Preparing Next Generations

Jumpstart is an organization dedicated to facilitating the growth and development of children in their early years of life. Jumpstart is looking for students who are dedicated and able to give full commitment to the organization and serve as a positive force in a young child's life.

Stay Healthy with Student Health Services

 Kean students should never have to worry about whether to put their studies or health first. Student Health Services, located in Downs Hall, Room 126, is easily accessible to students here on campus offering various services to ensure that the members of the Kean community can live a healthy lifestyle. 

All About Kean Athletics

 Kean University prides itself not only on its academics, but also on its Department of Athletics and Recreation, which is more commonly known by students as "Kean Athletics." Currently, there are 14 sports teams here at Kean, which are recognized as part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III, with the exception of Men's Lacrosse which is only part of the Colonial States Athletic Conference and Men's Volleyball which is part of the Continental Volleyball Conference in addition to the NCAA. 

Finding the Right Career

One of the biggest stressors for college students is what occurs after the completion of their degree: facing the job market. Finding a job or even an internship in one's desired field can leave students feeling overwhelmed, anxious and even hopeless at times. Students should feel relieved to know that Career Services at Kean is here to help students through this time and help alleviate some of the doubt.