A Time To Remember

Graduating seniors reflect on their time at Kean University

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A Time To Remember

Graduating seniors reflect on their time at Kean University

Gaelle Gilles

May is just around the corner, meaning graduation is pretty nearby. Seniors are getting excited as Thursday, May 18, 2017 gets closer.

But what did seniors like most about Kean University? Did they have any favorite memories? Well, a few seniors answered those questions...

Favorite memory while attending Kean University?

Karun Singh is majoring in industrial design and his favorite memory while on campus is something he will never forget.

"My favorite memory while attending Kean definitely had to be when the cops were called when my film club [Cougar's in Motion] and I were filming. We were doing a horror movie and apparently locals really [thought] people were dying. Within seconds we were surrounded. Guns drawn, multiple squad cars present and a whole lot of scared college kids on the verge of tears."

Alexis Whitney is an athlete and plays on the women's volleyball team. Some of her favorite memories, she said, was participating in the sport.

"Probably one specific [memory] was when we won the quarter finals and were able to play in the semi-finals at Ramapo [University]," she commented.

Whitney is majoring in English education of students with disabilities grade pre-kindergarten through grade 12.

Do anything differently?

Many students would say that they would probably do a few things differently, but others would not change a bit about their college experience.

For Whitney, she mentioned that she "would not do anything differently" with her college experience.

On the other hand, Singh exclaimed, "I would totally go even crazier than I already am. Being involved with six clubs over the past four years, three being involved as president, I would just overdose on the fun and networking so I could meet more people and have many more memories to share."

Top college experience enjoyment?

Everyone has that one stand-out moment they enjoyed about their college experience, whether it be making the Dean's list or being the first in the family to graduate.

"One thing I enjoyed most about my college experience was the ability to turn nothing into something," Singh shared. "Everyone came from different backgrounds, no one knew each other, but I still managed to bring hundreds of people together through extracurricular activities such as film club and photography club. I enjoyed meeting new people and working with people who shared the same passion as me to build a great network and social group of similar desires."

As many people have said, college is where people will meet their lifelong best friend(s) and that is what happened to Whitney.

"What I liked most about my college experience is the people I was able to share it with," Whitney said. "I have made some of my best friends here."

College can be a great experience for everyone. College is not only about getting an education, but also about student involvement. As the students above have mentioned, their best memories came from being a part of an athletic team or a club.

College is more than just hitting the books.