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There When Needed

There when needed--Kean University police there within seconds

Gaelle Gilles

Whenever someone on campus needs help there are no worries, as the Kean University police will arrive at any scene in just mere seconds. 

The police department is open 24 hours a day seven days a week and is located in Downs Hall, right behind the Nancy Thompson Library. 

The police department has many services that alerts students, faculty and staff quickly in the event of an emergency.

One of those services is CampusAlert. This system keeps everyone up-to-date on campus closures due to inclement weather, utility shutdowns or any reported incidents. Students, faculty and staff can be alerted through text message, phone call or email. 

It is advised that everyone in the Kean community sign up for CampusAlert. To sign up for CampusAlert, follow these steps: 

  • Visit the Kean University Portal webpage
  • Create an account
  • When asked for an email, one must use their given Kean University email address
  • A temporary password will be sent
  • Once a temporary password is retrieved, follow the remaining steps provided on the registration page to fully register for CampusAlert

There are also many ways to report a crime to the Kean University police. 

If a crime occurs on campus, call the campus police department at 908-737-4800 or use one of the 13 blue light telephones that are located all over campus. To use the blue light telephones for an emergency, press the red button. For non-emergency incidents, one can dial five-digit campus phone numbers using the keypad. The extension of the police department is X7800. 

The Kean University Police Department is fully staffed with a K-9 response unit and a criminal investigations bureau, along with patrol officers. 

The police department also deals with items lost and found on campus, fire safety, a safety escort program and parking. To learn more about the Kean University Police Department, please visit its webpage