Meet the Greeks: Every member has an impact

Orginizations showed out for meet the greeks as people were entertained and received information on who they may join.

The meet the greeks event was filled with good vibes, good strolls, steps and chants as the people in attendance brought alot of energy and enthusiasm. This event also gave students a great opportunity to go out and interact with each organization and see which one is right for them. 

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What Cougars bite on

Students at Kean share their favorite dining spots

Kean University provides multiple dining options for students on campus and students share their favorite dining spots on campus.

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What are Cougars wearing?: Y2K Edition

Kean students share their thoughts about Y2K fashion making a comeback and their go-to outfits.

 With New York Fashion Week kicking off Fashion Month and the Y2K era making a comeback, the Cougars Byte talked to Kean students to get feedback and opinions on the trends and popular brands of our time. As we know, fashion is unique, and style is subjectively tailored to everyone's preferences. Kean students gave an insight into their go-to outfit for any occasion and their thoughts on vintage styles making their way back to the media.   

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The Haitian community put on a show at the Kreyol Fest

The Kreyol fest was full of good vibes and good food as all attendees were welcomed with open arms.

The Kreyol fest took place at downs hall on November 30 from 8 pm to 11pm, the event kept the crowd engaged as everyone enjoyed the dance performances, music, interacting with others and the food that was present. 

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