Calling All Freshmen Cougars!

The 2021 freshmen class at Kean is very lucky to be able to enjoy their first year on campus after such a grueling year and a half online. This however, does not prevent them from having their own challenges as they try to adjust to college and life on campus. To provide some advice and helpful tips from those who were once in these freshmen’s shoes, an upperclassmen offered her words of wisdom.

Spiking Their Way Into The NJAC

With students returning to campus, sports at Kean University is in full swing and Women’s Volleyball is no exception. The girls have been doing amazing this season on and off of campus, giving their opponents a battle every-time they step onto the court. With only five more games left in their season, there's no telling what these Cougars will accomplish. 

CAPS: Here to Help!

When going into college, not everyone knows what field they want to study or they are struggling to transfer credits from another school within their major. For these students Kean University provides the Center for Advising, Persistence and Success (CAPS). Here, undeclared freshman, sophomores and transfer students can receive advisement from their CAPS advisors. 

Broadcasting For Students; By Students

Picture this, a radio station for college students by college students. That is what Kean University's WKNJ-FM Radio (90.3 FM) is, a radio station that students can tune into to get campus news and information. Students can tune in during their morning commute or in-between classes which will allow them to have the opportunity to hear their fellow peers talking.