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Cards and Cash for Campus Use

Kean University Student ID card

Germain Palacios

Kean Identification Cards (ID) play an integral role in the university, and are issued to each active and registered student. Kean University ID cards are needed to access buildings and resources on campus such as the residence halls, the library, computer labs and the fitness centers. 

Students are required to have an ID card as it identifies each student as a member of the Kean community. Students can obtain an ID from the ID Card office located within the Office of Student Accounting on the third floor of the Administration Building. Students must present a legal form of photo identification (driver’s license, state ID, passport or military ID) in order to receive an ID card. The first card issued is free of charge, but replacement cards are subject to a $15 fee. 

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the card and secure it at all times. IDs are non-transferable, and will be confiscated if used by someone other than the cardholder. Disciplinary action may be taken against students that attempt to share his or her ID with others. 

In addition to granting access to buildings on campus, student IDs can also be used to purchase flex plans, meals, or validate student status when buying discounted student tickets for university events. Students IDs are also required to access cougar dollars. Cougar dollars are funds added to a student’s account which can be used to make purchases at the Kean University Bookstore, Ocean County Bookstore and Union Campus food outlets, including Starbucks and the Cougars' Den. Students may also use cougar dollars at the following off-campus restaurants: Rock ‘N’ Joes, Bonchon Chicken, Applebee’s, Tropicana Diner and Koki Japanese Buffet.  

Kean University offers a variety of meal plans designed to meet the needs of the diverse student body. Plans can be either partially or completely funded by cougar dollars depending on the terms of the plan selected by a student. Options include meal plans suited for freshmen, upperclassmen, resident students or commuter students. For more information on flex plans, meal plans or how to add cougar dollars to a student account, please visit the Flex and Meal Plans page within the Student Accounting website.


Students can also earn cougar dollars by enrolling in select weekend classes during the fall and spring semesters. Students can earn $50 per credit for Friday classes that start after 3:30 p.m. and for Saturday classes that start before noon. For Saturday classes that start after noon, students can earn $100 per credit. 

For more information on students IDs and cougar dollars, please contact the Office of Student Accounting by email at or by phone at (908)-737-3240.

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