmin Choudhury, travelearn participant.  

Before the trip, students in the Global Citizenry course are making preparations for the trip. Alongside packing for the four-day trip, students are taking the initiative to learn more about the places they will see on their travels. For those on the trip, they also have the option to participate in a research project that can be presented at Research Days. 

"I have been looking up different sites that will be important for my research day project," said Williams. "My research is focusing on the importance of safe spaces during the civil rights movement. Most of these places are churches, so I have been looking up the restoration process of the churches and who is currently running them." 

The goal of this trip was to educate students about civil rights and social prejudices that happen in the world. By traveling to these places, students are sure to trace the steps of civil rights leaders such as John Lewis and Rosa Parks. With this trip, students learned the importance and impact of the Civil Rights movement in the US and other countries. 

"The fight for Civil Rights wasn't waged by just Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, John Lewis, Rosa Parks and Fannie Lou Hamer.  They were joined by thousands of 'regular people,' who supported the movement in so many different ways," said Farrell. "While we can't all win a Nobel Prize, or serve in the United States Congress, we can, and must, all stand up and speak out against injustice in our communities and around the world." 

The Civil Rights Journey will be held on March 10 through the 13. ]]>
<![CDATA[Jump Right In- To A Good Cause ]]> The annual Polar Plunge at Seaside Heights is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to help in supporting Special Olympics New Jersey athletes. Those who choose to participate will jump into the frigid Atlantic Ocean, one weekend during the month of February. Our very own Kean Police department were also amongst those participants! 

Thousands of brave jumpers are challenged every year from around the state. It's an amazing opportunity for individuals, teams, businesses and organizations to get involved supporting the Special Olympics. All the funds raised go towards programming and events for thousands of athletes statewide. All of these programs and services are completely FREE of charge, thanks to fundraising events such as the Polar Plunge at Seaside. 

According to the Polar Plunge page, "For over 50 years, Special Olympics New Jersey has provided year-round sports training, competition, leadership opportunities and health screenings to thousands of athletes." 

The event took place on February 26 at 1 p.m. and the following Kean Police Officers participated: 

  • Lt. Mark Anacker

  • Sgt. Lewis King 

  • Ptlm. Brent Shiner 

  • Ptlm. Natasha Boone 

  • Security Officer: Samantha Cosgrove 

Lt. Mark Anacker explained, "I wanted to experience the feeling of jumping in the water with fellow officers and people who participated in the event, for a good cause." 

These officers participated in the Polar Plunge, not only to help raise money for New Jersey Special Olympics but to help build camaraderie and morale amongst the department. Each officer who participated in this event is very eager to attend again next year, no matter how freezing the water may be!

"I hope to have a great team bonding experience with members of the KUPD family, and with other participants in this event. We are all taking part in this event with the same end goal of raising as much money as possible to be donated to the Special Olympics." 

Don't be afraid to take that plunge Cougars! 

<![CDATA[A Year to Volunteer]]> Helping out the community is a great act of kindness but sometimes people just don't know where to start. If students are interested in helping out their community, then they should look into Cougars Volunteers. 

Cougar Volunteers is an organization within the Center for Leadership and Service. The organization consists of many students, staff and faculty members dedicated to helping their community on and off campus. The main mission of Cougar Volunteers is to collaboratively provide service and volunteerism whenever necessary.

Shane Gagnon, an Involvement Specialist on campus stated that "Cougar Volunteers' mission can best be described as leading, serving and learning."

"Students and staff embark on a leadership role when they take the initiative to sign up, serve the community when they donate their time and actively learn how important it can be to give back and think of others' needs in life besides their own" said Gagnon.

Cougar Volunteers have always contributed to their community. On and off campus, the organization has always found a way to lend a hand when needed. When it comes to Cougar Volunteers, there is always a way to give back.

"Cougar Volunteers participate in service-based volunteering," said Gagnon. "This means anything associated with helping others whether it be from donating blood, going to the community food bank and preparing or packaging meals and even spending one day as a volunteer worker for Habitat for Humanity." 

Interested volunteers should understand that Kean isn't the only place that needs help. The community outside of the university could also use volunteers to help them in difficult times. Participating in the community is an important act of service when it comes to volunteering. 

"All Kean students made it to the university because other people helped them get there in the past and that help goes a long way," Gagnon said. "Paying it forward with volunteering during on campus events or off campus still benefits the future of the Kean community."

There are many benefits to be gained by helping those around campus and the community. By lending a hand, students can expect many takeaways from every act of service that they do. While students can gain service hours on their co-curricular transcript, there is something more to be gained from their volunteer experience. 

