Making A Difference One Hat At A Time

Love Your Melon Crew in the process of becoming a recognized on-campus organization

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Making A Difference One Hat At A Time

Kean University's Love Your Melon Crew in the Spring of 2016

Kean University's Love Your Melon Crew

Sara Ridgway

Kean University students are making the lives of children battling cancer a little brighter, one hat at a time, through Love Your Melon (LYM).

The LYM Crew on campus is working toward becoming a recognized Kean University organization.

Created by two students in an entrepreneurship class at the University of St.Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, LYM is an apparel brand with the mission of providing a hat for each child fighting cancer in the United States. The organization also partners with nonprofit organizations who are working to find a cure for pediatric cancer. 

The LYM Crew represents the brand through promotions and sales events, creating awareness for the cause and, on superhero days, going into hospitals and giving out hats to children currently battling cancer. 

Kean University's LYM Crew Captain, Nicolette Perone, provided more information about how Kean University became involved with LYM, and the role she has played since the organization merged with the university last January. 

After seeing a post about LYM, Perone decided to email the organization's headquarters and inquire about how she could get involved; she wanted to create a LYM Crew on her own campus. 

At that point, they connected her with other students from Kean University who were interested, thus resulting in the creation of their very own on-campus crew. 

"I joined Love Your Melon because I fell in love with the fact that they made a child's treatment process just a little brighter," Perone said. "All cancer patients fight a horrible battle every day and LYM has a way to put a smile on their faces, even if it's just for an hour."

Working toward finding a cure to cancer is something Perone holds very close to her heart. Through LYM, she can help improve the daily lives of those battling cancer. 

"We make them aware that they are not in this fight alone," Perone said

As Captain, Perone is the main contact for the Executive Crew and is responsible for managing Crew Members, running Crew meetings and the planning and overseeing of events.  

"All communication between our Executive Crew and Regional Manger with Crews will go through Captains," Perone said. "Also, I am personally responsible for making sure that all events and activities the Crew engages in are appropriate."

In order to become a LYM Student Ambassador, interested students must apply. The on-campus crew is limited to 20 members.

"You [can] email or direct message our Instagram page on why you would like to be involved and what strengths you can offer to our crew to make us more known and spread awareness," Perone said. 

If students have any questions or would like more information on how to get involved with LYM, they should talk to the organization's executive board, who will guide them through the application process. 

"We are definitely looking for new crew members who would be proactive with LYM and within the community," Perone said.

Currently, the Kean University LYM Crew does not work with any other colleges, but the group is looking to broaden its horizons and work with other institutions. 

"This is just the beginning, and I am so excited to see what is in store for our crew," Perone said. 

Follow Kean University's Love Your Melon Crew on social media to stay updated on all things LYM.  

"LYM is such a great opportunity for students to get involved, and I strongly encourage getting involved being that it is such a rewarding organization," Perone said. 

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