Kean Stage And Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month just became a lot more festive

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Kean Stage And Hispanic Heritage Month

Jácome Flamenco ¡FlaMéxico!

Rose Marie Kitchen

In celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, Kean Stage will be hosting two special shows to kick off the celebration.

Both shows will take place in the Gene and Shelley Enlow Recital Hall at Kean University's East Campus. Tickets for these special shows are $10 each with a valid Kean University identification (ID) card. Tickets must be purchased prior to the show, from the Kean Stage box office in Wilkins Theatre.

The first show will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2016, at 3 p.m. and will be performed by The Havana Cuba All-Stars. The Havana Cuba All-Stars is a band composed of Cuba's most prominent musicians.                                                                       

The Havana Cuba All-Stars exemplify the musical traditions of Cuban culture. Throughout the years, the music has been maintained to preserve the rich Cuban culture. The Havana Cuba All-Stars are:

  • Fito Florian: Spanish Guitar, Tres and Chorus
  • Alejandro (Flecha) Albar: Steel Guitar, Tres and Chorus
  • Juan Luis (Luz Brillante) Alarcon: Bongos, Cowbell and Cajon
  • Vicente Arencibia: Lead Vocal and Congas
  • David Echevarria: Lead Vocal, Bongos and Hand Percussion
  • Michel (Pata) Salazar: Bass and Chorus
  • Camilo Menjura: Chorus, Hand Percussion and Guitar
  • Andres V. Valdes: Chorus and Guitar
  • Yoan Sanchez: Timbales, Snare, Congas and Percussion
  • Eikel Venegas: 2nd Trumpet and Slide Trombone
  • Michel Padron: 1st Trumpet and Valve Trombone 

The second show, ¡FlaMéxico!, will take place on Saturday, October 8, 2016, at 9:30 p.m. and will be performed by Jácome Flamenco.


¡FlaMéxico! celebrates the musical confluences of Spain’s Flamenco and México’s Mariachi. It features the combined artistry of nine artists: three flamenco dancers, three flamenco musicians and three Mariachi Artists.

¡FlaMéxico! is a recipient of the Arizona Commission on the Art's prestigious artist research grant. This production was presented at Jazz at Lincoln Center in NYC in January 2015. 

For more information about these two special shows or any future shows, visit or check out the full line-up in the Kean Stage 2016-2017 brochure.