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The Season Of Scholars

Earn recognition for academic achievement through honor societies

Sara Ridgway

The spring semester provides opportunities for students to apply for induction into honor societies that recognize academic achievement. While some have an application and induction process in the fall semester, many others hold theirs in the spring.

There are various honor societies for different departments, all of which come with their own requirements and application processes for membership. Some honor societies simply notify students if they qualify while others require students to inquire and apply themselves. 

Here's the scoop on all things scholarly.

Alpha Kappa Delta - International Sociology Honor Society (AKD)

Dr. Melodie Toby is the primary contact on campus for Alpha Kappa Delta, which is an honor society specialized for sociology majors. Students interested can complete an application and are then notified of their acceptance. There is a spring induction, usually held in April, for students who are accepted.

Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society - Kean Ocean Chapter (Tri-Beta)

Hannah Brown is the primary contact for Tri-Beta - Rho Delta Chi Chapter. To become a member of Tri-Beta, students must complete an application process. To be eligible for admission as a regular member, students must:

  • Pay a $50 fee
  • Have at least a 3.2 GPA
  • Have at least 12 credits in Biology (at least four credits must not be from introductory courses)
  • Attend at least three meetings/events during each semester
  • Serve a minimum of 10 service hours

To be eligible for admission as an associate member, students must:

  • Pay a $60 fee
  • Have at least a 2.75 GPA
  • Attend at least three meetings/events each semester
  • Serve a minimum of 5 service hours

To be eligible for admissions as a participant member, students must:

  • Attend at least three meetings/events each semester

To be eligible for admission as a graduate member, students must:

  • Pay a $50 fee
  • Be a graduate student enrolled in a life science, or a faculty member actively serving in the biological sciences

To be eligible as an honorary member, students must:

  • Pay a $50 fee
  • Be elected by any chapter or club in recognition of significant accomplishment as biologists or of outstanding service to the chapter or club

The application process is available to students in both the fall and spring semesters, although the society's induction is held in the spring. The application deadline for each semester varies, but the deadline for the spring 2017 semester is Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Biology majors and education majors with a concentration in biology that meet the above requirements are welcome to apply. For further information or questions, refer to the Tri-Beta Cougar Link page or email Hannah Brown (

Chi Alpha Sigma College Athletic Honor Society (CAS)

Students who qualify for this honor society are notified during the spring semester. To be a member of Chi Alpha Sigma, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have earned a letter in a varsity intercollegiate sport
  • Must be at least a junior academically
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.4
  • Must have endorsement from the head coach of his/her sport
  • Must have official documentation from the registrar's office as to class standing and grade point average
  • Must be recommended by the college or university chapter adviser
  • Must be of good moral character

The honor society accepts student athletes of all majors. Students can contact CAS Adviser Kimberly DeRitter at with any questions. DeRitter will submit student nominations to the national office. For more information about Chi Alpha Sigma, visit Cougar Link.

Lambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society

The faculty adviser for Lambda Pi Eta is Professor Bill Kolbenschlag. Each spring the application is made available to students in the Communication Department. The society holds its induction in April. Interested students must complete the application, print their unofficial transcript, write an essay with at least 500 words and pay the $50 fee. All materials are to be put in an envelope and left in Professor Kolbenschlag's mailbox in room 402 of the CAS by Wednesday, March 1, 2017. No emailed submissions will be accepted. Students who meet the following requirements will be granted membership:

  • 60 overall credits completed (without counting the current semester)
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • 12 credits completed in communication classes
  • Minimum GPA for communication courses of a 3.25
  • Must be a student in good standing

Mu Kappa Tau Marketing Honor Society (MKT)

Both the faculty adviser and primary contact for the Kean Chapter of Mu Kappa Tau, the National Marketing Honor Society, is Dr. Shweta Singh. To become a member of the society, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an undergraduate junior or senior
  • Be a marketing major or business major with a marketing concentration
  • Have a cumulative GPA of a 3.25 or higher

Students who qualify do not go through an application process, as those who meet the GPA requirement are sent to the Mu Kappa Tau headquarters every year in February. From there, an invitation is sent to the students to join Mu Kappa Tau.

