'Tis The Season Of Graduating

Ever heard of a mid-year graduate?

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'Tis The Season Of Graduating

Congrats to those who are graduating in December!

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Majority of college students graduate after their last spring semester, but what about the students who graduate at the end of the fall semester?

If one had to think about how many mid-year graduates they knew, the number would not be as high as the typical graduates they knew. It is not that mid-year graduates are not like the other graduates, because in many aspects, they are. They received the same amount of credits as most other seniors and they had to go through the graduation forms and fees.

There are some differences between the two types of graduates. Keep in mind, graduation and the commencement ceremony are two different things. Until the commencement ceremony, mid-year graduates have a blank semester that can be spent in any way they want to. Plenty of mid-year graduates are enjoying the fact that they have no more homework to do for a while. Others are carefully planning the rest of their future by making the decision on whether or not they will attend graduate school or just head straight to work.

If someone is a mid-year graduate, here are some things to think about:

  • Plans After College. How will the free time be spent? Is attending graduate school an option? Was a solid job found? This is the time to come up with a plan of action for the time between the end of the fall semester to the graduation ceremony. 
  • Paperwork. Has it all been filled, received and completed accurately? Without the proper procedures in filling out the graduation paperwork, it can hinder the search or application for jobs or graduate programs. Avoid the stress of incomplete paperwork before it becomes too late.
  • Guidance. What is expected after graduating? Find someone who can give proper advice and guidance after the semester ends to have a better idea of where to go and what to do after the semester ends.
  • Commencement Ceremony. Just because the school work is over does not mean the ceremony can be forgotten! If one wants to have that full graduation experience, be sure to mark it down on a calendar somewhere and avoid it conflicting with other plans.

Depending on the situation, there can be more things to think about after this semester, so be sure to write everything down until it is all over. 

Whether a graduate after the fall semester or a graduate after the spring semester, be proud that after all the obstacles and challenges, the college segment in life is now crossed off!

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Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Joanna Kristine Ninal is an English education double major with minors in Asian and Chinese studies. Ninal works as a Staff Writer for The Cougar's Byte since fall 2016. Ninal loves to play video games, such as “Overwatch” and “Final Fantasy XIV”, as well as create projects such as videos, stories and scripts in her free time. She loves to read and write, especially dramatic and romantic themes in young adult literature like the Harry Potter series and the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series. Her goal in life is to be an English teacher and travel around to teach in countries such as Japan, China and South Korea.