From Chalkboard, to Whiteboard, to Blackboard

Delivering an effective learning experience through the Blackboard Learning System

Garieka Godfrey

Blackboard Learning System is an online education system that allows for the development of online courses and communication techniques that are traditionally offered in a classroom, without physically meeting. It also offers additional support to supplement in-class meetings.


The software enables teachers to make announcements to students and post course content such as the syllabus; assignments; quizzes and exams; discussions; videos and other media; the class roster; and mail. Students are able to add content to their calendars, chat with other students from their classes, create notes, and view their progress, as well as their grades.


In order to access Blackboard, a network connection and web browser such as a recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, are required. Javascript


To log into Blackboard, students should visit the Kean University website where the Blackboard icon is located on the bottom of the home page. Upon clicking this icon, the student will be taken to the log-in page. To log in, click "Log in to myBlackboardCE8KeanGoogle


According to the website, Blackboard "provides access to learning anytime, online, and on the most popular devices, saves educators time when delivering instruction and assessing learners, and enriches the experience with integrated digital content and external education tools."

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