Warm Weather Is Upon Kean University

How are Kean students enjoying the warmer weather?

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Warm Weather Is Upon Kean University

With the sun shining and the sky bright, Kean students enjoy the warmer weather

Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

With warmer weather comes more opportunities to be active and creative. There are many activities on campus for students to be involved and bask in the warmer weather.

From playing a sport to simply sitting on the grass with friends, there are many opportunities to appreciate the change in seasons.

Do students like eating outside? Playing a competitive game of basketball or football? Or simply go for a jog on campus? It is now the time to come up with ideas and plans for the spring season.

The following students gave various answers when thinking about the options granted to them this time of year: Julie Queiruga, a sophomore studying communication; Julius Otero, a freshman studying mathematical science; and Kayla Houser, a freshman studying early childhood education and psychology.

So, what do Kean students like to do when the weather gets warmer?

Houser: "I think the campus life becomes more exciting and friendly because everyone is outside talking with each other and walking around. You can always catch me in Starbucks when it is nice because the drinks are refreshing and it's nice to sit outside."

Otero: "I commute so I tend to spend the warmer days back at home with friends and family, but you can see the campus more alive when it's warmer. I go to the clock tower or football field with my friends."

Queiruga: "I love being on campus when it's warmer. The buildings are hot but it's great to be outside. The places I usually go are the Main Campus, Starbucks or the Miron Student Center."

When talking with students about what they enjoy in these warmer months, most agreed the sunny outdoors improves their mood.

Houser: "I feel happier and more excited for the end of the semester because to me warmth equals the end of an old semester and the opportunity for a new one!"

Otero: "When the weather gets warm I feel like the world is in a better mood so I feel more confident and more outgoing than a day with terrible weather."

Queiruga: "If I was involved in activities or sports on campus I would probably enjoy it a lot more since the weather is better now. When the weather is like this I feel better!"

As hard as it may be, do not forget to attend class these final weeks of the semester!

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Petruce Jean-Charles, Editor

Petruce Jean-Charles is a senior majoring in communication with a concentration in journalism. In Spring 2017 she joined The Cougar's Byte staff. She is goal-driven and dedicated to accomplishing her goals, where she wishes to work for successful companies like Huffington Post or The Washington Post. In her free time, she enjoys listening to different artists and watching new horror and thriller movies.