Retrieving Textbooks At Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Purchase or rent books online or in person at the bookstore

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Retrieving Textbooks At Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Buy or rent textbooks online or in person at the Barnes and Noble bookstore

One can’t tighten a screw without a screwdriver, and a student shouldn’t go to class without a textbook. So, to purchase or rent textbooks students should go to the Barnes & Noble bookstore located on the first floor of the Green Lane Academic Building (GLAB).

Renting or buying textbooks can easily be done in person or, if a student is unable to run to the bookstore before the semester starts, transactions can be made online as well. To rent or buy textbooks online, follow the directions below:

  • Visit KeanWISE by visiting and clicking on the KW icon on the bottom right hand corner of the webpage.
  • Once at KeanWise, click on the “log in” tab on the top right corner of the webpage and login with given Kean Mail username (without and password
  • Once logged in, on the right hand side of the page click on the “Students” tab 
  • Once directed to the student page on the right hand side, one should look for the “Academic Profile” section and click on the link “My Class Schedule”
  • Select the desired term
  • Then click on the link “View Books,” which will be located at the bottom left hand side of the page
  • That will redirect one to the Barnes and Noble webpage and will show all needed course martial for the upcoming semester.

When purchasing textbooks students have the choice to either buy a textbook new, used or a digital version. But to save up to 80 percent on textbooks, students can also rent books. Students can rent a book new or used. After the semester is over, students must return rental books by the last day of the semester or students can sell the books back to the store if purchased (only certain books apply).

For more information about the bookstore or to buy other school supplies like notebooks and writing utensils, please visit the Barnes and Noble Kean University bookstore webpage. Students can also visit the Barnes and Noble Cafe inside the bookstore for a relaxing chat with friends or study time.