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Try Something Spontaneous Next Semester

Countless electives to choose from this spring semester

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Some people already know what electives they want to take as soon as they enter college. On the other hand, some students are overwhelmed by the many choices Kean University provides. 

It is normal to think: "Where do I start?" "Which one should I take?" Sometimes, students do not even know the electives a university has to offer. 

Fortunately, it is not too late to choose an elective for the upcoming spring 2017 semester. Look at some of the interesting electives Kean University has to offer.

  • Indian Cinema (AS 3233) -- Kean University is one of the most diverse universities in New Jersey, yet many students do not look into cultural electives. The Asian Studies Department may be small, but Asia itself has many cultures and languages to offer. Indian Cinema is a survey class showing and discussing mainstream Indian cinema. Students can gain an understanding between the relation of Indian culture, society and its cinematic representations.
  • American Sign Language (ASL 1101) -- Actions speak louder than words. Sometimes, sign language is the only way some people can or choose to communicate. Sign language is not only handy, it is a form of communication used by the Deaf community. Sign language is not limited to movement of the hands, but also brings facial expressions and body gestures into play. It will be beneficial for both professional development and the community to come together.
  • Basic Chinese (CHIN 1101) -- Mandarin Chinese is a tonal language that can challenge the mind, but in the end, it opens a door to a whole new world. Since Kean University has a campus located in Wenzhou, China, students from here travel there and vice versa. Ever think about studying abroad in China? This course can help basic conversation with both Wenzhou students here at Kean USA and other Mandarin speakers all over the world. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world. Who knew the first step to learning the language can be here at campus?
  • Victims of Crime (CJ 3450) -- Within the current generation and the generations that follow, it is both important and helpful to be educated on the violent crimes that occur daily. This course may be a bit of a sensitive topic, but it examines the relationship between victimization, the media and the fear of crime. The characteristics and statistics of crime cases, violence and abuse will be studied with each lecture. Knowledge can push people to make changes in the world if they were more educated.
  • Ceramics (FA 2280) -- Ceramics is an elective that requires no experience with art. It is a great course to get someone started within the arts and help them appreciate the hard work and effort it takes to make something from scratch. Besides doing the hands-on work, students can learn the cultural aspects of ceramics and learn more about their meaning, design and history.
  • Holocaust and Genocide (ID 1800) - When thinking about holocausts and genocides, a majority of people will think of the World War II Holocaust or Anne Frank. But what about the Indian Holocaust or the Armenian Holocaust or the Cambodian genocide? They are not talked about much, but they did exist. They may ring a bell, but it may also be something people never heard of. This course will discuss moral and ethical situations within modern history and help students explore and understand the, at times, overlooked events that occurred and left a mark in history.
  • Introduction to Guitar (MUS 1017) -- Sports and language study are not for everyone. Some may struggle and feel like quick thinking is not a natural characteristic for them. Ever thought about taking up an instrument? Instruments not only help with hand-eye coordination in a safe way, but music is a universal form of expression that people love using. Playing the guitar can be both calming and exciting, depending on the type of music people listen to most. Do not be surprised when friends and family ask for a solo performance!
  • Beginning Swimming (PED 1080) -- Swimming is a very helpful skill that everyone should know. After all, Union, N.J. is not too far from the ocean, and during the summer people love to visit the beach. Even if one already knows how to swim, this course can help improve their swimming more than before. Lifting weights or going for a run is not suited for everyone, but there is no harm in testing out the waters. Swimming will be great for the second half of the semester, as the weather starts to get warmer and can really wake someone up first thing in the morning.
  • Intro to Sociology (SOC 1000) -- How does society work? How did this current generation come about? Everyone plays a role in the community and society; everyone has a status and title to live up to. Sociology helps people understand the functions and fundamentals of other people around them. The questions, "Why do people do that?" or "Why do people like that?" will be answered. People are not as complicated as some think, and this class is the way to find out how society works.
  • Introduction to Theatre (THE 1000) -- "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players," William Shakespeare once said. This course does not only help with public speaking, but it helps with quick thinking and projection. Theatre goes way back to the Greek era, so it is nothing new. This course can help plenty with being comfortable up on stage or even in front of a classroom. After taking this course, do not be surprised if talking in front of an audience is no longer a nerve wrecking experience.

Do not be afraid to search Kean Wise for more than what this list has to offer.

For other possible courses, try looking at ten interesting electives that were available last fall and electives that are available for the upcoming spring semester.

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Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

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