Student Health Services Wins Again!

Student Health Services professionals are awarded for their hard work.

Student Health Services consists of many dedicated health professionals. This staff embraces many challenges of turbulent nature within the healthcare field. On Thursday, May 11, the department received the Patriot Award. 

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Congratulations to all Graduates!

Kean is hosting many graduation ceremonies for their students.

Although the semester is coming to a close, the Kean community can still look forward to the graduation ceremonies around the corner. Each event tailors to the different types of students at Kean University.

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Days of Research Festivities

Kean University holds its annual Research Days celebration.

Kean Research Days spotlight the research done by faculty and students. Researchers showcase their ongoing or finished projects to the Kean community. Sponsored by the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, this year’s celebration occurred from Monday, April 24, to Wednesday, April 26. 

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A Look Into the Legal Field

The Kean University Pre-Law Society has been reinstated on campus

There are many organizations on campus that are designed to help students seeking similar career opportunities to come together and create a sense of community on campus while further developing their professional skills. Here, students are surrounded my students with similar goals to help motivate each other and provide advice and assistance. One of these organizations is the Kean University Pre-Law Society.

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