Collectively Chris

Kean has had many successful students enter the university. Their involvement really shows how dedicated they are to making a difference on campus which will shape them beyond college. Getting involved in a Greek-Letter organization also helps students find their true calling while making new friends and lifelong connections.

Spenser in The Spotlight

The spotlight is earned by those who take opportunities to inspire others. Being a student leader and a member of the arts community can be time-consuming, but rewarding, too. People like Spenser Williams make sure to use all of the opportunities at their disposal to establish themselves and their projects. It is also students such as Williams who inspire a new generation of Kean cougars with their involvement.

Recognizing Rachel

Getting involved and making a difference really has its perks. The benefits include networking connections, experience to put on a resume and making lifelong friendships. Rachel Rosales, a freshman at Kean, is already making the most of her college experience and cementing a legacy for years to come.