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Feel On Top Of The World

OAR at Treetop Adventure Course | Photo Credit: OAR Club

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Students traveled with the Outdoor Adventure and Recreation Club (OAR) to the Treetop Adventure Course at the Turtle Back Zoo located at West Orange, N.J. on Saturday, October 15, 2016. 

The treetop course served an aerial obstacle course for those who participated. There were different courses for adults and juniors, but both age groups could have taken part on the zip line if they met the regulations.

The adult course is said to be approximately 35 feet in height and offers 30 unique challenge elements that can run for about 1 to 1.5 hours. On the other hand, the junior course is said to be approximately 10 feet in height and offers 15 challenge elements that can run for about 30 to 45 minutes. The zip line measures over a football field in length and is approximately 40 feet.

The schedule for the day was to do the ropes course first, then end the day on the zip line. Those who participated in the event felt as if each course ran for about 25 minutes.

Anyone was allowed to participate with the OAR Club as long as they filled out the participant agreement form and were able to pay for their own admission. Being a non-funded group, there was no set transportation for the students, unless they were comfortable with carpooling with other members or driving themselves to the course. If students were not able to have the money for the event, the money the group raised during their bake sales were able to provide the entrance fee. 

A lucky group of 17 students pushed themselves to participate as a group. They were recommended to wear comfortable sportswear, as well as bring a lunch for themselves to enjoy during the course break time. 

Amanda Montealegre, OAR Club President and senior STEM student, was ecstatic to have participated with her members at the course. 

"We had so many people at one time that it almost felt like going to Six Flags -- lots of waiting for short bits of fun - since only two people are allowed at a time on each obstacle. I would say definitely look forward to rock climbing because it is similar, but with way less wait time!"

With the event taking place outside, there was the possibility of weather being an issue, but the weather was wonderfully perfect on that Saturday that everyone was able to really enjoy the course. The event did provide some difficulties and challenges for participants, but it really did give the fun and enjoyment they were expecting. 

Kristopher Criscione, OAR Club event planner and freshman criminal justice major, aspires to be the club's president soon after Montealegre graduates. Being a freshman, he felt great taking part in such an event during his first semester at Kean University.

"Being Spider-Man was my favorite part of the course, although I didn't enjoy waiting for the little kids to complete their turn. Still, events like these are exhilarating, and our club gets to do more than six a semester. It gets the students involved and not consistently sitting in their dorms. I would advise people to go on this course by themselves if they had the chance. It really gets you out of your comfort zone," Criscione explains.

All the events and programs OAR Club hosts travel outside of Kean University and it is planning on hosting around six or more events per semester to keep the students active and going.

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