"Volunteers have found that they takeaway a good sense of confidence and pride in the work they are giving to people they might have never met," said Gagnon. "The feeling of knowing that you have done good in the world makes a person so happy and have a positive outlook on their own life."

There are many ways to help out both on and off campus. Cougar Volunteers can help find interested pupils volunteer opportunities in Room 219 or by emailing them at serve@kean.edu. Volunteers can also look on Cougar Link for any upcoming events.

"For anyone interested in volunteering I would suggest looking into any of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey bus trips, because it is always a different task you are taking a part in or looking into any of the donation drive opportunities held on campus to sort clothes." Said Gagnon.

Cougar Volunteers packing boxes of food and loaded them into cars.
Photo Courtesy of Cougar Volunteers
<![CDATA[Be The Voice for Kean]]> Kean University's Board of Trustees is holding elections for anyone interested in being a student representative. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone looking to participate more in the community and to be the voice for all Kean students. 

Being a student representative to the Board of Trustees is a very important role. A student representative gets to contribute to the Board of Trustees meetings and act as a bridge between the board and the student body. With this position, students can make a difference in their Kean community. 

"Since I came to Kean, I have always dreamed of making a difference," said Chris Sclafani, former Alternate Student Trustee, about his reason for joining. "I noticed the more involved I became, the better my grades got."

This position can create great change on campus, but it will require a lot of hard work and dedication. The board is looking for two representatives who are willing to do a two-year term. There are also many qualifications one must have for the position including:

  • Being a full-time student with good standing
  • Having no history of any student conduct violations
  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75

These are only a few of the requirements needed for the position. To learn more about the eligibility, interested students can visit the Student Trustees page on the Kean website. 

While there are many requirements, there are also many benefits to the position. Not only can a student be the voice for their campus, but they can also gain experience that they can't get anywhere else. 

"During my time as the Alternate Student Trustee I have learned a plethora of information about what goes into university planning at Kean as well as other higher educational experience," Sclafani said. "During my time, I have gotten to work hand in hand with our University President Dr. Repollet, Ed.D. and his team of senior vice presidents as well as our Vice President of Student Affairs, Matt Caruso." 

Interested students must apply for the position by 2 p.m. Friday, March 4. The application process is online and must be submitted via Cougarlink. Before applying for the position, there are a few things applicants should know.

"Have an open mind, you are not going to know everything," advises Sclafani. "When applying, be honest, state things you would like to work on and how this position is going to help you."

For anyone who needs more information about the position, they can go to Cougarlink to learn more. Additionally, if anyone has any further questions, applicants are free to contact the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs at (908) 737-5260 or visit Room 303 of Miron Student Center.

"Good luck," said Sclafani. "Although this position and the regard that our board of trustees holds can be a bit intimidating, we are all mended together for the same goal, our love of Kean."

The Board of Trustees is looking for interested students to become the next Student Representative for the 2022-2023 academic year.
Photo Courtesy of Student Affairs
<![CDATA[Farewell Class of 2022!]]> Time is ticking for our Kean University seniors and the class of 2022 to walk across the stage. It has been a long time coming and many unusual experiences along the way, but they made it.

Many years of college and some being spent virtually through a computer due to a global pandemic. Although limiting some college experience, seniors are finally able to graduate and begin to live the lives that they have continuously built for themselves.

On Thursday, May 19 Kean University's commencement ceremony takes place allowing over 200 seniors to receive their diplomas. 

Senior and business management major (general business) with a minor in Health Education, Ali Beh, gives advice to our underclassmen. "Any advice I would give to underclassmen at Kean is to definitely try to build social connections and network with peers. Not only do you get to learn different perspectives from individuals but it also helps with your health and overall quality of life." 

Additionally, Beh spoke upon his excitement as this next chapter of life continues, "I am excited to finally use all the tools I gained from Kean over these last few years and showcase it to the real world. Kean has helped me improve my public speaking which is beneficial when working with other people and standing in front of a crowd." 

While it is saddening to see our seniors go, it was amazing watching them grow and come as far as they have. It is heartfelt as they have watched this university partake in many changes as new generations begin stepping foot onto this campus. 

Psychology major and criminal justice minor, Rhyan Almonacy gave his advice to underclassmen stating "My advice to freshman and sophomores would be to find an organization or friends on campus [that] makes you feel [like] you have a second family. Undergrad can be very difficult and stressful but that second family will be the greatest support system that gets you through the years." 

Almonacy also shared his enthusiasm upon graduating: "Graduating feels very surreal and it's sad at the same time as I will miss the events at Kean and running into peers in the hallway while both running to class. I am grateful to all my mentors for the tremendous amount of advice they have given me and I cannot wait to climb higher while I attend law school." 

