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Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, October 12, 2016, the Psychology Organization (Psy Org) of Kean University held its event "Psyched to Paint."

Students who had the time spent college hour painting whatever they wanted on canvases and bags. Psy Org held the event at Vaughn Eames, in the art studio located on the second floor. The canvases, bags and paint were provided to participants. Although the event took longer than college hour, it definitely gave students enough time to calm down and work on their art piece.

The moment students walked in the room, the smell of paint and the sound of pleasant music greeted them. Everyone who participated were heavily immersed in their art, only concentrating on creating what was in their imagination.

Psyched to Paint was specifically intended for students to relax while they were painting and get their mind off of schoolwork for a while. It was a social event for everyone to relieve their stress. Students were not limited on what to paint and were free to let their mind loose with random ideas to paint. 

Psy Org welcomes anyone and everyone to join its organization. Students do not have to be a psychology major to be part of the club.

Both the President and the Vice President of the organization were present at the event. Celena Storck-Martinez, junior psychology major, is the Vice President of the Psy Club. Tatiana Szewczuk, junior psychology major, English minor, is the President of the Psy Club. 

"Of course in this club we talk about psychology, but mostly we have students talk to each other," Szewczuk says. Psyched to Paint is different than our other events. We have four events for the students in total. Two movie nights, which one already happened, one paint night, which is Psyched to Paint and then one holiday party event where we ask students to bring presents for the Children's Hospital."

Psy Org is a funded group that meets bi-weekly on Thursdays in Center of Academic Success (CAS) room 106 during college hour. They encourage students from any major to come experience the socializing, organizing and friendly experience within the organization.

All the information for Psy Org's meetings and events can be found on its flyers in Cougar Link and Instagram page. For Instagram, they have a hashtag #InclineYourMind to track all the pictures originating from their organization. This tag shows all the students who are part of the club, as well as the diversity of majors involved.

Psy Org's second movie night will be held on Thursday, October 27, 2016, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in CAS 106. They will be watching The Silence of the Lambs, which is a psychological thriller -- the perfect combination of Halloween and psychology. Students can RSVP for this movie event on Cougar Link and join the rest of the organization to have fun!

All meetings and other events are listed on Cougar Link for students to join.

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