Campus News

Virtually Together, Physically Apart

Engagement doesn't have to stop because the semester is over. Kean University, student groups and organizations continue to offer a variety of events to help the Kean community make the most of their time. There is something for every student as activities range between creative, active, gaming and competitive, educational, service and civic engagement, social and wellness events. These activities are hosted by many student groups as well as university departments. Events can be found on Cougar Link. 

Summer is Almost in Session!

Kean University offers two sessions during the summer to allow students to accelerate their programs and earn their degrees even quicker. For Summer Sessions I & II, there are important dates that students should keep in mind to stay on track.

A Culminating Portfolio

The Michael Graves College is having their first completely online senior portfolio review Thursday, May 14. For the event, students from the different majors under the Michael Graves College have their work submitted to be viewed online through Instagram, LinkedIn and the Michael Graves College Review website.

Going Digital with Student Organization

Student Organization has a wide variety of events planned for the rest of the semester to get students more involved and connected with one another. From hands on activities to watching live webinars through Zoom or Google Meet or simply watching a movie through Netflix Party, Student Organization aims to deliver an interactive experience so students have something to look forward to instead of worrying about the online course load from their classes.