Plans For Winter Break?

After a semester of work, breaks can be a time for students to relax and shift their attention to other matters. With winter break fast approaching, the Kean community shares their plans for the occasion.

A Question of Passion or Money

Many attend college in order to have more job opportunities in the future. College can lead to careers with higher wages and overall satisfaction. At Kean University, students answer the question: Is it better to have a job you’re passionate about that pays little, or have a high-paying job that you lack passion for?

Student Study Hacks

Finals week motivates students to effectively focus and study to pass their exams. As finals are approaching, scholars are picking their study partners, organizing their calendars, and preparing to end the semester happily. This year, a few Kean students chose to share what study methods work best for them during these academically strenuous times.

Dear Future Self

Many students attend college in order to achieve a brighter future. Despite the future being unpredictable, people question what they’ll be like in the years to come. Members of the Kean community share the messages that they have for their future selves.