Campus News

Get Ready to Meet the Greeks

At the start of every semester, each Greek organization at Kean gathers for one huge spectacle to give the students the opportunity of learning about all that is Greek Life at the university. Many students anticipate Meet the Greeks. 

Celebrate Black History This February at Kean

As one of the most diverse public universities in the state, Kean has many different events and programs dedicated to celebrating Black History Month. Every year, the organizations at Kean University honor its diverse student population and its rich African American history by celebrating Black History Month during February. 

KeanWISE: A How-to Guide

Every student at Kean will have to utilize the WebAdvisor at some point of their journey. It is an essential platform since everything from a student's grades to their schedule can be found there.

Should I Minor In English?

Adding an English minor to one's major of any field, can be incredibly beneficial to include on future resumes as well as to help build one's overall individual character and outlook on the world around them and how they interact within it. On Thursday, Dec.10, join the School of English Studies at 3:20 p.m. to explore all of the benefits of getting a minor in English and how to work toward it.