Dining With Crime

A Murder Mystery Dinner that will have you wondering “Whodunnit”

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Dining With Crime

Join the PSY Organization as they host a murder mystery that will send the Kean community in shock waves

Rose Marie Kitchen

The PSY (Psychology) Organization will host a murder mystery dinner on Tuesday, May 5, 2015, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event will take place in the University Center (UC) 315 and food and drinks will be provided. “Students should come prepared for a treat. This is a night to come with their imagination, acting skills, and thinking caps. The food will be delicious, the revealing of the killer will be mind blowing, and the "wedding" reception will be lots of fun,” said Brittany Woods-Tuner, senior psychology major and secretary of the PSY Organization.

The PSY Organization wanted to host this event for multiple purposes. They wanted to create an event where students could get dressed up and have a fun-filled time. As a psychology club, they felt it was only right to have an event that would keep students’ brains wondering. “With mystery there is definitely a lot of psychology…we have to use our brains to decipher where the truth lies and what clues correlate with other information provided. This show[s] that psychology can be used in many diverse fields in which we aim to put much emphasis on during our club meetings, [and] this [event] shows the criminology side,” said Woods-Turner.

The PSY Organization hopes to have a great turnout. Be sure to come early as the event is on a  first come first serve basis. “We know everyone will enjoy themselves and we are proud to make PSY Org history, this type of event has never been done by the Kean Psychology Clubs,” said Woods-Turner.

So, get dressed in wedding entire (semi-formal), grab a friend, and prepare to be amazed.