Almonacy was accepted into Seton Hall law school, Rutgers law school and Quinnipiac law school. 

This year's commencement ceremony will be held at 11 a.m at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, New Jersey. The undergraduate commencement ceremony will take place on May 19 at the Prudential Center in Newark as well.

Furthermore, there will be a Graduate Expo held to help start commencement season on March 3 in the Miron Student Center where graduates will be able to order class rings, caps and gowns. 

Senior Portraits for the 2022 memorabilia yearbook will also be taking place in the Miron Student Center, Room 315 up until March 30. Students can click on this link to find more information on how to schedule an appointment.

Closing off this semester with our graduates walking the stage will be once again, another amazing event going down in the books.

Congratulations to the class of 2022!

Photo courtesy of Kean University's Instagram

<![CDATA[Ever Thought About Working on Campus?]]> At Kean University, there are multiple job opportunities for students to take advantage of, whether they live on campus or commute. There are many options, depending on what works best for the students schedule and some even offer credit towards graduation. Together we will explore those jobs and find out what it takes to apply to these positions. 

Students can find some of these job opportunities in places such as the Miron Student Center (MSC) and the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS).

The MSC is a focal point for many campus organizations and activities that Kean holds for students and staff. Along with office spaces and meeting rooms, MSC offers a game room, food court, Cougar's Den, Smashburger, Auntie, Anne's Pretzels, Outtakes convenience store and the Little Theater. All places that Kean students can work for part time while earning credits towards their degree. 

Director of MSC, Kerrin Lyles explained, "During our students' tenure within the MSC, we work with them to develop and enhance their skills in the following areas: Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking, Team Building and Management & Leadership."

Inside the MSC building, is also CLS, which is committed to developing students to become actively engaged in their community. The center also helps students in planning and participating in a wide variety of activities outside the classroom that will aid in their academic experience. 

The following job opportunities are associated with CLS: 

  • Jumpstart 

  • Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • Community and Volunteer Services

Managing Assistant Director of Community Service and Civic Engagement, Susan Figueroa explained, "CLS hires on a rolling basis. That means that we pull applications whenever we have the need for student staff in the various areas mentioned above. We currently are still looking at service specialists, customer service specialists and involvement specialists positions for the end of the semester and the fall. Our office is also recruiting for Jumpstart which is an AmeriCorps program that prepares Kean students to support preschool literacy skills in underserved communities."

Jumpstart is a national early education program that trains college students to teach preschool students in low-income neighborhoods. The curriculum helps these children develop their language and literacy skills that they need to be ready for kindergarten. Jumpstart Corps members work part time, 8-10 hours per week, during the school year. Students can contact Caroline Antonio, at antonica@kean.edu or Niksha Davis, at nikdavis@kean.edu for information on applying. 

FWS is off campus, part-time employment, for students with financial needs (as determined by FAFSA). What students earn during these jobs is intended to help meet their costs of education, encouraging students to participate in community service work or work related to their field of study. Students will be paid on an hourly basis and can work up to 20 hours a week. The program is for both graduate and undergraduate students. Work-Study applications are available at the Office of Financial Aid. 

Center for Leadership and Services (CLS) goal is to build a sense of leadership and service in the Kean community through Community and Volunteer Services. The center encourages active citizenship from the students who participate and orchestrate the events they volunteer for. Students can record their service hours in CougarLink to have them on their co-curricular transcripts. 

"I want all student staff to gain skills such as better presentation skills, organizational skills, writing skills, leadership skills etc. I want them to better develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our goal is to develop students' skills to better prepare them for leadership roles at Kean University and beyond." Figueroa said. 

"Our goal is that by working in the MSC our students are gaining skills that they will be able to use in their future careers.", Lyles expressed. 

If students are interested in applying or getting more information on any of these employment opportunities, they can check out this website.

In addition to seeking other departments that are hiring throughout the university on Workday. Students can log in using their Kean credentials and click on the Career Icon.

Students can find many job opportunities located in the Miron Student Center.]]>
<![CDATA[Looking for Scholarship Opportunities?]]> The life of a college student involves many aspects of responsibility, like applying to scholarship opportunities and other financial aid resources. It can take hours trying to research different scholarships and time to apply to them. Gladly, Kean University offers multiple scholarship opportunities to those who want to apply on the the Kean University website.

As the spring 2022 semester commences, scholarship opportunities will now be open for the 2022-2023 academic year. Students can also fill out their 2022-2023 FAFSA form in order to be in consideration for additional scholarships and grants. 

