Need Some Quiet Study Time?

Here are areas where students can study alone or in a group

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Need Some Quiet Study Time?

There are many study areas on campus for students to use

Gaelle Gilles

Studying in the cafeteria can be quite distracting because of all the noise that goes on in there. There are plenty of study rooms and lounges on campus that students can go to. Below are the many study rooms and lounges students can choose from:

Nancy Thompson Library – There are many places here for students to study. The first floor is filled with desks for students to either study alone or study in groups. Some desks have computers on them for anyone in need of a computer to write a paper. There is also a student-only computer lab where students can print documents with no cost (although there is a limit to how many pages students can print a semester). Each student is given $30 to their account and to print one page costs 10 cents. So with that cost, students can print up to 300 pages per semester.

Students can also go to the second and third floors of the library to study. Those floors are quieter and have more study areas than the first floor. The second and third floors have single person desks for those who want to study alone and larger desks for those who want to study in a group. The third floor also has study rooms that students can reserve for oneself or for a group. All room reservations are made through the circulation desk on the first floor of the library. Students will need their student identification card (I.D.) in order to reserve a room. 

Hutchinson Student Organization study lounge – This study lounge is great for commuter students since it isn’t too far from the parking lot. It is also great for students who just want to get a quick study session in before class. The study room is located on the first floor of Hutchison, room J-11.

Center for Academic Success (CAS) – Kean University provides tutoring sessions to all students. In CAS students can get tutored in English or math. For anyone who needs help writing a paper, the writing center in room 112 can help. Anyone who needs help with math can retrieve that help in room 111. The tutoring programs are run by both students and professors.  All residence halls have lounges, and although it is not dedicated to studying, the lounges can be used for studying.

Students can also take advantage of the lounges that are located around campus for study areas. Below are the student lounges:

Bruce/Townsend Lounge – Located in the corridor between Townsend and Bruce Halls.

Townsend Lounge – Located on the first floor of Townsend Hall, by registrar office.

Hennings Hall – Located on the first floor of Hennings Hall, by the elevator.