Campus Life

Dream Achievers

Student Organization presented their Goal Setting Workshop on Monday, July 13 through Zoom. The workshop was presented by social worker of First Step Counseling Services, Carli Hench.

Mastering the Virtual Interview

On Monday, July 6 at 7 p.m., Student Organization hosted a virtual workshop with consultant Tony Parrales, president of Parrales Consulting LLC and a Kean University alumnus, covering strategies for successful interviews, including remote interviews, particularly vital to recent and upcoming graduates in an increasingly distanced workforce. The workshop was conducted, appropriately, on Zoom.

Tips for Remote Finals Study Prep

As Kean University students anticipate the end of what has been, to say the least, an unconventional Spring semester, final exams remain an intellectual and psychological challenge as much as ever. The shift to remote education requires that, in addition to their usual study practices, and in place of many on-campus options, students adapt to new study skills and remain focused on their mental health, while also maintaining their own schedules, and using digital tools to stay successful.

Kean Research Days Online

Undeterred by the move to remote education, Kean Research Days proceeded as scheduled, going live online April 28. In lieu of in-person festivities, a special guest speaker, the faculty research mentor and undergraduate researcher of the year, awards for event design, extensive poster and oral presentations and further information were each honored and detailed through a new page on the Kean University website.