Welcome home Kean Cougars!  Hopefully you all have been safe and are ready for the start of the 2020-2021 academic year. Student Health Services has a few reminders on ways to help you stay healthy and safe.

Maskne and How to Combat it 

Maskne, also known as acne mechanica, is caused by friction from the mask or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) rubbing against your skin.  You may notice that maksne is worse in the warmer months because of increased sweat, humidity, and bacteria.  The tighter or more PPE you wear, the worse your maskne can become. This is not to say you should skimp on PPE, just ramp up your face cleansing routine after a long day in your mask.

Staying Organized during Remote Learning

In a time of at-home remote work, whether it is school work or job-related tasks, it is important that students are able to stay organized and on track with their assignments. There are many ways in which one can stay organized at home including online resources, mobile apps and hands-on tools.