Carry on Cougars

Kean University more than ever is working together to continue as normal in the midst of an ever-changing time. With the transition online, students are highly affected academically and socially as they are conducting their day to day lives from home now. Kean students and university departments are each coping with these transitions in their own ways.

Making Marketing Moves

When in college, it is important to develop skills that are going to last a lifetime, especially when it comes to networking. For a student like senior Dhruva Patel, Kean has provided the tools for her to become a well-rounded individual in both her academics and involvement on campus, and helped develop her leadership skills. Patel has accomplished a great deal during her time at Kean and plans to use what she has learned toward her future.

Lester Leads the Way

The decision to come to college is a life-changing and exciting time in one's life. For freshman Lester Castillo, the decision to come to Kean meant that he will continue to pursue a field that he is a passionate about while also having a fresh start to prove to himself that he can be an outstanding student leader. 

A Diagram of Violeta Jaya

The Michael Graves College at Kean University is a school dedicated to promoting creativity, art and many different networking opportunities. For students such as senior Violeta Jaya, the school has provided many opportunities to work on projects that she is passionate about, to broaden her skills for her major, to get involved on campus and to add to her resume.