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Swept Off The Flor

Reaching high for the sky

Joanna Kristine Ninal

Kean University's Men's Volleyball team is back at it again with the Skyline Conference Rookie of the Week honors.

Dylan Flor, sophomore computer science major, won Skyline Conference Rookie of the Week for the week of Tuesday, February 7, 2017.

He is the right side hitter for the Men's Volleyball team of Kean University and has started playing the sport when he was a freshman in high school. He also played basketball in high school but stopped during sophomore year.

"I felt recognized, but this is no where near the type of validation I need or am seeking. I found a love for volleyball because I had the body for it; it was natural for me and I enjoyed getting better," Flor said. "The best feeling of playing volleyball is hitting the ball for a kill."

From Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Flor has traveled to Kean University to play volleyball. His parents are supportive of his decisions and attend every home game they can make. Ever since his achievement, he has received positive and supportive messages. His older brother was the reason he began playing volleyball, but Flor made the decision to pursue volleyball further on his own.

"Kean [University] was actually one of the only schools that reached out to me to play volleyball and I decided in high school that I had a desire to improve, and they gave me that opportunity," he said. "My experience at Kean [University] has been good so far, but I am looking forward to constant improvement as a student and as an athlete."

Flor's little brother is currently playing volleyball in high school and Flor constantly provides feedback and coaching whenever he can because he knows he would appreciate the same help.

He advised, "Volleyball is a lifetime sport that you will be able to play until you can't walk, so it's never too late to start, but start playing as young as possible."

Flor tries to keep the pressure off himself when he is playing volleyball because he enjoys it so much, he could never find it as a burden.

"I have never felt like giving up on volleyball, however there are occasionally times where it is tough to get through a practice mentally," he mentioned.

After graduation, Flor plans to apply for a job as a software engineer.

With regards to volleyball, he said, "I could see myself trying out for a pro team overseas if my skills progress enough, otherwise it will be something I do for fun."

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