Campus News

Congratulations to the Freshmen class of 2025 Student Government

With the first semester at Kean halfway done, the time for student elections is upon us and everyone is eager to be back in person for this event. The class of 2025 are bright new faces on campus who can not wait to dive right into campus life and utilize student government to enact change in the community. The freshman class elections are the perfect place for these students to get involved and make sure that their voices and the ones of their peers are heard. 

Let’s Get Involved Cougars

At Kean University, the students are very adamant about helping out their community and being leaders for the students, faculty and staff within that community. Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) is a connection point for students to get involved and engage themselves on campus. Celebrating citizenship and student involvement with different types of upcoming Service Events.

Meet the Greeks; Coming to Kean Live and In-Person

As the start of the first semester in person, in a year and a half commences, the Greek Organizations are ready to show off their current chapters to interested students. Meet the Greeks is an event held for students who are interested in Greek life to see what each organization is about and which one would be the right fit. 

Healthy Cougars, are Happy Cougars

Fall 2021 semester will be here before we know it and returning to campus during this time comes with mandatory measures. President Lamont O. Repollet, Ed.D. has followed in the footsteps of other universities in NJ, requiring that students coming back to campus in the fall must be vaccinated. With this announcement brings a lot of questions about the COVID 19 vaccine and the options available.