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Lambda Pi Eta Induction Ceremony

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When Hard Work Pays Off

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Alexus Campbell

Round of applause and take a bow! On Monday, April 10, 2017, Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Honor Society, inducted 39 tremendous students into its highly qualified society.

Taking place in the New Jersey Center for Science, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) Building auditorium on the second floor from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., students eagerly awaited their time to graze across the stage. 

Immediately when approaching the auditorium, guests were greeted with smiles and a pamphlet at the door. Before entering, refreshments of water, cheese, fruit, etc. were available to guests at the front table. The event started with a quick welcoming from Professor Bill Kolbenschlag to get the event started and then was passed onto Dr. Jack Sargent for any opening remarks. 

Awarded for her tremendous work throughout the process, Executive Director Sargent called out Christina Colloza to present her with a Certificate of Achievement.

Scholarship Officer of Lambda Pi Eta and Student Ambassador for the School of Communication, Media and Film 2016-2017, Colloza, a senior majoring in communication and public relations, admitted, "I was completely surprised to get the certificate of appreciation. I was happy and shocked by Dr. Sargent. I really love the School of Communication, Media and Journalism and all the professors I get to see and help everyday in the office makes me happy I chose the right major."

The speaker for the induction was Dr. Fred Fitch, who used his comical college experiences to enhance his points of what Lambda Pi Eta is all about. The laughter of the audience bounced against the walls of the auditorium.

He pinpointed the idea that each inductee is a thinker. Instead of just reading and watching, communication majors are thinking about it. Throughout his speech, he specifies how he sees students working hard and having the time of their lives while doing so. He refers to other communication professors in how passionate they are in what they do and/or teach.

Overall, he concludes that Lambda is (ability to construct reality) Pi (being lovers) Eta (mission to truthfulness). Dr. Fitch adds that with power to create reality comes great responsibility. 

Afterwards, Shana Butchers, Sara Ridgway and Collazo then introduced what Lambda is all about. Butchers discussed the three modes of what Lambda Pi Eta means (logos, pathos, ethos). Ridgeway noted what the procedures are and what is expected of them. Collazo ended with the requirements and what a Lambda Pi Eta member is composed of. 

Next it was time for the inductees to graze across the stage. As students lined up behind the stage, parents began to pull out their phones and cameras to over flood their memory cards with an immense amount of photos. Loved ones even went to the extent of standing up to get the perfect shot. 

Senior Courtney Martinez, majoring in communication studies with a minor in psychology, shared, "It was honestly one of the best feelings to ever encounter. School plays a huge part in my life and being rewarded with an academic induction such as this one meant a lot to me and my family. Now being a part of Lambda Pi Eta, I feel like the students, such as myself, can look forward to achieving more recognition for the hard work we put in, and as well, encourage other students to be creative thinkers."

As they shook the hands of communication professors here at Kean university, each student was placed a red and white cord around their neck and given a pin and certificate by Professor Kolbenschlog. But ultimately, each inductee is given the opportunity to add a great achievement to their resume. Each student then had a seat in the first three rows on the right side of the auditorium. 

To be eligible, a student must have:

  • completed 60 semester credit hours (not including the current semester)
  • have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • have a minimum of 12 semester credit hours in communication
  • have a minimum GPA of 3.25 in communication courses
  • currently be enrolled as a full-time student in good standing

If these qualifications are met, students can go to the Maxine and Jack Lane Center for Academic Success in room 402 or call 908-737-0460.

Now introducing Lambda Pi Eta's inductees:

Genesis Algaba

Chelsea Barber

Emily Booth

Jailene Burgos

Eric Caffrey 

Emily Casey

Charles Centrinaro II

Dawlat Chebly 

Christina Collazo

Emma Corso 

Sherry Delia

Asa Cheree Dugger

Johanna Ekladous

Manar Eldeeb 

Janeya Felder

Angelica Glispie

Cassidy Ann Greenberg

Breanna Groninger

Chelsea Lauren Lange

Jennyfer Macoto 

Dalya Matari 

Courtney Martinez 

Flor Maria Martinez

Jennifer Mintz

Kelsey Moran

Redona Omeri 

Rebecca Panico

Zaiditu Persuad-Alabi

Robert Riccio

Jose Rodriguez Sr. 

Sydnie Rodrigues

Jose Rodriguez Jr. 

Karina Santiago

Shamiha Shaikh

Sarah Snyder

Lois Vuocolo

Lindsey Ward

Susan Wildorf

Allison Marie Yuschik

Sharon Yutz

Special advice given to those who are looking into being a part of Lambda Pi Eta from Courtney Martinez, "You can do it! Communication majors have the capacity to be such bright individuals and amazing students, that at the end of the day: this will all be worth it!"

Any Juniors interested in joining the Lambda Pi Eta Student Committee, please contact Professor Kolbenschlag at wkolbens@kean.edu. 

about the author

Alexus Campbell is a freshman majoring in communication with a concentration in journalism. She is a Staff Writer at The Cougar's Byte. She aspires to be a copy editor and/or an event consultant. Aside from working towards her dream, she enjoys cheerleading, doing yoga, blogging and singing her heart out in her car.