Top Rated Textbook Rental Services

Starting every new semester the question is asked, will there be required text I need to purchase? Soon enough, syllabi full of multiple required texts for each class begin flooding emails and the search is on to determine where to find the cheapest version of these textbooks. 

Changing Your Major and Minor

Many students can say that they feel comfortable with the program they started college with. However, other students may have decided that their initial choice no longer fits with their future plans. When this thought comes to mind, students make one of the biggest decisions of their academic career, changing their major or minor. This can be a difficult process when students don’t know where to start or who to speak to. With proper information, students can be able to change their major/minor without any issues or stress.  

Study and Test Tips for Spring Semester

With a new semester ahead of Kean students, it might be difficult for one to orient themselves back into the school schedule. So make sure to set an alarm, grab a cup of coffee and open a laptop, Spring 2021 is finally here! But with a new semester comes more work and more tests. Here are some helpful tips in studying for the new semester.