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Come And Join The Accounting Club

The Accounting Club is organized to bring students together who are interested in the accounting profession in a social and academic atmosphere, which is designed to aid their personal development.

There are two main events of this club this year, “Symposium” and “Meet the Firms.” Through these activities, Kean University increases its credit to keep touch with society and give more chances for students to get jobs. 

The “Symposium” is when professional representatives from different accounting companies are invited to introduce themselves. Companies such as KPMG, and WithumSmith&Brown will be present. It is also a social event to motivate students interested in this area.

The "Meet the Firms", was like a career fair night, except served exclusively for accounting majors. A total of 11 regional and national firms, along with certified public accounts (CPA) and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) came to meet with students. It is important for students to talk to companies that they are interested in and bring their resumes to them.

Denzel Ahazie, President of the Accounting Club and a senior accounting student, stated, “I meet a lot of people in my major, which help me to build a better social network. It is important to know people in the same field and I have to say this club plays a big part for I get my job. Once we get the opportunity, we have to help others to get the same opportunity.”

Ahazie also joined this club because he found events he attended were useful and interesting. He tried his best to assist with activities the club hosted, and eventually became the President. He also mentioned the Advisor of Accounting Club, Gail Fraser, who is an accounting Professor at Kean University. Ahazie showed his appreciation for Fraser for her connections with companies, which made an impact on to the companies to come to the event and offer support. 

Through the whole semester, there were many general body meetings for all students to be involved. It is a good time to put students together and increase their awareness of this field. For example, before the “Meet the Firms” event, the general meeting will introduce the coming companies so students could prepare.

General meetings will talk about everything the club will do in the semester and update students on the progress of the club.

“Set goal, make plan, work hard, succeed and stay humble,” Ahazie added. The Accounting Club also provided a resume workshop, study session and LinkedIn guide.

The Accounting Club also will bring CPA exam review companies, firms and professionals onto campus to educate students. Most recently, it brought the FBI to its last meeting to share their experiences on what it's like being a forensic accountant working for the FBI.

When Ahazie talked about the social connection, he said the club members who already worked for a company will helped other members increase their opportunities to make sure their resumes went through by human resources or other managers in their companies. 

“When you find a job, represent your school and show your image. When you represent your school well, the company will think you also can represent them firm well,” Ahazie discussed about the interview tips when an individual meets with a company.

If a student wants to join this club, he or she will have to meet the required GPA average of 2.5 or higher and attend two general body meetings and one event. After this, the student can apply for membership through Cougar Link on the Accounting Club’s page.

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