Kean University offers Merit and Foundation Scholarships. Both freshmen and transfer applicants who are attending Kean can be considered for the merit based scholarships. Kean Foundation Scholarships are open to all students. External Scholarships are also an option, however students should be aware of the cautions and review them here.

The seven levels of Kean University's Merit-based scholarships range from $500 to a full ride of in-state tuition. Moreover, each scholarship is granted at a maximum award over four years.

According to the Kean University website these include:

The William-Livingston full scholarship Awarded up to $50,000 
Kean Scholar Awarded $20,000
Trustee Scholarship Awarded $14,000 
Presidential Scholar Awarded $10,000
Academic Scholar Awarded up to $6,000
World-Class Scholar Awarded up to $4,000

Each of these scholarships are renewable over all 4 years (8 consecutive semesters) of undergraduate study with a maintained GPA of a 3.0.

Students who are entered into the 5-year bachelor/master's honors program are eligible to be enrolled in the biotechnology/molecular biology, computational science and engineering, biology education, chemistry education, mathematics education scholarship. Students with a GPA of 3.1 - 3.39 can only be guaranteed 50% of in-state tuition payment only and those with a 3.7- 4.0 GPA will get 100% in-state tuition granted. 

For more information regarding the NJCSTM program please contact njcste@kean.edu or call (908) 737-7202.

As stated on the Kean University website, additional scholarships that students can apply for are the following:

Platinum Centennial Fund Scholarship: Applicants need an unweighted high school GPA of a 3.5 - 3.99. This scholarship provides $16,000 over 4 years (8 consecutive semesters). This need-based scholarship is determined by family household income determined by FAFSA.

Gold Centennial Fund Scholarship: Applicants need an unweighted high school GPA of 3.3 - 3.49. This awards $12,000 over 4 years (8 consecutive semesters). This scholarship is renewable annually with $3,000 per year and a minimum of 30 credits per year. 

The Garden State Equity Scholarship: The only requirement needed in order to be considered for the Garden State Equity Scholarship is for applicants to submit their completed FAFSA form.

There are two levels to this scholarship which include: 

The $8,000 grant over the course of 4 years (8 semesters), a weighted high school GPA of 3.0-3.29 is required. This scholarship is also renewable annually at $2,000 per year with full enrollment.

The $4,000 grant is offered also over the course of 4 years (8 semesters) with a weighted high school GPA of 2.8 - 2.99. This is renewable with $1,000 per year full-enrollment. 

Applicants with a maximum of $80,000 in household income are required and all scholarships listed above will all be determined by applicants' household income determined by FAFSA. 

For transfer students the Transfer Merit and Transfer Early Action scholarships are a one time award. In addition to Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and Skylands scholarships. Students can check out the qualifications for each application here.

Lastly, the Kean University Foundation Scholarship is available. Those who are interested can review the tips and apply on this website.

Kean University current undergraduate students, please take the time to apply for scholarships and grants by March 1, 2022 and new and current graduate students can apply by August 1, 2022 on the Kean University scholarship foundation link. 

Students can visit the Kean University website for more information on scholarships and grants. ]]>
<![CDATA[Run, Don't Walk, To the Ballots ]]> As we move through the spring semester, it is once again time for Student Government Elections. Students are encouraged to let their voices be heard and go after the positions that will help them make a change. Let's see what waits in store for the opportunities with these elections and how students can get involved. 

Kean students can apply to become a candidate through Cougar Link until 2 p.m. Friday, March 4. Once application closes, Student Government will check the candidates eligibility to run for the position they chose. Following, will be a candidate meeting to go over the details regarding the election campaigning. Then the candidate will be publicized to Kean students and staff. 

There will be multiple informational sessions held for students looking to become candidates, leading up to the close of applications. The dates are as follows: 

  • Tuesday, February 8th, 3:15 to 4:30 pm - Greek Lounge

  • Tuesday, February 8th, 5 to 6 pm - Zoom

  • Monday, February 14th, 3:15 to 4:30 pm - MSC 226

  • Wednesday, February 16th, 12 to 1 pm - MSC 226

  • Wednesday, February 16th, 7 to 8 pm - Zoom

  • Friday, February 18th, 1 to 2pm - MSC 226

  • Friday, February 18th, 4 to 5pm - Zoom

  • Thursday, February 24th, 3:15 to 4:30 pm - MSC 315

  • Thursday, February 24th, 6 to 7 pm - Zoom

Sophomore class President, Jeremiah Monteiro expressed, "This year will be a huge year for Student Government Association as we are totally rebranded. This is the golden opportunity to have your voice heard and change Kean University for the better. As well as, vote for someone because you believe that they are more than capable of doing their job to the best of their ability." 

