Kean Ranks Top Ten Of NJ Colleges For Social Mobility

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Kean Ranks Top Ten Of NJ Colleges For Social Mobility

Kean University, where students learn and grow

Amanda Petty

A lot of stress and importance is placed on which college to attend, with many factors to consider. A student decides on a college and attends for about four years. But what happens next?

Well, if a student attends Kean University, they can expect both educational and personal development, expanding well beyond their college years.

Kean University recently earned a spot in the ranking of Top 10 New Jersey Colleges and Universities for Social Mobility. What does that mean exactly?

Social mobility is a person’s movement in the social strata, whether up or down, in terms of occupation, earnings, assets and power. According to this ranking, graduates of Kean University stand a higher chance of switching social classes, for the better.

The study conducted by The Equality of Opportunity Project also ranked Kean University 189 out of approximately 2,200 education institutions in the nation, along with the placement of being number 10 on a state level.

This assessment of Kean University graduates had one conclusion: this is a social mobile college. Attending Kean University benefits students beyond the typical expectations, pushing past societal barriers and propelling students into attractive live styles that they earned.

As a vessel of esteemed learning opportunities, the university stimulates itself to be a community that students can experience diverse avenues and learn in an atypical college fashion. On campus, students are individuals whose learning is not confined to classrooms.

With the presence of hundreds of clubs and organizations to join on campus, three campuses spread across two continents, cultural diversity and award-winning programs, students and professors, Kean University has one goal: an unmatched quality educational experience in all forms.

As said on the Kean University website, "See Where A World-Class Education Takes You."

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Amanda Petty is double majoring in English-writing and communication studies while also pursuing a minor in marketing. Amanda has been a member of The Cougar's Byte, as an Editor and now Senior Editor, since Fall 2014. In her senior year at Kean University, she is excited to strive after a career in book publishing. The ultimate goal is to go into the editorial department, ideally working with young adult fiction.