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Inside Scoop of the Children's Specialized Hospital

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Another Chance Towards Happiness

Students ready to make a change in a child's life

Alexus Campbell

It is all for the kids! Kean Dance Marathon (KDM) is a student-driven volunteer group that encourages students to contribute to Kean university and the community.

Members of Greek Senate have dedicated their time towards raising money for the Children's Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, N.J. 

The Children's Specialized Hospital is the leading provider for children from birth to 21 years of age facing special health challenges. There are 12 locations within N.J. There is a unique path for each family as the hospital partners with these families to make therapies and medical treatments more personalized and efficient. 

Every penny earned through Greek Senate events such as bakes sales, clothing sales, canning and any other creative way to raise money goes towards the hospital.

Since 2014, KDM has raised $76,000 not including t-shirt sales, pasta luncheons and Penny Wars.

As it gets closer to when KDM will actually happen, Greek Senate usually takes off the meter tracking the raised total to keep the suspense rolling. The total altogether would then be announced at the event. To see how much was raised and how the event turned out, click here

Greek Senate hosts Kean Dance Marathon with the help of many other organizations here on campus such as all of the Greek fraternities and sororities, Student Government, athletics and more. 

But what ultimately brought these groups to donate to the Children's Specialized Hospital? Terrance Somesla-Mccornell, vice president of multicultural affairs and community service of Greek Senate, shared, "After seeing other schools like Penn State do dance marathons we questioned, 'why don't we have one?' So we decided to create a dance marathon to raise money for the kids." 

In the end, the hospital as well as KDM hopes to not only better the childrens' medical conditions and disabilities but to also strengthen their overall look on life to meet their fullest goal.

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Alexus Campbell is a freshman majoring in communication with a concentration in journalism. She is a Staff Writer at The Cougar's Byte. She aspires to be a copy editor and/or an event consultant. Aside from working towards her dream, she enjoys cheerleading, doing yoga, blogging and singing her heart out in her car.