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Greek Orgs at Kean University participates in annual Greek Olympics

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Greeks in Competition

Fraternities and sororities can offer a rich and rewarding experience for those who choose to affiliate. The most well-known aspect of Greek life is that of brotherhood or sisterhood, however being Greek entails much more than just being a brother or sister.

Greek life provides a spectrum of opportunities for meaningful individual involvement and growth. In the last week of March, Kean University saw just that as Greeks geared up for the Greek Olympics. The Greek Olympics are/is a week of fun-filled activities featuring the numerous Greek organizations on campus. They take part in these festivities as their peers, classmates and friends get a chance to see what they're all about. For Kean University, it creates an atmosphere of liveliness and campus involvement.

The Greek Olympics is a much anticipated event. It is a time where, for one week, various Greek letter organizations come together to compete in several athletic and non-athletic events. Greek Olympics is an annual event held during the spring semester. It is almost always held in the month of March, towards the end. This year, March 21, 2016, marked the beginning of the fun filled week. The first day began with Kickball at 6 p.m. followed by dodge ball 8 p.m., getting the week off to an exciting and invigorating start. The week features a range games and goofy events wherein each Greek letter organization competes against another. These are typically games that are all simple, easy and all-inclusive. It includes games such as kickball, dodgeball, basketball, volleyball, Greek sing, ping pong, tug of war, soccer, and relay races.

The Greek Olympics have gotten consistently better and better year after year. Always incorporating new and interesting games, and sometimes old and cherished ones, the Greeks always make the most of the week. It is a beloved time for most Greeks because they get to participate in fun games with peer/other Greek letter organizations that they might otherwise never interact with. Additionally, it allows healthy competition among the sororities and fraternities. During the games, many of them stand on the sides cheer on their fellow Greeks and keep their spirits high should they incur a loss.

Alex Louis, managing assistant director of Center for Leadership and Service (CLS) states, “[Greeks] are, for those two weeks, in a very competitive mode to see who will ultimately win the competition.” The entire week of Greek Olympics is one of support, togetherness and fun.

Greek Olympics is a crucial part of the year for numerous reasons. For one thing, it allows the many Greek organizations at Kean University show unity but at the same time represent their individual organization.

Louis states, “Greek Olympics is an opportunity for Kean to see how unified the Greeks are on campus by doing these games and activities.”

They are brought together for a week of enjoyment and pride. Similarly, while Greek life is about brotherhood and sisterhood, it is also about taking the time to let the world around you know what you're about. Most members within a Greek Letter organization uphold the same values and principles.

The Greek Olympics creates a space of camaraderie where Greeks can share and appreciate their similarities and differences. For the Kean community, it shows that Greeks share a purpose and represent something very important to the collegiate experience. While in college, many people find belonging and family within their Greek letter organization. Students are exposed to the true friendships, bonds, and close knit relationships that exist within the world of Greek Life.  Perhaps most importantly, the Greek Olympics reiterates their ideals of teamwork, sisterhood/brotherhood, trust, respect and determination. In organizing the Greek Olympics, the undertones carry all of those things, which are consequently lessons each Greek maintains long after the week has ended.

Greek members are held to a particular standard within their community. One of the most important and fundamental aspects of Greek life is that of maintaining the goals and traditions that have existed for generations before them. All Greek organizations were founded on some basis for a reason; members are expected to exemplify that and represent it well wherever they may go in life.

“It says about them that not only are they proactive in doing a lot of community service but also do fun activities as well” stated Louis.

Beyond that, through Greek Life, they strengthen their leadership skills. Greek involvement allows students to sharpen their skills by providing an environment conducive to the free exchange of ideas. Additionally, they develop socially. Greek life promotes an atmosphere of cooperation, citizenship, diversity and acceptance. There is also an emphasis placed on education. Greek life encourages students to achieve the highest degrees of scholastic achievement they possibly can. They do this by creating a place for students that conducive to intellectual progress. Beyond that, Greek Life creates well-rounded individuals by encouraging students to harbor ideals of community and helping them develop interpersonal skills. Overall, regardless of where you look, Greek life enhance the quality of life for students at a collegiate level and Kean University is no exception.

It officially ended on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. All in all, the Greek Olympics, like Greek Life, provide an environment where students can learn from one another, appreciate on another, and make each other better. For more information, please contact CLS, located in Miron Student Center room 219, by calling 908-737-5170.