Lots To Eat!

Kean students have the benefit of dozens of on-campus dining options as well as some great eateries just off-campus. Everything from quick snacks to full course meals are all accessible to Kean students.  

Student Employment Opportunities!

Starting a new year at Kean is a chance for new opportunities and experiences. Kean University offers its students with multiple different versions of involvement such as student employment. Student employment at Kean gives students a chance to gain valuable experience and prepare them for professional environments. Students are able to work alongside their peers as well as professional staff. Depending on the position and department there are opportunities for students to move up in their department and take on leadership roles. 

The Counseling Center

Students should not feel conquered by these stressors. In fact, they can put themselves on the road to overcoming them by visiting the Counseling Center. Professional staff is eagerly awaiting the arrival of students willing to take strides toward personal betterment. All students are welcome to the Counseling Center, which prides itself upon truly assisting individuals through all their struggles. 

Health Services Is Here For All

Kean University seeks to create an environment conducive to academic learning and personal development. Student Health Services intends to remove the hindrances and worry associated with physical and mental health. The Student Health Services assists students in dealing with physical and mental health concerns with the purpose of enhancing students' academic experience. Located in Downs Hall, Room 126, both residents and commuters can access Student Health Services.