Achieving Her Dreams One Day At A Time

Scholarship recipient continues to work hard

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Achieving Her Dreams One Day At A Time

Alexis Morales receiving her scholarship award

Rose Marie Kitchen

Applying to college and choosing a career may be a nerve wracking time for any student but only a few are able to keep their calm through it all.

Alexis Morales, junior sociology major, has her feet planted firmly on the ground and has proven that she is at Kean University to stay. She is a junior transfer student. After deciding on which career would work best for her, she recently changed her major from elementary education to sociology. She chose this major because she wanted to give back to the community through social work.

After college Morales is hoping to pursue a master’s degree in counseling. When she was little she explained that she always dreamt of being a bounty hunter but as she got older she realized that she had a stronger desire to help people in a different way; she explained it as the way that she has been helped.

“I have been helped by teachers, guidance counselors, mentors and so many other people,” said Morales. “Being the first in my family to attend a university was a difficult shift when it came to all of the paperwork and the essays, it became a very overwhelming task. With the help of the people mentioned above, I was able to apply to many universities and managed to get accepted.”

She is interested in possibly becoming a guidance counselor at a high school, hold a mentoring program at a local recreational center like a Boys and Girls Club or be an Exceptional Educational Opportunities (EEO)/Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) counselor to guide college students.

“My dream does not lie in a career but to pursue my dream and make it into a career,” said Morales.

Even though Morales is not part of any clubs on campus she is still very active and involved. She works for TutorTrac as an Academic Instructional Mentor in the Center for Academic Success (CAS).

“I love my job because it gives me the opportunity [to] help students schedule appointments for their academics,” said Morales. “I also get to interact with the great students at Kean University.”

Along with working for TutorTrac, Morales is also a resident assistant (RA) on campus. She wanted to become an RA because of her desire to become more involved on campus and gain a greater experience in her future field. The experience of being an RA has helped her become more creative, think on her feet and become a better public speaker.

“I know RAs are always the ‘go-to’ person when students need help,” said Morales. “I knew that this experience would also allow me to enhance my leadership skills; building a community of residents was also important to me. I knew taking on the responsibilities of an RA would not be easy. However, I know that I am an individual that works well under pressure.”

Everyday Morales works hard to achieve her goals and dreams. In 2014, Morales was the recipient of the Damarys Vazquez Endowed Memorial Scholarship. Receiving this award meant a lot to Morales for many different reasons. She explained that Mrs. Vasquez and herself shared a similar lost; Mrs. Vasquez lost her daughter while Morales lost her mother due to death. She explained that Mrs. Vasquez and her instantly connected at the award ceremony.

“Her daughter and I share this attribute and this makes the scholarship much more heart-felt than just an investment to my tuition…The Foundation Office has been a part of that help to me, and for that, I am forever grateful,” said Morales.