Cougarall Kicks Off The Semester

Kean University carnival welcomes new and returning students

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Cougarall Kicks Off The Semester

Students playing games at the 2016 Cougarall

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Kean University starts off the fall semester of 2016 with Cougarall hosted by Student Organization, the full-time undergraduate student council.

The carnival themed event was originally hosted at the Miron Student Center (MSC) Patio but had to be moved to Downs Hall due to rain. 

Many new faces appeared at the event, as well as the faces of students coming back for another semester. Within the two hours of Cougarall, the first day of the month and semester became a memorable event for the students who attended.

Cougarall provided free food for students, as well as carnival games and even a photobooth to capture the fun with friends. Lawrence Owens, President of Graduate Part-time Student Council (GPSC), and has started his final graduate year, was in attendance.

Owens felt "Events like this brings the campus together, especially to new students. I will always have a soft spot for events like these. I do think this was a great way to kick off the year." All international, new, returning and transfer students were able to see one of the many events Kean University has to offer. 

Each student who participated in the event was provided tickets to play the games and grab some food. There was also an opportunity for students to participate in a raffle where they could grab the chance to win prizes. Prizes such as an Acer's red Predator Gaming Headset or an Intel Compute Stick was given to lucky winners of the raffle.

While people waited for the raffle to begin, DJ Wallah entertained students with music. If students didn't want to jump on the dance floor, there were many carnival games to try out. From beanbag toss to hit the can, little toys and trinkets were up for grabs.

To really mimic the carnival feel, the smell of popcorn, cotton candy, hotdogs and burgers filled the room. By the entrance, a line started for the photobooth where many students crammed inside with their friends to take both funny and crazy photos. There was no fee for the photobooth so as long as students were alright with waiting in line, they took the opportunity to receive as many photobooth strips as they wanted.

Kyle Rios, a senior student majoring in recreational and occupational therapy, attended the event with his friends.

Rios said, "For my last year, I'm going to miss events like this. It's exciting to see everyone again and I look forward to other events like Homecoming. It's sad I won't be able to have an experience like this again."

Homecoming was an event many students were looking forward to. At the door, mini flyers to vote for Homecoming King and Queen were handed out. Midway through the event, Student Organization announced the performer for the Homecoming concert.

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016, PartyNextDoor will be the entertainment for the students. More information of time and place of the concert will be announced by Student Organization some time later this month.

Cougarall was truly an event for all. Since the event took place in the afternoon during college hour, students who both dormed and commuted were able to attend.

Abigail Mulbah, a sophomore majoring in criminal justice, came with her friend Ericka Ambrose, a sophomore majoring in business management. Both Mulbah and Ambrose enjoyed the event and what it had to offer. Mulbah said she was thinking of joining Student Organization to really be part of events like Cougarall.

Ambrose stated, "I used to dorm last year at Kean but now I commute. I think an event like this was really good for both commuters and people who dorm. It really brings the campus together."

The two students, along with the rest of the campus, look forward to Homecoming in October, especially after how well Cougarall kicked off the semester!

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