Deciding To Go To Graduate School?

Going to grad school is a great way to expand someone's knowledge in any field

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Deciding To Go To Graduate School?

Don't stop your education at the undergraduate level. Expand your knowledge by going to Graudate school

Gaelle Gilles

Many students after receiving their bachelor's degree go directly into the workforce or go back to school to earn a master's degree. Going to graduate school allows students to be more educated in a certain field like teaching or some form of engineering. Although some fields do not require a degree earned in graduate school, getting a master's degree is worth it.

Going to graduate school means students get a chance to advance their career: There are a variety of careers that are calling for professionals with a master's degree. Some of those fields include health, social work and psychology. Getting a master's degree expands someone's knowledge on a field, helping them with their career advancement. For example, getting a Master's in Psychology can help anyone qualify to practice in the field of forensic psychology.

Education upgrade: Say there is someone who has been working in the field of software engineering for 10 years and has a bachelor's degree. Between now and ten years ago a lot has changed, especially with technology. So going to graduate school can help someone update their education, which can ultimately lead to career advancement. 

Going to graduate school also means a change in career: For some people, whatever career they started in after graduating may not be what they are looking for years later. Anyone who is looking for a career change, going to graduate school to learn something new is a safe bet and can be the expansion of knowledge they are looking for.

Network: Graduate school is not only for learning, but also for networking. That is one of the many differences between graduate and undergraduate school. Graduate students are able to meet with other students who are already in the field, making networking easier in graduate school than undergraduate. Also, many graduate school programs implement internships or externships, which allows students to network within their field. 

Choice of going to graduate school or not: There are some fields that do not require someone to get a degree higher than a bachelor's. People in fields like science and politics will most likely need a master's degree or higher in order to enter the field. But for those who do not identify with those types of fields, do have the choice of going to graduate school or not. There is no rush to decide as someone can go to graduate school right after finishing undergrad, or later in their career; there is no time limit.

Higher chance of faster promotion: Getting a graduate degree may not promise someone a high-paying job right after graduation, but what it does promise is a promotion in the near future. With more education comes more knowledge, something an employer will see as a plus.

Grad school may not be for everyone, but it does have its benefits. There is no limit to education. Everyone can expand their knowledge, and going to graduate school is a great way to do so.