Asian Thanksgiving Celebration!

Given to the student body by the Asian Culture Club

Asian Thanksgiving Celebration!
Kathryn Jackson

On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, the Asian Culture Club hosted its Thanksgiving Celebration. The celebration took place from 1:00

There are big differences between the eastern and western worlds. The club wants to help students become comfortable with the different East Asian cultures. There are huge differences between Americanized Asian food and authentic Asian cuisine. Santiago mentioned that not only would they have liked to use more food, but that they were also interested in having a guest speaker attend as well. "[We] would like someone who is known for doing something; [someone] with knowledge of Eastern Asian culture."

There were many different foods from Japan, China, and India, as well as many other places. Assorted sushi rolls, gyozagulabjamuneggrolls

There were many students in attendance. Students from various different backgrounds were at the Thanksgiving party hosted by the ACC. A karaoke machine was even brought out, which Gonzalez happened to like very much. "I had fun," Gonzalez said happily as she sat at her table after performing a song.


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