Ningtong Jin

A valedictorian expanding knowledge in graduate school

Ningtong Jin

Ningtong Jin, Wenzhou-Kean University’s first valedictorian, addressed the Class of 2016 at their inaugeral commencement ceremony.

Alexus Campbell

Located 7,597 miles away is Wenzhou-Kean University. Making history, Ningtong Jin was the valedictorian of the first Wenzhou-Kean graduating class.

Her favorite memory was the graduation ceremony.

Jin said, “As the valedictorian sitting on the stage, I was watching the Class of 2016 entering the hall having all eyes on them. At that moment, I felt honored to be graduating with this group of exceptional pioneers.” 

Jin believed this event reinforced their identities as the first batch of Wenzhou-Kean University graduates who are unique and irreplaceable. She emphasized that in this moment each of them were making history as this is the first and only time they will experience this.

Sadly, what Jin missed most about being at Wenzhou-Kean University is her friends.

Jin credits Wenzhou-Kean University for preparing her to speak and write English better. As for her career, the university has taught her great critical thinking and entrepreneurship skills. 

She made the decision to attend the University of Hong Kong with a major in real estate finance. She made this choice because she believes Hong Kong offers a mix of Chinese and foreign culture society. 

“I stayed close to the domestic career market and at the same time, I have exposure to a more international trend and diversified cultural experience,” Jin said. 

She continued, “Real estate is one of the pillar industries in China – especially in Hong Kong. The later has a sophisticated legal system and efficient market that is worth learning.”

She is expected to graduate from graduate school in November 2017. She is aiming towards being a professional in real estate securities marketing.

“I wish to start my career as a business analyst in securities,” Jin said. “I hope to transfer to private equity funds once I have enough industry knowledge and skills.”

Among the related committees in real estate investment securities in China, Jin is able to receive endless opportunities by the time she graduates.

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