When it comes time to vote, students must go onto Cougar Link and click forms. Elections will run from Wednesday, April 6 at 9 a.m. to Thursday, April 7 at 5 p.m. The announcement regarding who won the elections will be held in the Greek Lounge, on April 7 at 5:30 pm. Student Government will also post the unofficial results on Cougar Link, following the in person announcement. 

"On a final note, this year's election is an election like none other. With a new name and logo to be revealed, SGA will be the focal point of Kean University again! To prospective candidates, SGA has helped me with new opportunities that I never thought I could envision. I have met amazing people along the way and have the opportunity everyday to perfect my skills such as team building, critical thinking, communication, etc.", Monteiro said. 

If students have any questions or want more information they can contact the Director of Student Government, Stephanie Faser, at sfaser@kean.edu or by phone at (908) 737-5195, (908) 737- 5250. 

Best of luck to all of the upcoming eligible candidates! 

Student Government Association Executive Board of 2021-2022.]]>
<![CDATA[Happy Lunar New Year]]> Kean University held our annual Lunar New Year Celebration on Feb. 1 in Townsend Hall. This event allowed many students to learn about Chinese culture and expand their mindset on how many celebrate the Lunar year.

With over 30 students attending this event both in person and virtually, it was a great opportunity to explore the Chinese traditions and cultural celebrations involved coming into the new year of the tiger.

Graduate Assistant for the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and host of the event, Marie-Esther Ahone stated, "I did not plan this on my own."

Ahone then credited Student Government Class of 2024, Kean Wellness Center, Chinese Students and Scholars Association, Kean Pulse, Kean Alumni Engagement and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Additionally she reported that there are many more organizations that should be thanked for this event to occur for our fellow students, faculty and staff.

Although, being half in person and half virtual, it was such a comforting feeling seeing students of many different cultures come together in order to learn more about another culture. 

Virtually, students engaged in making dumplings and were able to execute that knowledge in person. There was an interactive Kahoot game and cultural food for those who attended. The Kahoot game consisted of facts and new information about Chinese culture and Lunar Year.

Sophomore, student assistant of Asian Studies, Mollie Engel said that this event was "definitely fun, the last two weeks I have been included on the plan of this event."

Engel was grateful to hear from many students and faculty being informed about this event and also informing others about this event.

Kean University offers a Chinese studies program for those interested in furthering their knowledge on Chinese culture based on their language, culture, social politics and global influence. For further information, students can click this link.

Another upcoming event that students can join is the Lunar New Year Celebration at Liberty Hall Museum on Saturday, Feb. 12 from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Volunteers are still needed.

Furthermore, there are clubs on campus for students to join, one specifically is the Hallyu Club which spreads knowledge on Korean pop culture.

Kean University is an extremely diverse community where we will all be able to continue paving the way for our students to learn about each other.

Kean University celebrated the Year of the Tiger for Chinese Lunar New Year.
Photo Courtesy of Google
<![CDATA[Greek Life at Kean University ]]> The spring semester is here and in full force! Kean University students are getting adjusted to their classes and acclimating themselves into the college routine for a successful semester.

Getting involved on campus can be a nerve-racking experience but Kean hosts tons of events throughout the semester for students to become more familiar with their interests, one in particular is Meet the Greeks.

Meet the Greeks was held on Wednesday, Feb. 2 in the Miron Student Center Atrium and Greek Lounge, where all of our Greek organizations were able to showcase and provide additional information about their organizations and chapters to all who attended.

Greek Life is a social organization that students can join if interested. It is an amazing way to get involved on campus, meet new people, help out our local community and create a family fellowship with many people in these organizations.

Greek Life has an important element of brotherhood, sisterhood and most importantly support between all. Greek organizations also include scholarship and leadership opportunities.

At this event, students were able to walk around and socialize with each fraternity and sorority to learn more about their backgrounds and history. The organizations that attended Meet the Greeks are the following: 

  • Alpha Phi Alpha

  • Sigma Beta Chi

  • Tau Kappa Epsilon

  • Nu Delta Pi

  • Lambda Theta Alpha 

  • Sigma Gamma Rho

  • Lambda Theta Phi

  • Zeta Phi Beta

  • Phi Beta Sigma

  • Sigma Beta Tau

  • Nu Theta Chi

  • Lambda Tau Omega

  • Gamma Psi Epsilon

  • Lambda Sigma Upsilon

  • Kappa Beta Gamma

  • Omega Epsilon Rho

  • Delta Phi Epsilon

  • Mu Sigma Upsilon

  • Nu Sigma Phi

  • Lambda Delta Chi

  • Chi Upsilon Sigma

  • Theta Phi Alpha

  • Lambda Upsilon Lambda

While there are many more organizations a part of Greek Life on campus, each fraternity and sorority were able to discuss what being a part of Greek Life meant to them.

