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The Industrial Design Society of America at Kean University starts off with an idea

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Making 3D Become Reality

Kean University's Industrial Design Society of America executive board

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

The Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA) is a non-funded student organization at Kean University. As an extension of the industrial design program, the organization provides support and advice on projects, courses and other concerns. 

IDSA is a supplement to the industrial design major and it prepares students for a career in the design field after graduation.

IDSA facilitates the quality of design through development and education at Kean University. The goal is to provide a vital and expanding design community, as well as maintaining the most relevant information about the design profession that will be accessible to students at all levels.

The organization not only helps while at Kean University, but also progresses them in their career. 

"Our club was created for the benefit of industrial design majors, however, we encourage anyone interested in design to join us," stated Nicholas Palchanes, director of public relations for IDSA and senior industrial design major. "We have a great number of resources, including a digital fabrication lab and machine shop."

Mostly consisting of industrial design majors, the club is not solely limited to those in that major.

"Other majors are always welcome at meetings. We encourage anyone interested in design to be a part of our club," said Emily Saltysiak, IDSA president and senior industrial design major. "Since we are a multi-disciplined program, it is good to have students from other walks of life to join in on our meetings."

Even though the connection between industrial design and another majors may not be clear, chances are lessons learned from IDSA can be applied somehow.

"In the past, industrial design students have done collaborations with groups like the occupational therapy program. In this collaboration, students worked together to create products that would be beneficial to those with disabilities. It was a very rewarding project for everyone involved," said Rosanna Arias, IDSA vice president and senior industrial design major.

IDSA also collaborates with the other design programs at Kean University. These include the graphic design, interior design and architecture programs.

"Look for us at events like Kean Day! We also look to collaborate with other student clubs and majors, such as interior and graphic design, occupational therapy and many others. This creates a broader community within our major and within our campus," said Benjamin Chung, IDSA treasurer and senior industrial design major.

Promotion of club meetings and events spread through word of mouth, e-mail and presence at other campus events.

"We inform members of events going on in the design community, host workshops to strengthen students' technical skills and provide help and advice relating to students' careers," said Imani Pierre, IDSA secretary and junior industrial design major. "We also educate students about student events around campus, as well as design events in the area."

In addition to its weekly general meetings, IDSA hosts workshops for 3D modeling software, such as Fusion 360, and tools like 3D printers, vacuum formers and laser cutters to aid students in their school projects.

IDSA plans on hosting its meetings on Thursdays at 3:30 p.m. in Vaughn Eames. Usually, meetings take place on the first floor in room 114B.

Palchanes urged, "If you are interested please come to one of our meetings or contact the club President Emily Saltysiak at"

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