Eder Solano: A Student Ambassador And Soccer Player

Proving there is enough time in a day to be more than just a student

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Eder Solano: A Student Ambassador And  Soccer Player

Eder Solano is a member of the Kean University men's soccer team, president of Sigma Beta Tau and a student ambassador

Gaelle Gilles

Many people may make the most out of a college career by joining an organization or playing a sport. Senior Eder Solano is doing just that.

Solano has many roles on campus, which include being president for the fraternity of Sigma Beta Tau, a defensive player on the Kean University men's soccer team and a member of the Catholic Newman Club.

"I choose Greek life to network," Solano commented. Solano also said that he joined Greek life to make something of himself and "eventually better [himself] as an individual."

He chose Simga Beta Tau because "they welcomed [him] as if [he] was a part of their organization even before [he] knew what Greek life was...almost as if you are being welcomed at a family party," which is something anyone looking to be a part of Greek life looks for.

As far as soccer goes, Solano has been playing soccer since he was about five years old. His father, as well as a cousin of his, influenced him on the sport. 

"My favorite soccer players are Rafael Marquez and Ronaldinho [de Assis Moreira] mainly because growing up I looked up to them and always wanted to play like them," Solano commented.

For almost two years, Solano has been a student ambassador on campus.

"As a student ambassador I assure that incoming [students], as well as those interested in Kean University, have the best experience and customer service," Solano said. 

He also spoke of his experience here and how it relates to his job. He became a student ambassador so he can share the experiences he has had while at Kean University to prospective students. 

Solano is majoring in psychology with a concentration in physical therapy. As far as future plans go, Solano hopes to become a great physical therapist. But before that, there is some more work to be done.

"After graduation, I would love to come back to Kean [University] for my doctorate in physical therapy because Kean [University] has given me so many resources that I have taken advantage of," he said, "and I think that graduate school here would be ideal for me."

Being a college student is not an easy task. There is homework and finals to worry about. But what makes a college experience great is being an active student on campus, and Solano sets a great example of just that.

College life goes by quick, but can be unrewarding if it is just spent in a classroom. But becoming a part of an organization or a sports team can help make any college experience better.