Going Coconuts For Spring

Only a few more weeks until May 12...

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Going Coconuts For Spring

It's tiki time!

Joanna Kristine Ninal, Staff Writer

The Student Organization (the full-time undergraduate student government) of Kean University and the sophomore class of 2019 hosted a spring luau on Wednesday, April 5, 2017 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the Miron Student Center patio.

Music blasted throughout the campus as students moved from table to table, exchanging tickets for a yellow t-shirt, blue beach towel, Kean Cougars water bottle or a Kean Cougars baseball cap. Students were able to receive a ticket if they swiped their student ID or gave their ID number.

"The point is to bring the people together -- to get rid of winter blues," said Christina Gonzalve, student of the sophomore class and member of Student Organization. "[The Luau] is to get people pumped for the end of the semester before finals."

Free food such as meat kebabs, assorted fruit and marshmallow treats were offered by Gourmet Dining. The staff would serve and cater to students who were waiting in line. There was a place for students to get a smoothie or grab a cup of water, lemonade and/or iced tea.

The longest lines students stood in were lines for a custom made spray painted shirt and for Ben & Jerry's ice-cream. Flavors offered were strawberry cheesecake, chocolate cookie dough, chocolate fudge brownie and Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream. If students did not want to have ice-cream, they also had the choice of Mango, Mango sorbet.

Students were given a chance to capture the moment by going to the green-screen set up and take a picture with their friends. After taking a photo, they were able to choose a background for their picture. Once the picture developed, students received their photos in a white frame.

Many executive board members from senior student council were there.

"[We're] sponsoring the idea to get students' support and vote, as well as feeling pumped for the end of the semester," said Mary Christine Demetillo, senior class vice-president and global business major, who was helping out with the event.

After exchanging their tickets, students were told to either quickly fill out a survey and/or vote for this upcoming executive board on Cougar Link. After showing that they voted, students were able to get water bottles and hats if they missed out on getting a towel and/or a t-shirt.

Many students enjoyed the great weather with this surprise event. Seldom anyone knew the event was going to happen, but it did not stop anyone from stopping for a quick snack or to hang out with friends.

"It's a great event. Overall, there's nice music and I saw a lot of my friends have fun," said sophomore student Francheska Honda.

With the sun and rain, the feeling of spring is definitely in the air. It is not long before the end of the semester, so let all students, faculty and staff work hard until the very end!

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