The Start Of Something New

Enoteca Ursino will open on May 25, 2016

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The Start Of Something New

Enoteca Ursino will bring a farm-to-table experience to the public
Photo courtesy of  Enoteca Ursino

After being vacant for a little over year, the restaurant Ursino will now be known as Enoteca Ursino. On May 25, 2016, the Terra Momo Restaurant Group will open its fourth New Jersey restaurant, Enoteca Ursino, where the old Ursino used to reside under the Science Technology and Mathematics (STEM) building.

Enoteca Ursino will feature a farm-to-table experience for its customers, providing rich taste with every meal. As mentioned on their website, Enoteca Ursino “is founded on the mission to provide locally sourced, sustainable farm to table dinning in an approachable manner.” The fresh ingredients will come from the Liberty Hall Farm.

Enoteca Ursino will provide food for everyone in the family. Whether it is pizza for the kids or home-made pastas for the adults, there is something everyone can enjoy.

Enoteca is an Italian word meaning wine repository; in Italy it is known as a local wine shop. So not only will Enoteca Ursino provide local ingredients in every meal, they will also be providing regionally based wines. As for the name Ursino, it came from the original name of the Liberty Hall Estate in honor of Court Julian Ursin Niemcewicz. The name of the estate was changed to Liberty Hall in 1974. The name Ursino of Enoteca Ursino is there to pay tribute to Liberty Hall.

This Wednesday, May 25, 2016, Enoteca Ursino will open to the public. For anyone who would like to enjoy a farm-to-table meal, this is the place to go. For more information about Enoteca Ursino, as well as a gallery on their delicious food, please visit its website.