The Last Step: The Nathan Weiss Graduate College

Learn about what the graduate college at Kean has to offer

The Last Step: The Nathan Weiss Graduate College
Donyel L. Griffin

If you want to go to graduate school it is not necessary to leave the comfort of Kean University, unless you want to. After the completion of undergraduate years, some people want to be done with education; while others want to pursue more at the graduate level. There are people who love the opportunities at Kean so much that they decide to go to graduate school here, at the Nathan Weiss Graduate School. Now, for some occupations, a Bachelors Degree is enough, while for others it is to the best benefit for an individual to build on their knowledge from their undergraduate studies and select a graduate program.In a five issues series, you learned about the programs within each undergraduate college, but there are also many at the graduate level as well. The Nathan Weiss Graduate College was founded in 1948, with only a few programs and has since expanded and currently has approximately 3,000 students and over 80 programs and options available. The College of Education has the most programs available for graduate students. There are also more options available besides master's degrees. There are Initial Teaching Certification Programs, Certification Programs, Post-Master's Certification Programs, and Professional Diploma Programs. Within the graduate college students that prefer to brush up on their professional and career skills can do non-degree professional studies within the college.

Basic requirements for the Nathan Weiss Graduate School are a 3.0 undergraduate G.P.A. (anything less may be up for review by the department and is on a case to case basis), the completion of standardized tests such as the GRE, GMAT, MAT, etc., transmission of any transcripts of work done outside of Kean, and the chance of having a departmental interview. For more specific requirements such as G.P.A requirements, number of references and tests that need to be taken before acceptance contact the person in charge of the graduate program you are interested in.

Students that have demanding schedules because of family and work obligations can choose to be either full time or part time, and many of the graduate classes are offered in the evening for more convenience. Graduate students at Kean that wish to be involved on campus can do so by either joining the Graduate Student Government Association or strive to be a member of a fairly recent graduate students honor society on campus, Alpha Epsilon Lambda. You may prefer to expand your horizons and attend graduate school somewhere other than Kean which is understandable, but for those that want to stay around, the Nathan Weiss Graduate College has many programs that will give you the competitive edge and the skills you need to make it in the professional world. And with the college working on constantly improving all programs every year, the possibilities in the future will be limitless.