How to Satisfy Your Academic Progress

Financial Aid is just one of the many resources college students have at their disposal when it comes to paying for their college tuition. At Kean University, a system has been put in place called the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy, which focuses on ensuring financial aid recipients are earning the credits they need to stay eligible for aid.

Get Tested Today for Free

In an effort to assist and educate Kean students to be aware of their sexual and personal health, the Student Health Services department at Kean University is offering HIV testing dates. Not only does Student Health Services provide these testings, but they are also both free and confidential, as long as patients are currently attending Kean University.

Maintaining Wellness

When entering and navigating the ups and downs of college life, it is important to have resources available to students that help with the lows and celebrate the highs. The Kean University Counseling Center is a place that is available to all Kean students. It is included with tuition and the counselors are qualified to assist students with anything they may need help with. 

Parking Places and Procedures

 Kean University is known for having a majority commuter student population, which is why it is vital for the Kean community to know the designated parking places and the procedures that follow. The university is always seeking to enhance the parking experience for students, staff, faculty and visitors alike to relieve some of the stressors that may come with this process.