Let's Talk Money

 As Kean University students, understanding and utilizing the opportunities and benefits provided proves to be advantageous. With conveniences within the academic, athletics and financial aid realms, there are many options offered to ensure students get what they paid for. With that in mind, there are many currencies at Kean for students to indulge in, including Kean Bucks and Cougar Cash.  

Everything To Know About Parking

With each year that passes, Kean University finds ways to bolster their parking situation so that it is suitable for the amount of students, faculty and staff that frequent the campus. The majority of students are predominantly commuters; therefore, it is important to create enough space to accommodate each student. With the parking ePermit, students, faculty, staff and visitors can park in the proper areas on campus.  

In The Mood For Food?

Kean University prides itself on having an ample amount of eateries for their community to chose from. From healthy options to guilty pleasures or a quick snack to full course meals, Kean has dining options that are sure to please one's appetite. 

You Need It, The Bookstore's Got It

One of Kean's extravagant buildings is the Green Lane Academic building (GLAB), home to the Kean University Barnes & Noble Bookstore. The Kean University Barnes & Noble Bookstore is a resource on campus for everything including textbooks, supplies and apparel.