Interning Abroad

Everybody knows about studying abroad, but what about interning abroad? Kean University lives up to its reputation for delivering world class education with its endless opportunities to go abroad.  Employers like students who study abroad to open their horizons, as well as those who have done internships. But what if the two were combined? Interning abroad gives students the best of both worlds by experiencing a culture in another country, while being able to practice on their field work. 

Focus On The Future

Academic careers do not just end after four years at Kean University. Instead, they often extend into graduate school. That is why it is important to be aware of the graduate programs that Kean University offers.  

Searching To Lend A Helping Hand

At Kean University, there are many ways to get involved on-campus and off-campus. One of the ways to serve the community off-campus is by doing community service. Community service projects are readily available for students who want to lend a helping hand for a project, group or place. There are several ways to go about looking for community service projects and registering for them.

A Guide to Apply to Graduate School

After a bachelor's degree, there are many options for students like starting a job in their career, enlisting in the military and going to graduate school. On East Campus the Nathan Weiss Graduate College is available for Kean University students to continue and excel in their studies.