Getting To Know The Carribean Culture

Carribean Craze showed students aspects of the Caribbean culture

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Gaelle Gilles

On Wednesday, September 27, 2016, Student Government and Western Indian Culture Club (WICC) hosted the annual event Caribbean Craze.

The event, as Cresaya Hester says, "is to educate people about the culture." Hester is a freshman majoring in communication and business marketing and is a member of Student Organization (the full-time undergraduate student body government).

The patio of the Miron Student Center (MSC) was crowded with people getting food and drinking vibrant drinks. Some of the food included empanadas, jerk chicken and rice and beans.

Students also had the chance to make bracelets with a variety of colors. Any student from a Caribbean island could create a bracelet that represented the country he or she is from.

The reason why WICC and Student Government collaborated on this event is because of the "on-campus culture diversity," comments Arien Harris, a sophomore majoring in elementary education and is also a member of WICC. "This event is also to help celebrate the different West Indies culture," which includes the Haitian culture, Jamaican culture and the Dominican culture. 

I came to the event because I am interested in learning about the culture," comments junior and psychology major Nekeia Scotland. 

Students were able to experience a little bit of everything, ranging from music to food to cultural dancing. A highlight of Caribbean Craze was the dancers. There were a few dancers who performed to energetic music. Two of the dancers were even on stilts, surprising many students. 

"I really enjoyed the women (dancers') energy," comments Frandina Volcy, who is a freshman majoring in psychology. The energy from the dancers transmitted to the crowd. Some students even danced alongside the dancers.

Anyone interested in the club WICC can visit its organization page on Cougar Link for the club's upcoming general body meetings.