Campus News

Keeping Students Involved from Any Residence

The Office of Residential Student Services (RSS) serves the student community's residential life in all sorts of ways, not the least of which in the organization and hosting of numerable events every semester, offering an abundance and a variety of events to students throughout the fall. With so much of Kean's community moved online by the pandemic, RSS offers many of these events through remote, online portals so that students can feel a sense of home at the university from anywhere.

This is Halloween

As midterms and a stressful, remote semester continue, Halloween festivities offer the Kean community a welcome reprieve from busy schedules and studying. Many of the university's organizations have arranged remote Halloween-themed events for the week leading up to and including the holiday. 

The Chapter After Series

Every semester, the Leadership Institute hosts multiple events for their Chapter After Series. Their upcoming events include the Chapter After Series: Understanding Credit & Financials and the Chapter After Series: Remote Networking. 

Raising Awareness for Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, which is a time for advocates to come together to raise awareness for this issue and spread education on the topic. During this time, communities and organizations work to help survivors, victims and those unaffected to learn about the signs and the proper actions to take when faced with domestic violence. Together, the goal is to end domestic violence and offer help to those have been impacted from it.