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Taking Classes Online

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Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

Sometimes, life can get in the way of people pursuing their education. It can be personal, family related or work related, but it still prevents them from getting a degree.

Kean Online is the perfect way for students to find an Internet connection and complete their coursework. There are a few degrees offered at Kean Online, so it might work for any prospective student who needs to take classes virtually.

"Kean Online was created with the community college graduate in mind, making it easy for students and graduates from community colleges in New Jersey to apply," excerpted from Kean Online.

Kean Online currently offers the following degrees for undergraduate students:

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business Management. Kean Online's B.S. in Business Management program prepares students for managerial positions in local, national and global organizations.

"In our knowledge-based economy, this degree represents an invaluable tool for business-minded professionals. As an online student, the lessons you will learn, not only about the global economy and its interconnectedness, but about yourself in discipline and determination, will take you to new heights in your career and in your life," said Dr. Michael Cooper, dean of the College of Business and Public Management, excerpted from Kean Online.

Students who enroll in the online program receive the same required courses, same learning objectives and same world-class education that they would get in a traditional classroom. For more information, visit the business management page.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Criminal Justice. Kean Online's B.A. in criminal justice program is as rigorous as the on-campus experience.

"There are limitations of entering the workforce in the field of criminal justice for students with associate's degrees, military service and/or alternate route program experience. The vast majority of entry level positions in the field of criminal justice require at least a four-year degree, but working and pursuing a degree at the same time limit one’s ability to attend classes during traditional time periods," excerpted from Kean Online.

Criminal justice students who enroll in this program are afforded the same opportunities through the department website and information based web links. A majority of students interested in careers regarding criminal justice are successful in entering the field of local, county, state and federal service after completing the degree online. For more information, visit the criminal justice page.

B.S. in Nursing (B.S.N.). Only offered to Registered Nurses (RN). Kean Online's B.S.N. program launched in fall 2016. This program is only open to RNs.

"Kean University offers an online option for this program through Kean Online for students interested in pursuing a RN to BSN as an upper division Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Classes are well-adapted to the needs of adult learners, many of whom are also full-time practitioners of Nursing...This is an invaluable asset to nurses who often work long shifts that may prevent them from attending traditional classes," excerpted from Kean Online.

RNs who enroll in the online program will be able to study and get their degree at home and around their work schedule. Being an RN may conflict with attending traditional classes because of the times that are offered, but Kean Online helps students who are serious about getting their B.S.N. There is a specific process that must be followed when applying for the B.S.N. program that can be found at the RN to B.S.N. page.

There are programs provided for graduate students as well. For graduate students planning to get their master's, Kean Online offers:

Master of Arts (M.A.) in Educational Administration. This program helps people who are teachers and want to move up to administration faculty or to graduate students who yearn to be principals or supervisors.

"There may not be a more challenging or more satisfying job today than the position of school administrator. Whether at the school, district or state level, the position requires considerable knowledge of educational law, finance and school curricula and organizations. It also demands great leadership," said Dr. Jeffrey P. Beck, dean of the Nathan Weiss Graduate College, excerpted from Kean Online. "The Kean Master's in Educational Administration has been rated among the best value programs of its kind. Courses are taught by leading educational researchers, superintendents and principals at the highest levels of their fields. The degree meets the needs of educators seeking career advancement with the same rigor as the traditional classroom, but with the flexibility of anywhere/anytime learning. We welcome you to our online community."

For students who are working as teachers, substitute teachers or tutors, it may be hard to attend traditional classes. The school they work at may be far from where their classes could be held, but since almost every teacher has access to a computer, they can slowly work to earning their M.A. Learn more about the process at the education admission page.

Master of Science (M.S.) in Computer Information Systems. Recently launched in fall 2016, the graduate program for computer information systems allows students to earn a higher degree at the leisure of their home. After graduation, many computer science students may have already gone into the field or may not have enough time to go attend traditional classrooms in addition to their job.

"The applied nature of the computer information systems program gives students the implementation experience and confidence to play a leadership role in developing future systems for business, gaming, government and industry. Students also have the opportunity to work with faculty on individual projects and research," excerpted from Kean Online.

By earning a higher degree, students in computer science have the opportunity to widen their career choices and be taught by a professional in the field. Students may be able to gain information and knowledge from representatives of AT&T, Lockheed Martin, Facebook, Google and even ADP. Find out more at the computer information systems program page.

Sometimes, studying from home works better when students are prevented from attending in-person classes and lectures. Online courses provide students the leisure to study and learn online, at their own time and their own pace.

With the simplicity of being connected to the Internet, students are given the chance to reach a higher level of education without being all over the place. Apply today!

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