Kean Playlist, the New Kids on the Block!

Kean Playlist is a new club where music lovers can get together.

Do you have a love and appreciation for music? Are you looking for a place to share that love with others? If so, then students should consider joining Kean’s newest club, Kean Playlist. 

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You Can Sit With Us!

Kean Dance Theatre's Winter Showcase is happening on Friday, December 9.

On Friday, December 9, Kean Dance Theatre is hosting its annual winter showcase. This year’s performance will be held in Wilkins Theatre from 7 to 8 p.m. It’s catered to fit everyone’s taste because there will be a little bit of everything there. 

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Deepher Dude Who?

Delta Phi Epsilon host its annual Deepher Dude contest.

On Friday, November 18, Delta Phi Epsilon raised money for their philanthropy, Cystic Fibrosis. To reach their goal, the sorority hosted Deepher Dude, their annual male pageant-style event. 

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A Look Into the Legal Field

The Kean University Pre-Law Society has been reinstated on campus

There are many organizations on campus that are designed to help students seeking similar career opportunities to come together and create a sense of community on campus while further developing their professional skills. Here, students are surrounded my students with similar goals to help motivate each other and provide advice and assistance. One of these organizations is the Kean University Pre-Law Society.

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