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Park It Right There

Learn what to do before parking on campus

Germain Palacios

With the student body at Kean University continuing to grow, questions about parking are now more relevant than ever. The parking policy instituted by Kean University requires that all vehicles parked on campus are registered with the university.  Students, faculty and staff must register their vehicles in order to receive a parking decal.  

Obtaining a Parking Decal

To apply for a parking decal, students must complete an online registration form which can be accessed on the vehicle registration page (do not use Google Chrome. Instead use Internet Explorer, or Firefox). Decals are issued at no cost and can be picked up within 48 hours of registering online at the Office of Student Accounting on the third floor of the Administration Building; students will be emailed by the university when the decal is ready. Students must be registered in classes and fulfill all financial  obligations before a parking decal is issued. Freshmen resident students need approval from the Office of Residential Student Services (RSS) to obtain a decal as they are generally not permitted to bring vehicles on campus.

Students can also apply online for additional or replacement decals through the parking permit website and selecting the “Add” option. Students should email the Parking Services Unit if a decal is lost or stolen. If a student transfers registration to another vehicle or purchases a new vehicle, a new decal must be requested by the student. 

Parking Violations

Vehicles parked on campus without a properly displayed decal are subject to a parking fine issued by the Kean University Department of Public Safety and Police. Fines must be paid or appealed within 15 days from the date the fine was issued in order to avoid a late fee of $50. If a fine is not paid or appealed within 15 days, a follow up notification will be sent by email. Late fees are assessed for each violation notice. 

More information on violations and appeals can be found within the Violations and Appeals page of the Kean website. 

Parking Lots

There are various parking lots available throughout campus with parking spots designated for students, faculty and staff. Designated parking spots are indicated by colored lines. Students must park in spaces with white lines; faculty or staff, with faculty and staff parking decals, are permitted to park in spaces with white or yellow lines. 

Parking for visitors is available in front of the Administration Building; this parking area is reserved solely for visitors. Visitors must check in with the posted security officer during business hours.  

To park in reserved spaces such as handicapped or state parking areas, vehicles must display the proper plates in addition to the parking decal. Drivers with a handicap license or placard must still register their vehicle with the university. Failure to display the proper plates or placard while parked in a reserved parking spot will result in municipal summons and fines. The Kean University Department of Public Safety and Police will enforce all traffic regulations on campus; Municipal police officers may issue additional summonses for traffic violations on campus and on the surrounding local streets. 

Overnight Parking

Any students wishing to park their vehicles overnight should park behind the orange barrier in the Vaughn-Eames parking lot. 

Cars parked overnight in areas other than the designated parking spots may be cited and/or towed by order of the Department of Public Safety and Police.

For more information on campus parking lots and parking guidelines, please visit For more information on vehicle registration and parking regulations, contact the Parking Services Unit by email at or call 908-737-4810. The Parking Services Unit is located in the Police Lobby at Downs Hall. 

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