Tomorrow’s Teachers Connecting Today

Kean is home to many education majors with the dream of becoming a teacher one day. Tomorrow’s Teachers is an organization on campus designed to help connect these students to create a network of passionate potential educators.


Telehealth and Telemedicine are terms that we have all become a little more familiar with in the last several months. When COVID-19 forced our health care facilities to transition to a remote model we had to find new ways to care for our patients remotely. The Kean Wellness Center, which includes Student Health Services (SHS) the Kean Counseling Center (KCC), Alcohol and other Drug Services (AOD), and the Office of Accessibility Services (OAS), began using telehealth platforms to meet the needs of our students during the spring of 2020. Now as we begin to reopen our campus and welcome students back, telehealth is here to stay and is making health care even more accessible to our students.  

T.R.C. for Therapy

The Therapeutic Recreation (TR) Club is a returning organization to the Kean involvement network. Their main goal is to provide students with a better understanding of therapeutic recreation, as well as how it applies itself in the real world.

Stokes Shares!

College is full of many networking opportunities that will help make outside connections, even after graduation. For senior Tania Stokes, building a brand helps put a face to her name, and that's possible with the resources at Kean.