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Save time and money by shopping at the campus bookstore

Spring semester is right around the corner, and that means students will soon be scouring the market for deals on books and other classroom materials. 

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Research Days

Get Your 'Search On For Kean Research Days!

Annual festival commemorating creative activity will take place during the spring semester

Kean students are free to register for the annual Research Days, sponsored by The Office of Research and Sponsored Program (ORSP). A day dedicated to the creativity and innovation that Kean students possess, this yearly event provides students with the opportunity to present initial or completed research projects to the Kean community.  The official dates range from Monday April 24, to Wednesday, April 26, 2016. From oral presentations and posters to exhibits and performances, those participating are encouraged to be a creative as possible!

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First Semester Thoughts

What freshman students thought about their first semester at Kean University

It is the end of the fall semester which means freshman just experienced their first semester on campus. So what was it like for the newbies? Did they get a taste of what is to come in the following years? Well, the following freshmen were asked questions about their first semester here at Kean University: Marius Price, psychology major; Ashanti Lyking, biology health professions on a physical therapy track major; Precious Castanon, special education major.

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An Elegant And Emotional Dance Group

Kean Musical Movements is the new dance group in town

It looks like Kean Dance Theater (KDT) has a little competition because there is another dance organization on campus called Kean Musical Movements (KMM).

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