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Welcome The New President: Emily Cubilete

Emily Cubilete

Gaelle Gilles

For the first time, the student body of Kean University voted in a woman to be the president of Student Organization (the full-time undergraduate student government). Starting the fall semester of 2016, Emily Cubilete will take on the role previously held by alumnus Nigel Donald.

“When the ballots were announced, I was actually in class and I received a lot of text messages saying congratulations,” Cubilete comments. “I had no idea what anyone was talking about until I received the official announcement from the Office of Student Organizations and I realized that I won. Before anything, I thanked God and I was so excited for this new challenge and position I was going to tackle down.”

So, as Cubilete settles into her new position, many people may wonder who she is.

Cubilete is a senior and will graduate in May of 2017 with a bachelor’s in public administration and a minor in political science. She is part of the organizations Omega Sigma Psi Sorority, the Leadership Institute and also serves Lead Student Ambassador.

“I became a part of all these organizations because I felt a sense of belonging and change. I always want to make a difference in anything I put on my plate. Joining a sorority was one of the main challenges and an amazing decision I made,” Cubilete comments. 

She was the Vice President of Omega Sigma Psi before becoming Student Organization President.

She then continues to comment on the other organizations she is involved in, such as the Leadership Institute.

“Leadership Institute became another sense of home when I met Sandra Espinal (the Coordinator for Student Leadership Programs). I joined my freshman year as a Bronze Leader and I am now a role model for those members in the program.” She is now a platinum member of the Leadership Institute.

Then, Cubilete gives credit to being a student ambassador, which has “molded [her] into the woman [she has] always envisioned in becoming,” especially since she was able to be one of the many speakers at Open House and give tours to high school students who were interested in Kean University.

While being a part of these organizations, Cubilete notes that they have prepared her for the position she will be taking on.

Cubilete explains how, as President, she would like to help more students graduate on time within four years. “I want to ensure that students are able to select the right classes in order for them to graduate on time.” She would also like implement internships in the classroom. The reason is so students won’t struggle when looking for a job after graduation. As she says, during senior year the one thing students think about is a career after college. An internship or two can help a student with finding a job right after college. “If we can provide them with as many doors as possible, all they will need to is open them.”

Cubilete further explains that as president she is here for the students. “My main purpose is to be the voice and the ears to all students and finding a solution to any problem.” She continues to say that although she may be busy at most times, “I will make sure that I schedule a time where any student is able to visit my office to just chat about any concerns they have in mind and would like to see on campus.” A student voicing his or her opinion goes a long way, and Cubilete is excited to work alongside the student body to make sure concerns are heard and met. Cubilete also suggests that if a student is unable to reach her in person, one may also email her about any concerns.

Like many students, Cubilete plans on going to graduate school. She plans on getting a Master’s Degree in Business Management, and would like to open her own business. She would also like to work for Peacekeeping and Operations at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Cubilete goes on to state her life goal, “ten years from now I would like to have a clinic in Rwanda for little girls to have all the necessary resources for them to not give up on education.” She explains how, while in high school, a history teacher inspired her “to make a change in the world.” She continues to say, “This is why I want to work for the United Nations in order to be the up stander I always envisioned in becoming… I find a huge satisfaction in helping those who never thought help would come.”

Cubilete is the type of person that loves to help others. She says that she wanted to spend her “last year as an undergraduate student giving back and making a difference to the Kean community.” 

She continues to say, “After I graduate, I hope to leave behind possibilities for students to grow within the University. With all the new arrivals to our community and even more to come, I hope for students to benefit on behalf of the decisions that my board and I make.”

Don’t be afraid to go up to Cubilete and ask a question or two at her office located in the Miron Student Center (MSC) in room 309, or email her at cubilete@kean.edu. She is the voice of the student body. As she says, “If you cannot find a solution to a problem, be the solution and find a way to make a difference in your community.”