Uniting Students Interested in Social Work

Kean University boasts many active and intriguing clubs that truly enhance campus life for students. The Social Work Club strives to unite students who are interested in the social work profession in both a social and academic environment. The club seeks to develop each member's personal and professional develop. Moreover, they focus on community involvement and social welfare for all people. 

A Look at Kean's Tutoring Services

In order to assist students in their academic journey, Kean is home to an assortment of tutoring services in order to provide the community with extra help outside of class. 

The Biggest Achievement at Kean

At Kean University, students are given many opportunities to improve socially, academically or physically. Moreover, Gourmet Dining at Kean hosts the Biggest Loser Competition to allow students to partake on a life changing journey. The competition is not just based at Kean but is hosted across 16 other participating campuses. 

It's an Honor

To recognize the efforts of Kean’s high-achieving students, this school houses a variety of honor societies in which students can seek membership. Because of the diversity in the missions and focuses of each individual society, there is likely at least one organization where each and every student can pursue membership.