Campus Safety: Alert Alert!

Navigating safety while on Kean University's campus, just became easier with the addition of Rave Mobile Saftey. The platform and downloadable app shares notifications and emergency alerts with the entire campus community.

Student Advice on Friend-Making

At Kean University, there are ways to make friends on campus such as going into different places on campus, attending events that involve Kean students or just simply going up to someone and striking up a conversation. 

Reflection on the First Week

Tuesday, September 5, was the start of a new school year for Kean students, faculty and staff. As mentioned by President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. during his opening address, Kean has surpassed the previous years in enrollment by far. With over 17,000 students attending the university, there are a lot of new faces on campus and a lot of new students experiencing Kean for the first time.