Kean Welcomes First Love

For those looking to showcase their talents, students should consider joining First Love Kean Fellowship. This organization is perfect for students looking to embrace their creative side while worshiping God. 

The Muse for Artistic Expression

Created on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, Kean Aesthetics is a new organization with much to offer to Kean University students. This club is perfect for artists needing a space to express themselves creatively. 

New Organization Alert!

Kean University has hundreds of clubs for students to join as an extracurricular activity. Every organization is unique in its own way and students can always find at least one club that piques their interest. For those in the pre-medical community, there is a newly recognized club where they are sure to fit right in.

Celebrating Hillel

Judaism is one of the oldest religions and cultures in the world and Kean University is adamant on providing a place for Jewish and non-Jewish students, alike, to celebrate it. Hillel is present on numerous college campuses worldwide and it strives to inspire, educate and provide students with knowledge about Judaism.