Uniting Students Interested in Social Work

The Social Work Club fosters personal and professional development in those interested in the profession

Kean University boasts many active and intriguing clubs that truly enhance campus life for students. The Social Work Club strives to unite students who are interested in the social work profession in both a social and academic environment. The club seeks to develop each member's personal and professional develop. Moreover, they focus on community involvement and social welfare for all people. 

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The Beginning of the End

Residential students gear up to move out

As the semester draws to a close, resident students will begin to select their next housing assignment, have their last room selection and eventually move out. 

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Kean in Bloom

The most scenic places at Kean University this spring

In the springtime, there is not one place at Kean that isn't scenically beautiful. Whether it be the abundance of green trees, tulips of every color on the spectrum, or peaceful cherry blossoms, Kean is the perfect campus for spring photo-shoots and relaxation.  

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A Look at Kean's Tutoring Services

Kean is home to a variety of resources to help students succeed academically

In order to assist students in their academic journey, Kean is home to an assortment of tutoring services in order to provide the community with extra help outside of class. 

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