College of Liberal Arts Convocation

The First Annual College of Liberal Arts Convocation

Students and faculty of the College of Liberal Arts gathered together for this important event.

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) held their first convocation in Wilkins Theater. The purpose of this event was to welcome new and returning students to the CLA and inspire them for this academic year and the remainder of their time at Kean University. The convocation also gave the students an opportunity to get to know their professors on a deeper level and form better relationships.

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Homecoming 2018

Homecoming 2018: Return of the Cougars

A glimpse at all the activities that promise to make this year's homecoming weekend great

This year's homecoming festivities are taking place from Wednesday, Oct. 17 to Sunday, Oct. 21. This year’s theme is a blast from the past that aims to delight the young and old alike: Star Wars. 

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Kean Day

A Day to Remember

Students flooded Cougar Walk to interact with the many student organizations for Kean Day

On Friday Sept. 14, Kean Day came to Cougar Walk. This lively event is hosted by the Miron Student Center (MSC) every fall semester and is one of the most popular events throughout the year. It allows student organizations and clubs of all types to present themselves to the student body in a fun and casual way. It gives everyone a chance to learn about all of the organizations that Kean has to offer. 

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Funded vs. Non-funded

A look at the differences between funded and non-funded student groups

Kean makes it easier for students to get involved with its variety of clubs, Greek organizations, honor societies, athletics, and student government. However, knowledge regarding the inner workings of these organizations and the process of establishing funded and non-funded groups is less common among regular students.  

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