Senior and member of Omega Epsilon Rho, Yasmeen Khan explained "Overall I have gained confidence."

Additionally, Khan was able to make many new relationships along the way. Khan stated that she had always wanted to join, but never had the time until she was reached by a member and immediately became family.

Senior and member of Omega Epsilon Rho, Romelah Donazal reported that "It shaped me into the person I am and has helped me mentally and emotionally."

Donazal continued, she had also always wanted to join, but could never figure out the starting point. Until she was introduced to Omega Epsilon Rho, it was an extremely welcoming experience.

Luis Rivera, senior and member of Lambda Theta Phi, emphasized that "Brotherhood is an important thing." 

Rivera also built many relationships and mentioned that his best friend is one of his fraternity brothers. Being involved at a local high school has gotten Rivera to become open to joining a fraternity and began explaining the beginning of brotherhood and how it has expanded onto their own community in an amazing way. 

President and junior, Ethan Jimenez of Sigma Beta Tau, expressed that joining a fraternity was "The best decision I have ever made!"

Furthermore, he added Sigma Beta Tau was one of the only fraternities that offered a scholarship which helped Jimenez decrease his tuition. 

"When people say a fraternity is a brotherhood, it's an understatement" said Jimenez.

Four members of the Nu Delta Phi fraternity, Vice President Brandon Miles, Reshad Richards, Antwain Hutchinson, and Bryan Velez expressed that they were all able to create a family bond within this fraternity.

Moreover, it has allowed them to achieve many community service hours, foster new connections and have a strong brotherhood.

Tariq Williams, president of Phi Beta Sigma and Greek Senate explained that "My experience in my fraternity has been great, it has helped me open my eyes in looking at the world in a different light."

"It changed my college career the more work I did with my organization and seeing the people in my organization doing what I aspire to do, only assured me that [what I want] is achievable and gave me the different tools and outlets on how to achieve it" said Williams.

Students who were unable to attend this event, but would still like to learn more about joining Greek Life can check out these options.

One can visit the Center for Leadership and Service in the Miron Student Center, Room 219 or email greeks@kean.edu for more information. Also following @keangreeks on Instagram for upcoming events.

Students, Staff and Alumni attended Meet the Greeks on Wednesday, Feb. 2.]]>
<![CDATA[Celebrating Black History Month]]> Black History Month is dedicated to celebrating Black excellence and raising awareness of Black history. Kean University honors this month by showing support through events, discussions and programs. The Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), the National Council of Negro Women and the Pan-African Student Union joined together to kick off Black History Month.

The three organizations hosted a kick-off event on Feb. 1, the first day of Black History Month. The event's main purpose was to educate all who attended on the existence of Black History Month in a fun and engaging way. 

"Black History Month is an opportunity for Americans to join together in thoughts and action to celebrate the all too often understated achievements of black people throughout the month," said Erin Lester, multicultural affairs program coordinator of DEI.

To kick off the event, Lester opened with a reading of the proclamation. The proclamation consisted of the university's mission of celebrating Black heritage, the theme of Black Health and Wellness and the continuous need of inclusion throughout the campus. Lester also noted that Kean University continues to deliver on its promise of inclusion, diversity and representation in its students, faculty, and staff.

"It is the purpose of the Pan-African Student Union to unify all people of African descent into greater awareness of self," Esi McNeil, president of the Pan-African Student Union said. "It is our mission to provide knowledge and empowerment to our pre-colonial roots so that we as a people may provide strength for the future." 

McNeil stood before her peers and shared the importance of Black history. McNeil shared that Black History Month was made a month-long celebration in 1976 thanks to the efforts of Carter G. Woodson. The president also recalled other significant information about the heritage and the important players in Black history. 

"It is of most importance that we as a people collectively continue to honor our ancestors sacrifice, but not only celebrating today, or this month, but every day," McNeil said. "We must pay respects to our ancestors by [continuing to learn] about our powerful history." 

The event also held performances whose act was dedicated to the heritage. Kean Gospel Choir did a rendition of the Black National Anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing." Afterward, Khali Raymond, Kean Alumni, read an original poetry piece, depicting the black experience. 

Before the raising of the flag, participants were welcomed to have refreshments that reflected Black cuisine while listening to the keynote speaker. The keynote speaker for this event was Retired-Executive Director of Africana Studies, Dr. James Conyers. Dr. Conyers shared the significance of togetherness in the community and how important it is to stand together in difficult times.

