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Cultural Trips While Abroad

Kean University Wenzhou campus

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Studying abroad can give anyone a mix feeling of excitement and panic. Sometimes, students wonder what else would they be able to do abroad. Will they be able to see more than what meets the eye? Will they do more than stay on campus? These thoughts are common when considering studying abroad.

When studying abroad in Wenzhou, China, students are given the opportunity to travel anywhere within Wenzhou. Just as how international students at Kean University in Union, NJ are able to travel to New York or other nearby states, American students in Wenzhou can also travel around on there own.

While at Wenzhou- Kean University, there are trips available for students to experience a good amount of the Chinese culture.

Yaruby L. Petit-Frere, director of the Center for International Studies (CIS), guarantees that students studying abroad get to experience three cultural trips. The trips change every year depending on the class.

Some common trips students take are to the Great Wall of China, Shanghai and the Nanxi River. These trips take place during the weekend, and can take as long as one overnight to three nights for a trip. For example, the overnight trips are short trips to places near the Wenzhou campus, but a trip to Beijing, China would take three nights. The trips decided to be taken all depend on the budget permitted to the students studying abroad.

The campus life in Wenzhou-Kean University is comparable to the Union campus. There are many student organizations as there are here and the students there are just as full-fledged as the ones here.

Students can also venture off campus to travel by themselves. It is important to note that students are required to inform someone at Residential Student Services (RSS) where they will head. Since students will be studying abroad in Wenzhou, they will be dorming and must follow RSS rules and regulations.

Before heading to Wenzhou-Kean University, students who apply and are eligible for studying abroad must attend the workshops that prepare them to go abroad. There are four to five mandatory workshops, covering topics such as the language, the studying abroad work load and essential things like orientation. 

Each student who is going abroad will be assigned a mentor, someone who takes them on activities. This person will be the student's peer resource and (soon-to-be) best friend. 

"Last semester, all the students were telling me how much they were in love with their mentors. They found them very helpful and fun to be around," says Director Yaruby.

The application to study abroad in Wenzhou during the fall semester 2017 is due on Monday, March 6, 2017.

Students are highly encouraged to apply for the scholarships provided by CIS, as it beneficial for covering flight, housing and cultural activities. Those who apply will be checked to see if they are eligible for studying abroad in Wenzhou, China.

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