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Asa Dugger looks forward to excelling in her new role as Student Organization Executive Vice President

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Ace In The Hole
Germain Palacios

Earlier this year, newly elected officers celebrated throughout the main campus when the results of the Student Government elections were announced.

As word of the election results spread, a raucous celebration was taking place some 7,500 plus miles across the globe. That’s because Asa Dugger, the newly elected Executive Vice President (VP) of Student Organization, the full-time undergraduate student government, was studying abroad at the Wenzhou campus in China during the spring semester.

“I stayed up all night and I waited to hear the results,” Dugger states as she recounts the night she was notified of the elections results. "I ran my campaign while I was in China. I had a team that campaigned for me, and when they told me I won, I was like ‘WOW! I actually won Executive Vice President and I’m in China!’ It was like 3 in the morning, and I’m jumping up and down having a good time, going crazy.”

Relentless determination is one of the many leadership qualities Dugger possesses that make her an ideal fit to take on the role of Executive VP of the Student Organization.

She goes on to mention, "I just wanted to try and put a fight up, so I put that fight up.”

A junior communication and marketing double major, Dugger is looking forward to taking office and serving the student body while embracing the experience she will gain as Executive VP.

She explains, “I've worked on executive boards before with other students, but I think this is going to be a lot different since I'll be working directly with the student body as a whole. So, I hope to recognize exactly what the student body wants and how to use the resources on campus to meet the needs of the students.”

Dugger will take office at the start of the fall semester, but she is already eyeing several goals she would like to accomplish.

“First, I want to grasp exactly what it means to be Executive [VP]. I'm working closely with Emily, the President of Student Organization, so I'm going to be able to see exactly what her expectations and limitations are.”

Another goal Dugger would like to accomplish is working with each Student Organization class (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior) to verify that the President and Vice President of each class are meeting, posting meeting minutes on Cougar Link and meeting all of Student Organization standards as well.

“I really hope that this year, since I'm working close with them [Student Organization], I can keep them all organized and on task because sometimes with school and work we all get jumbled up with different things.”

Although she is punctual and prefers to abide by a schedule, Dugger intends to be more flexible with her time so that she can be available to students in need of assistance.

“Once in office, I want to get familiar with everyone's face and be an open, friendly leader that anyone can come to whether it has to do with Student Government or something outside of it. I also want to be flexible. I'm very structured so I like things to be scheduled and on time, but I also need to be more flexible.”

Dugger also stresses how important it is for the voice of the student body to be heard.

To ensure that the student body is heard, Dugger plans to get to know the students and what they plan to accomplish within their own groups.

When discussing if students will be able to make appointments with her, Dugger states, “Definitely! One thing I’ll be tough on myself with is office hours to discuss club meetings and goals. I want to be approachable and accessible because once I know what their [students] goals are, I’ll know how to adjust and set my goals.”

If anyone knows the importance of student organizations, it’s Dugger. Even before securing the position of Executive VP of Student Organization, she has been an active member of various organizations on campus including the Global Business Club and being a Student Ambassador.

Dugger explains why she became involved with multiple student organizations.

“My first semester, I dipped into a little bit of everything to figure what I liked and what I didn't. Student Government definitely stood out for me because I'm a very political person; I like to speak up for others. I'm also a very analytical person, so if I'm told something needs to be done, I expect it to be.”

In addition to improving her communication skills, Dugger hopes to gain professional experience through her affiliation with various organizations.

She enthusiastically shares, “I enjoy being in the business world outside of my creativeness. That’s why I'm a double major. I also like interacting with other people regardless if it’s a club. That's my main interest. But right now I’m just focused on Student Government because my goal is to become President next year.”

Dugger is focused on the tasks at hand, but she is also planning for the future as she nears her graduation date in May 2018.

“After graduation, I plan to move to Los Angeles and start my career there. I do want to go to grad school, but I don’t know if that's something I want to do right after Kean [University]. [In] 10 years...I see myself a news anchor, maybe engaged, with my own place and my own car. I can see myself coming back and giving back to the Kean community and alumni foundation since I value giving back and helping others.”

Even after she graduates, Dugger hopes to leave a lasting legacy at Kean University.

She emphasizes, “It's not where you come from; it's about where you're headed. If you want something, you have to go get it. Use resources both in and out of the classroom to get where you want to be. Sometimes you have to stand on a mountain of noes in order to get a yes."

Asa Dugger is looking forward to taking on the responsibility of being the Executive Vice President of Student Organization. Students that need assistance or just want a friendly chat should not hesitate to contact her either through email at, or by visiting her office located in room 309 at the Miron Student Center (MSC).

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