To conclude the event, everyone gathered at the clock tower to raise the Pan-African flag. In honor of Black History Month, everyone held a part of the flag to represent the community and unity of Black History Month. 

While the kick-off is over, many more events are in store for the month of February. If anyone is interested in participating in events like these, the office of DEI is holding Black History Month events in partnership with the students and staff of Kean University. 

"Black History Month is really dedicated to studying, honoring, championing the black community, not just this month, but every day they're active," said Lester. 

Kean University members hold up the Pan-African flag for the beginning of Black History Month.
<![CDATA[Show Off That Thread, On the Day We Wear Red ]]> On Feb. 4, Wear Red is a national day that helps to promote awareness for heart disease and stroke in women. Kean University hosts this event in partnership with the American Heart Association who fight against heart disease. Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death across the country for both men and women. This day was created to bring more attention to heart disease because it has now become a greater issue among women. 

Women are dying at a rate of almost one per minute. In the United States alone, one in every four deaths is related to having cardiovascular disease or a stroke because of circumstances in a person's health that they may or may not be able to control. Cardiovascular disease is a heart condition that involves diseased vessels, structural problems and blood clots within the body. 

Some of the health risks associated with this disease, include but are not limited to:  

  • Coronary Heart Disease 

  • High Blood Pressure 

  • Cardiac Arrest 

  • Congestive Heart Failure 

  • Arrhythmia 

  • Peripheral Artery Disease 

  • Stroke 

  • Congenital Heart Disease 

Students can join the Center for Leadership and Service for these upcoming events that will take place on campus across this week:

The events both in person and virtual will help promote awareness for cardiovascular disease and the importance of heart health. 

Managing Assistant Director for Community Service and Civic Engagement, Susan Figueroa stated "On Wear Red Day, supporters wear their favorite red clothing, red shoes or accessories in order to stand together to encourage others to take preventative actions for the sake of their heart's health."

Along with wearing red, students and staff are invited to participate in the Wear Red Day Walk around campus to demonstrate support for Women's Heart Health. All those who volunteer are encouraged to wear red while they walk. For the first time in a year, this event will be able to happen in person and supporters can once again walk beside each other. 

Participants are encouraged to wear masks, even though this is an outdoor event, it is still on campus. Attendance at this event will be recorded through an event pass that can be found on Cougar Link. 

For more information students can visit Cougar Link or contact serve@kean.edu if students or staff have any questions. 

Take a Walk For a Good Cause!

Students with the Cougar Mascot from 2018's National Wear Red Day sport the color red to support the national movement to end heart disease and stroke in women.]]>
<![CDATA[The Skills for Success]]> Getting an internship is a good way of gaining hands-on experience for one's career. Before going into the next step, people should know the skills they need to succeed. Career Services held an Essential Skills for Internships Workshop to inform Kean students on the skills needed to succeed in an internship and for the future. 

Essential Skills for Internships Workshop is built to inform students on their next steps after getting an internship. The workshop is for understanding these skills and implementing them into practice. While the event is a mandatory requirement for anyone doing an internship, others were also welcome to attend. 

"Whether it's someone bringing you on or whether it's someone connecting you to another opportunity, the ultimate goal of an internship is to really introduce you to opportunities that are abundant," said Laureen Delance, managing assistant director of internships.

The workshop opened by explaining the importance of internships. Delance and Paul Casey, managing assistant director of internships, shared how internships positively affected Kean alumni. The hosts also mentioned the benefits of internships such as an impressive resume, a peak into the profession and valuable work skills. 

"63% of graduating seniors completed at least one internship and seven out of ten of those who did were offered full time jobs," Delance noted about the benefits of internships.  

When going over the valuable skills, Casey discussed the National Associations of Colleges and Employers' eight readiness competencies. These skills are a vital guide for incoming interns and can help one become a better worker. The eight competencies for internships are:

  • Career and Self Development
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking 
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Professionalism 
  • Teamwork 
  • Technology 

"These career readiness competencies really identify the competencies that give entry level workers a foundation from which to demonstrate the skills that prepare you for the workplace and your career," Casey said.

In the workshop, the host defined what each skill is and what it means in the workplace. Sample behaviors were also shown for each of the eight competencies. Participants of the event even shared how they have applied these behaviors in their internships, at their jobs and in other areas.

After going over the skills, participants were welcomed to a discussion on the different areas of an internship. Some of the topics included ways to deal with people in the workplace, the do and don'ts of an internship and case study examples. Through these discussions, students gained awareness on how to handle a situation and how to carry themselves in their future endeavors. 

