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Alexus Campbell

Located on the second floor of Harwood Arena lies the woman who knows all things behind the sports at Kean University. From social media to student athletes, she has got it covered! Introducing sports information director and compliance officer, Kimberly DeRitter.

DeRitter obtained her Bachelor's in Science in mathematics education with a minor in psychology at Montclair State University. As an undergraduate, she still felt like she was going to enter the education field until she began working part-time as a student in the athletics department. Her interest sparked as she started to learn about what happens in the sports information department. 

She went on to say, "By the time I was a junior, I realized that this was more than a part-time job. I could see myself wanting this as a career choice. Since I was so far along with my education, I felt it was best to finish out my undergraduate degree and then look to specialize in the sports administration field in master's work."

Before coming to Kean, she has worked in conjunction with the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Organization, becoming the assistant director of media relations and more recently the official scorekeeper. She also was able to work in the media department for the New York Yankees and New Jersey Jackals. 

"I was fortunate enough to gain experience in the media relations field by first interning and then working seasonally with the New Jersey Jackals minor league baseball team," DeRitter said. 

After graduating, she was able to gain experience in the media relations field by interning and then working seasonally with the New Jersey Jackals minor league baseball team.

"I enjoyed fine tuning my skills around one sport on a daily basis," DeRitter said. 

She was able to meet new contacts as well as learn what it is like to work at other levels of the profession. 

When she arrived at Kean, she started off as the assistant sports information director in 2006 after a two-year stint at the College of Staten Island. She was then elevated to the Director of Sports Information in January of 2013. 

Her primary responsibilities include compiling statistical information and archiving that information and developing/maintaining the athletic website. Aside from that, she produces game day programs, promotes student-athletes to media outlets, configures game day management and manages social media content. 

As a whole, the sports information department is responsible for covering every athletic contest. If it is a home event, then someone from the department ( ports information director, assistant or graduate assistant) must attend.

If it is a road contest, then someone from the staff will still need to obtain statistical information and update the website. That person will then report the information to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and conference offices and update social media. 

Two years later, she became the compliance officer in January of 2015. 

Having a job as a compliance officer involves managing all aspects of the department's NCAA compliance. This includes, but not limited to, managing all NCAA and New Jersey Athletic Conference (NJAC) compliance, education, reporting and student-athlete eligibility. 

She develops and maintains a comprehensive academic advising program for all student athletes. And most of all, she ensures strict adherence to all university, NJAC and NCAA rules and regulations.

Although Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Rich Bakker does not work with DeRitter on an everyday basis, he stated, "I think she is a very caring individual who really cares about the athletic program and the student-athletes. She is a true professional and in my mind does a great job."

According to DeRitter, there are several types of "typical days" since in the sports world there is no limit to working days, nights and weekends. 

"Generally speaking from a sports information (or as most people say nowadays, athletic communication) perspective, I make sure our website is up-to-date," DeRitter said. 

She is always updating schedule changes, recent game recaps, statistics, social media and making announcements of weekly or yearly honors. 

Her days alter when it is game day.

"I am preparing programs and covering the contest," DeRitter said. "At that game, I can be the public address announcer, official scorer, scoreboard operator or handle the music. Depending on the day and sport, I could be doing one of those things or all of them."

Post-game, DeRitter's job includes but also is not limited to graphic work, writing a game recap, updating the athletic website and reporting statistical information to the conference office and NCAA. 

Being his last year at Kean University, Assistant Sports Information Director Jon McCue shared, "I credit Kim with a great deal of my development in my four years here at Kean. Kim possesses excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills, giving me standards of excellence to shoot for." 

McCue admitted, "On a personal [note], she unfailingly brings a positive attitude to work and made our end of the hallway a place I was happy to come to each morning."

All in all, Kimberly DeRitter is a busy woman who has experienced and achieved much in her life thus far. She is now furthering her education pursuing a Master's in Physical Education, Coaching and Sports Administration. 

about the author

Alexus Campbell is a freshman majoring in communication with a concentration in journalism. She is a Staff Writer at The Cougar's Byte. She aspires to be a copy editor and/or an event consultant. Aside from working towards her dream, she enjoys cheerleading, doing yoga, blogging and singing her heart out in her car.