The induction is then held in the spring of every year, which is hosted by the School of Management and Marketing. Inductees and their family are invited to attend the event along with all faculty members in the college of business, Deans, Vice President of Academic Affairs and the President of the University.

For more information on Mu Kappa Tau, visit the society's Cougar Link page or email Dr. Singh at

Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology (PSI-C)

Ilyse O'desky is the adviser for Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology. During the fall semester, students who qualify are sent a notice regarding applying for membership. Students should not apply if they do not meet the following requirements:


  • Major or minor in psychology
  • Must be at least a second semester sophomore
  • At least a 3.0 GPA
  • A GPA of at least a 3.5 in Psychology courses
  • 12 credits of Psychology courses completed at Kean University


  • Must be enrolled in a graduate program in the School of Psychology
  • Minimum GPA of at least 3.0 in all graduate courses, including psychology
  • 9 credits must be completed at Kean University

Although students can apply during both semesters, the induction is only held in the spring. The application deadline for the spring 2017 semester was Wednesday, February 1, 2017. The induction is held during the School of Psychology Honors and Awards Ceremony, as per acting executive director of the School of Psychology. It will be held in April or May of this year. O'desky said that students can contact her with questions (, but encourages students to read the email that was sent first, as all of the information they should need about applying should be there. She also added that there is no flexibility in admitting students who are close to making the cut, as the qualifications are clearly listed and not to budge.

Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business Administration and Management (SBD)

The primary contact for SBD is Janine Black. Students who are eligible to become members are invited to join, as they do not need to apply. At the end of February, a list of the top 20 percent of juniors and seniors will be compiled. Those who are management majors will be sent an invitation. As this process only occurs once per year, students who sign up online will be inducted at a ceremony towards the end of April.

There is an honor society for just about every major. Being a member of an honor society is a reward to students who strive to be successful in academics. 

Although each society has its own GPA, credit and involvement requirements to be accepted, this is simply a general informative of what honor societies Kean University offers and which departments they are from.

For more information about honor societies recognized on campus, visit Cougar Link and search 'honor society.' This will generate a list of all societies offered at Kean University and information regarding membership.

Here is a list of all other honor societies on campus: 

Alpha Epsilon Lambda - Graduate Student Honor Society (AEL)

Alpha Epsilon Rho National Broadcasting Honor Society

Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society (APS)

Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society (APO)

Beta Beta Beta National Biological Honor Society (BBB)

Chi Sigma Iota International Graduate Honor Society (CSI)

Epsilon epsilon Omega - Exceptional Opportunities Center Honor Society (EEO)

Iota Tau Alpha Athletic Training Honor Society (ITA)

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education (KDP)

Kappa Kappa Psi National Band Honor Society (KKPsi)

Lambda Alpha Sigma Honor Society (LAS)

Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society in Economics (ODE)

Order of Omega Greek Leadership Honor Society (OO)

Phi Alpha National Social Work Honor Society (PHI-A)

Phi Alpha Theta National History Honor Society (PAT)

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (PKP)

Pi Alpha Alpha Public Administration Honor Society (PAA)

Pi Sigma Alpha National Political Science Honor Society (PSA)

Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society (SDP)

Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society (STD)

Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society - Kean Ocean Chapter (STDKO)

Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society (STT)

Wenzhou - Kean University Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society

about the author

Sara Ridgway is double majoring in a marketing and communication with a concentration in media and film. She works as a Staff Writer for The Cougar’s Byte. Now entering her junior year at Kean University, Ridgway is currently honing her skills as she prepares for a career as a reporter upon graduation. In addition to being a well-rounded student, Ridgway has a variety of interests outside of the classroom. Ridgway plays for the Kean University women's volleyball team and also enjoys snowboarding, photography and other outdoor activities. She also has aspirations of travelling the world and working as a reporter abroad.