If anyone requires assistance in getting an internship, or even learning more about these skills, then students are free to contact Career Services through their email or in Room 201 of the Center for Academic Success. 

"Ultimately our goal is to make sure that when you come in needing our support, you know you have the confidence to go out there and to continue being the amazing professional you are so that not only are you representing Kean University, but you are representing yourself," said Delance. 

Career Services held a workshop to show students the essential skills needed in an internship.
<![CDATA[Getting Involved in 2022]]> Students may be wondering how to get more involved on campus for the spring semester. If so, get ready to check that off your list. The Center for Leadership and Service is helping students get involved by holding a Student Involvement and Employment Fair. If students want to learn what Kean has to offer, then this is a good place to start. 

"It's important for students, especially new students because this is an opportunity to find organizations that fit your interest," Caroline Antonio, coordinator for student involvement said. 

The Student Involvement and Employment Fair is a tabling event that showcases many different organizations and clubs. The fair will also have different Kean departments in attendance. At the fair, students are sure to find employment opportunities, clubs that match their interest and the ability to make useful connections. 

"The actual involvement fair will take place on Feb. 2," said Madison Dymond, involvement specialist. "During this time all of the organizations will physically be present to promote the importance of joining their organization and will discuss what opportunities students can gain from being part of their organization."

The fair will be held in the Miron Student Center from 12 to 4 p.m. Since it will be inside all participants must wear their masks at all times. If students can't make it to the event on Feb. 2, then they can attend any of the other tabling events that are happening throughout the month. While it won't be as grand as the main fair, there will be an involvement table that is eager to help students get involved. 

"It's important to have a variety of tables present at our event because they represent the diversity that is within our student body pertaining to culture, interests and educational background," Antonio mentioned. "We have a diverse campus. So, when we send out our sign-up sheet, we make sure that it is open to everyone who would like to participate." 

The Student Involvement and Employment Fair will have more than 40 organizations in attendance. Some of the clubs and departments that will be there include: 

"Clubs and organizations get the chance to reach more individuals and to showcase what they have to offer and all that they are involved in," said Dymond. Dymond also adds that organizations and departments that are at the fair can help students find opportunities that can help them "get the most out of the college experience."

The sign-up sheet is still available for any organizations who want to participate in the event. The deadline for organizations to sign up is on Jan. 28. If anyone has any questions about the fair, they are free to email Caroline Antonio for more information. For those who want to attend the event and find ways to get involved,  they can RSVP on Cougar Link

The Student Involvement and Employment Fair is a great place to learn how to get involved on campus.
Photo Courtesy of the Center for Leadership and Service
<![CDATA[Kean University's Cougar Mascot will Receive A Name ]]> Our cougar mascot is always around campus showing Kean pride and cheering for our sports teams. Many may have wondered what their name must be? Ken? Roary?

According to a video recently released by Kean University our cougar doesn't have a name yet. Kean University is excited to share this experience with our community and is now taking suggestions on a offical name for our cougar mascot.

This opportunity is opened to all students, faculty, alumni and staff with a prize given to a lucky winner. All participants with ideas should send their requests through this form by Monday, Jan. 31.

The form was sent to all students via email through Kean News. It consists of participants inputting their information and sharing three name ideas, preferably gender neutral because our mascot represents Kean students.

Our faculty members and students here at Kean are looking forward to the cougar finally having a name.

Director of the Miron Student Center Kerrin Lyles stated "When I saw the president's Instagram post about naming the cougar I was very excited, I think it is about time that we give our cougar a name that people can identify with. The cougar naming campaign is a great way to get our current students and alumni involved. We tried this about 10 years ago but didn't get much traction at the time. I am hoping that people will have fun with it. I am very interested in seeing all of the creative names that people come up with.

Lyles also stated he would name the cougar "Keenan" or "Kenny" because "those names are a play on the university's name and flow together pretty well."

Sophmore and biology health major Deshawn Kellman said "Based on the current circumstances of the pandemic, I feel that giving students an initiative to create something as a community will create more spirit within the university."

Participants must consider that our cougar is fierce, yet supportive so all names must be appropriate and extra points if it is unisex. Winners will receive a free sweatshirt with a shoutout on Kean University's Instagram page with the mascot themself.

Most importantly, don't forget to have fun and be creative with the names considering this will be Kean University's mascot's official name.

Sophmore class president and criminal justice major, Jeremiah Monteiro shared his input and stated "I think it is well deserved and it has been a long time coming, I am happy our cougar is getting an official name."

Well-deserved Indeed! 

Kean Cougar with President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D on campus. ]]>