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Bus trip to Broadway musical Chicago in December

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See The Jazz And Pizazz Of Chicago
Amanda Petty

Come see Chicago on December 12!
Photo courtesy of Graduate and Part-time Student Council

Experience the bright lights of Broadway and All That Jazz that took place in the 1920s all in one day! The Graduate and Part-time Student Council (GPSC) is hosting a bus trip to see the glamorous production of the Broadway musical Chicago. Kean University students will begin their journey to New York City on Saturday, December 12, 2015, at 12 p.m.

The price tag on seeing Chicago through GPSC is $20. “The $20 ticket includes transportation for students via the bus, but most importantly it includes an opportunity for students to enjoy themselves and other Kean [University] cougars on seeing a great play and a great time for everyone who goes,” said Lawrence Owens, third semester master of public administration program student and Treasurer GPSC.

Tickets are located at Wilkins Theatre Box Office. It is required to fill out the Student Activity Participant Agreement (SAPA) Form, which is located on GPSC’s Cougar Link page under the “Forms” tab. Bring the completed form when purchasing Chicago tickets.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to how many tickets students can purchase. All students are capped at purchasing two tickets. The tickets went on sale Monday, November 9, 2015. As GPSC is hosting the trip, graduate and part-time students have first priority to buy Chicago tickets. Tickets are available for all students starting Tuesday, December 1, 2015, if there are any available. Keep in mind that it is not guaranteed there will be tickets left over for full-time students.

Unfamiliar with the plot of Chicago? In a nutshell, Chicago recounts the time in America’s history where crimes were committed in gruesome manners. The oddity at the time, though, was that women were carrying out the acts, which up until the 1920s, was unheard of. The media became fascinated with showcasing this new demographic of criminals, glamorizing the women and their crimes. This era was also consumed by vaudeville, a performance that combined burlesque, comedy, singing and dancing. A large portion of women at this time dreamed of being a vaudeville performer, but this was a hard-pressed career to enter. Chicago ties together women criminals and vaudeville, focusing on how women, two women in particular, in the jailhouse would use the attention they were receiving for their crimes to help break into the vaudeville world.

Don’t miss out on being immersed into the 1920s in all its jazz and glamour. As Owens said, “We would just like to say to all who [are] interested in seeing a great play and having a fun experience [in] NYC then this is an event for you and we hope to see you there December 12 at noon!”

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