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Volunteers: Another Type Of Hero

Try volunteering at the Community FoodBank of New Jersey!

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Ever feel bored, but want to do something meaningful? Go volunteer!

Volunteering has many benefits. Not only does it help the community, but it also helps people feel better about themselves.

Ever wanted to be a hero? Volunteering is the way to go. There are so many places to go volunteer, and it can start here at Kean University.

Here are some benefits that come from volunteering:

  • Volunteering makes the community and its volunteers happy. Sometimes starting out small can make a big change. Most importantly, volunteering is a start to making any change possible.
  • Volunteering connects volunteers with others. Not only do volunteers get to know more about the people in their community, but it builds trust, communication skills and leadership.
  • Volunteering is beneficial for one's career and transcript. Employers will see on one's transcript that they care about their community, not just a job. Being well-rounded always pays off.
  • Volunteering is fun and fulfilling. At the end of the day, what is the most important is that the community improves, and it starts with students and volunteers.
  • Volunteering improves the mind, body and soul. Volunteering helps control stress, anger, anxiety and depression. Giving back helps increase happiness and self-confidence, and also gives a sense of purpose while helping one stay physically active.

There are so many volunteer opportunities around campus and the surrounding community. Sometimes visiting local churches, schools, libraries and reading the local newspaper can provide information on community service. All community service opportunities are rewarding and, in the end, volunteering is worth it!

"Participating in community service gives students the opportunity to enhance career based skills, interact in groups and also makes someone's day by lending a helping hand," said Kristen Failla, sophomore sociology major and service specialist at the Center for Leadership and Service (CLS).

At Kean University, there are so many potential community service opportunities and charities that can help the world. These opportunities can be found on Cougar Link. CLS, the Jumpstart program and the Leadership Institute can also provide information on upcoming service events.

"Volunteering gives you a good feeling knowing that you were able to help someone with something as little as giving an hour of your time," said Leanne Manna, history major and Leadership Institute specialist at CLS.

Not only are CLS, Jumpstart and the Leadership Institute full of service opportunities, but many honor societies and student organizations go out and volunteer with their club members. 

David Paul, math education major and Jumpstart specialist at CLS, said, "Volunteering with something I love always makes me happier; To be able to enjoy an aspect of my community through service is always a great feeling."

To register for a community service opportunity, sign in to Cougar Link and go to the form  https://kean.collegiatelink.net/form/start/103914. After filling out the form, wait for CLS to approve the form and get ready to volunteer!

Jumpstart has a lot of community service opportunities relating to children, so visit them in Miron Student Center (MSC) room 219 for more information on how to sign up.

To get involved with the Leadership Institute, visit them in MSC room 215 and get information on upcoming events as they become available.

Become a Cougar Volunteer or a community service volunteer. Either way, a volunteer is another type of hero.

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